lundi 24 juillet 2017

Attack by responsible chainsaw owner in gun-saturated Switzerland

BBC News: Switzerland chainsaw attack - Police hunt Schaffhausen attacker

"Police are hunting for a man who attacked five people with a chainsaw in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen.

The man launched his assault at an office shortly after 10:30 local time (08:30 GMT) on Monday.

Emergency services were on the scene within minutes, but the attacker had already fled.

Police, who said the incident was not terrorism related, have since released a picture of the man, but have not revealed his name or possible motive."

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Hi everyone, my second post here.

I would like to open a new discussion, this time, as there are not many skeptical discussions debunking Buddhism, I would like to talk about it:

1- Buddhism has an idealistic psychology too. In which you blame the suffering of the person in the present for errors of the past (Karma)

2- Buddhism has irrational and banal ideas: If the "I" is an illusion, what reincarnates? The Karma.

3- Buddhism has very dualistic concepts: All pleasure and attachment is the source of suffering, so is suffering

4- Buddhism may even be right about some types of suffering, but it generalizes ALL forms of suffering caused by attachment and pleasure. Yet it says that life is suffering and death is suffering.

5- Buddhism uses very vague and groundless concepts in reality:
One test would be the five aggregates and their erroneous statements

6- Buddhism says that we only suffer because we have attachment to the world and the body, we should not hold on.

7-And yet the complete distrust and hatred before the human mind, even if it is not completely reliable, it has always been useful to us

8- And to conclude, the statement that our world is an illusion, the fruit of our ignorance

I have a little difficulty debunking some of these concepts, can you help me?

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Fed up Sydney chef slams diners with fake allergies

This is an interesting case of how the promotion of 'food faddism', and food fears by the wellness industry, anti-gluten/GMO/MSG/etc activists could potentially be counterproductive to those with real food allergies.


Queen Chow head chef Patrick Friesen aired his gripe on his Instagram account, claiming many were using allergies as an excuse to order customised meals.

He shared an image of a ticket loaded with spurious claims of gluten and shellfish allergies alongside orders for fried rice and seafood.

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dimanche 23 juillet 2017

Trump and legal issues..impeachment, indictment, self pardon

I created this thread to cover the legal questions arising from the investigations of Trump. Does he have a right to pardon himself? Can he be indicted? I think it should be open to any Constitutional or legal questions and not necessarily be strictly limited to Trump.

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The insanity of our banking system .....

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The insanity of our banking system .....

I finally (I made a months long effort a couple of years ago and failed miserably) figured it out. I'm reading a book, Tradgedy and Hope 101, a synopsis of Quigley's book, and the author does a good job of explaining what money is up to a point. So, he lists historically the types of money ...
Commodity money
Receipt money
Fractional money
Fiat money
Debt money

All is clear thru fiat money, but the jump to debt money remained a mystery to me. And, I've made a concerted effort in the past to understand the objections to debt money, but ... never could get it. Now I see that in most explanations there are missing steps, and now I see what they are and understand the problem, and I'll explain it here ...

Debt money - here we will bypass the book's write up and do our own - with fiat money the govt. prints the money and then uses it to buy goods and services, so it finances itself and creates money and puts it into the economy at the same time. The money derives its value by govt. fiat.

Now we ask ourselves how does 'debt money' get created ...

Debt money type 1 - simple:
What if the govt. printed money and then, instead of using it to buy goods, loaned it to the economy, i.e. persons, businesses. The govt. could charge interest, if it wanted, money would be in the economy, and the govt. would be holding a collection of I.O.U.s.

Debt money type 2 - twisted:
It doesn't at first blush make sense for the govt. to instead of loaning money into the economy, to create money by borrowing money from the economy. Yet that is the basis for our current system. Here is how it works.... the govt. wants money so it issues a govt. bond to borrow from the economy. Drawback #1 - the govt. has to pay interest on the money. The govt. sells the bond to a bank. The bank takes money from its vault and pays the govt. So far, money has been taken out of the economy. But, the bank counts the bond as an asset, and using fractional banking, can loan money into the economy equal to say ten times the bond face value. Thus, the bank loans money equal to ten times the bond value into the economy, creating new money, and profits handsomely for its efforts. What an unbelievable racket !

Edit - even here there is a missing subtlety, when the bank buys the bond its vault money goes down by the face value of the bond, while its bond holdings go up. So, its net assets remain unchanged. However, there is a distinction in the types of assets banks hold, with the bond representing a type 1 asset that the bank can use as the basis for fractional lending, where as the vault cash is a type 2 asset that doesn't serve as a basis for fractional lending. !!!

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samedi 22 juillet 2017

Humans occupied Australia 65,000 years ago

Human occupation of northern Australia by 65,000 year.

New excavations at site in in northern Australia push back the possible populating of Australia a further 15k years, using based on thermo-luminescence and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of the surrounding sediments..

This evidence sets a new minimum age for the arrival of humans in Australia, the dispersal of modern humans out of Africa, and the subsequent interactions of modern humans with Neanderthals and Denisovans.

As well as living in the same region as the ancient, now extinct, Homo floresiensis aka 'the hobbit', for at least 15,000 years.

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