mercredi 16 août 2017

Is possible that Magician guesses zodiac birth sign ?

(A stranger once guessed birth signs of people at dinner party including me.)

Magician guesses zodiac birth sign?

Google that, or go to FB video link below which supposedly shows a guy on street successfully guessing strangers signs.

Dont ask me.

The quote at bottom is from themagiccafe com/forums. It came up searching Magician guesses zodiac birth sign



I have heard about this before, and it makes you wonder. If your boss used the method he told you, the bone structure and such, it's strange that he was right so often. I can't believe someone can see a difference in people like that. Michio Kushi claimed in his book "Your face never lies" that some decades ago it was possible to see in the shape of the head if someone was born in the spring, summer, autumn or winter. It was because the different foods available in different times of the year affect the body differently. He claimed it's harder nowadays, because we have so much imported food, that we can eat summer food in the winter etc.

It would really be interesting if there was something to this...
.Dont ask me.

(so of course you will)


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Irony Overload: Why does have a religion section?

Hello, I am of course, atheistic.

Beyond atheism though, based on scientific evidence, I had come to possess a state of mind that rejects not merely religious belief, but the very concept of belief. (See my invention, 'non-beliefism')

Anyway, why is there a religion section on

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mardi 15 août 2017

Will robots steal our jobs?

UK Economic Outlook March, 2017

Our analysis suggests that up to 30% of UK jobs could potentially be at high risk of automation by the early 2030s, lower than the US (38%) or Germany (35%), but higher than Japan (21%).

In this article we present the findings from our own analysis of this topic, which builds on the research of both Frey and Osborne (hereafter ‘FO’) and Arntz, Gregory and Zierahn (hereafter ‘AGZ’).

PwC - 38% loss in US
FO - 47% loss in US
AGZ - 9% loss in US

This seems to be the justification:

However, over the past few years, fears of technology-driven job losses have re-emerged with advances in ‘smart automation’ – the combination of AI, robotics and other digital technologies that is already producing innovations like driverless cars and trucks, intelligent virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana, and Japanese healthcare robots. While traditional machines, including fixed location industrial robots, replaced our muscles (and those of other animals like horses and oxen), these new smart machines have the potential to replace our minds and to move around freely in the world driven by a combination of advanced sensors, GPS tracking systems and deep learning, if not now then probably within the next decade or two.

I know what my opinion is of this article. I'm curious what the consensus and reasoning is on this forum.

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Cymbal bending ín slow-mo - Explanation?

Can someone explain how the cymbal is capable of bending in such a way?
Or is it just a visual effect?

I am not a drummer, but I have played in a band and know that cymbals are quite solid and you can not just kink or bend the edge with your bare hands in a sharp way like the deflection shown in the video.

The wavy/vibrating appearance after getting hit by the stick is comprehensible. But the initial hard kink-like deflection when the stick hits the edge, is hard to grasp.


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DOJ wants protesters' names

This does relate to the Trump administration but I think it warrants a separate thread.

I'm frankly shocked at this story - to the stage where I query whether it is true.


A US service provider is fighting government demands for it to hand over details of millions of activists.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) wants all visitors' IP addresses - some 1.3 million - to a website that helped organise a protest on the day of President Trump's inauguration.
It seems that any resistance to the Trump Administration will bring you to the attention to TPTB.

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Those classy race card nazis strike again

Our society's brilliant new pretzel logic: it's OK (in fact wonderful!) to break the law and destroy property if it offends you :thumbsup: Destroy property? Block traffic? No big, no arrests. Hurray for self-righteousness!

But as glaringly asinine as these losers are, really in the end it's not their fault. Far worse is the silent majority who stand by and do nothing, which only serves to embolden the idiots. None of this surprises me in the tiniest, and it will only get worse.

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Quickie: Wat does 'pre-war' mean to Americans?

I'm reading Karin Slaugter's Good Daughter, and one of the charachters has a condo in a pre-war building in Chelsea, Manhattan.

And even though it's totally unimportant to the plot, now I'm wondering which war that refers to.

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