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Attiyah's Blue Sky (extended)

Attiyah's Blue Sky

Unraveling the Greatest Astronomical Mystery

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Global, highly intense veil blue-colored diffuse auroras are the main contributor to the blueness of the daytime sky.


The clear sunward sky is nearly always blue mainly because the ionosphere is self-coloring due to its capability of being a planetary-scale discharge tube wherein global, continuous blue-colored auroras mostly from molecular and atomic nitrogen emissions, especially the emissions of N2+ ions upon being impact-excited, are prevalent almost along the daytime. Simply, the diffuse sky radiation is blue mainly because the bulk of this light is blue veil diffuse auroras wherein the ionized air glow associated with 'electric blue' could be considered as a principal player.


Why is the daytime clear sky blue?

The scientists used to explain the blueness of the sky in terms of Rayleigh's law of scattering. However, I see that the scientists were to know that the scattering-dependent Rayleigh's explanation of the blueness of the sky deserved be abandoned, at least, since the ascent of 'Albert W. Stevens' in 1935 to a height of 22km in the stratosphere aboard a high altitude balloon.

Almost all the scattering air is present in the atmospheric region below the ozonosphere. Therefore, geophysicists considered the lower atmosphere which is composed of the troposphere and tropopause as the real scattering layer. Were the scattering-dependent Rayleigh's explanation of the blueness of the sky right, necessarily, the blueness of the sky should then be overwhelmingly concentrated in the lower atmosphere. Otherwise, the explanation of the blueness of the sky according to Rayleigh's law of scattering would turn out to be wrong. So, as all the images of the Earth's limb from high altitude balloons disclosed that the clear lower atmosphere is normally colorless, scientists were to declare that Rayleigh's explanation of the blueness of the sky could no longer survive. Instead, strangely, they stood thoughtless and continued their adherence to Rayleigh scattering as a right explanation of the blueness of the sky. Well, who could dare mistake a world-wide famous, so brilliant mathematician 'Nobel prize' laureate Lord from the Great Empire?!

Any way, also all the images captured for the Earth's limb from terrestrial orbits, e.g. from space shuttles, could reinforce the fact of the colorlessness of the lower atmosphere by disclosing the troposphere and tropopause as a white-colored region.

The Facts of the Chromatic Behavior of Auroras Can Rightly Explain the Blueness of the Sky

From the perspective of the classical polar auroras, or by the comparison with them, we find that:

First, all the agents needed to operate extremely intense auroral activities are continuously present in the whole sunward ionosphere.

Second, all the conditions relevant to the occurrence of extremely bright, blue-colored diffuse auroras could be persistently observed throughout the daytime ionosphere.

Third, all the effects associated with the events of exceptionally bright auroras always appear in the daytime sky.

Accordingly, relatively and comparatively speaking, very bright, veil blue-colored auroras should be continuously present in an almost uniformly diffuse state in the whole sunward ionosphere.

Concise Explanation and Interpretation

It is known that excited oxygen atoms are responsible for the emission of the two most principal and most typical auroral lines: the green wavelength 557.7nm and red wavelength 630.0nm. However, both of these two emissions belong to the forbidden transitions (meta-stable states): 557.7nm [OI] line (1S→1D) and 630.0nm [OI] line (1D→3P). Therefore, unless the green-excited oxygen atom passes its radiative lifetime whose duration is 0.75sec without suffering any collision, it will not emit the green photon (557.7nm). Otherwise, the gained energy which caused the activation will be yielded to the other colliding particle in a non-radiative de-excitation. Also, unless the red-excited oxygen atom passes its radiative lifetime whose duration is 110 seconds without undergoing any collision, it will not emit the red photon (630.0nm). Otherwise, however, this red-activated oxygen atom will be quenched i.e., the excitation energy will be released to the collision partner in a non-radiative decay.

Well, the blue emissions of the excited nitrogen particles belong to the permitted transitions. This means that such excited nitrogen particles can return back to their stable, ground states immediately i.e., in a time of the order of 10-8 sec or even less. So, whatever high be the density of the ionosphere, the nitrogen particles are able to release their specific visible auroral emissions as soon as these particles are excited. Geophysicists show that the blue emissions of N2* molecules, N2*+ ions, and N*+ ions generally compete with the visible auroral emissions of excited oxygen atoms in giving the aurora its predominant color.

Any way, respecting the blue-hued emissions of the N2*+ ions, we find that 427.8 nm and 391.4 nm lines, rather bands, are the widest and brightest.

In intense auroras that are normally concomitant with significant increase of the ionospheric density (or the significant decrease of the mean free path), no doubt, the fact that the emissions of the N2*+ ions are the widest and brightest in the auroral spectrum makes them capable of dominating and outshining the emissions of the excited atoms of oxygen even to the degree of embedding them completely. However, it could be easily inferred from the coloration and morphology of the traditional auroras that the blue-colored ones tend to be diffuse.


The nitrogen molecules in the sunward ionosphere are ionized to N2+ ions by the action of the so-called solar ultraviolet photons. About 20-35% of the molecular nitrogen at the altitude of E-layer is found as N2+ ions. Afterwards the N2+ ions become excited by the collisions with energized electrons whether precipitating from the magnetosphere or produced as photoelectrons in the process of photo-ionization. Thenceforth, the excited N2*+ ions give blue-hued emissions at 391.4 nm and 427.8 nm wavelengths. Moreover, these blue-hued emissions become well enhanced by the resonance scattering i.e. by absorption and re-emission of these wavelengths from the so-called solar rays, irrespective of the original source of such rays. Thus, the blue photons absorbed by N2+ ions are quickly re-emitted in all directions. Although these processes are concentrated in the E-layer, however, their occurrence encompasses the whole ionosphere.

Well, during the daytime, throughout the sunward ionosphere, the different blue-hued nitrogen emissions have the chance to dominate the green and red emissions of the excited oxygen atoms. The latter emissions become greatly suppressed owing to the highly increased probabilities of suffering excitement-aborting collisions. In other words, with respect to the green-excited and red-excited oxygen atoms, the excitement-aborting collisions become relatively so highly probable in the sunward ionosphere because its density increases greatly. Comparatively, this so high increase in the density of the daytime ionosphere happens mainly as a result of the intense photo-dissociation and photo-ionization. No escape, the significant degree of the suppression of the green-excited and red-excited oxygen atoms gives the blue emissions of the excited nitrogen particles, especially N2*+ ions, the opportunity to impose their color on the sunward ionosphere.

According to, first, the fact that the two main aurora-characterizing emissions belong to the forbidden transitions of the excited oxygen atoms, second, the fact that the geophysicists used to optically deal with the so-described typical features of the auroras of the classical auroral zone in order to judge whether there are any auroral activities or not and, third, the fact that the most important typical feature is the appearance of visible green curtain-like arcs or bands, consequently, the apparent absence of such discrete green arcs from the sunward ionosphere either from the perspective of the ground-stationed observers or of orbit-based observers, led the geophysicists to wrongly think that the sunward ionosphere does not house any bright auroras. Inevitably, all the typical features of the classical auroras are present throughout the daytime sky, but they are embedded in the uniformly diffused, full-sky blue-colored auroras whose intensity is relatively so high to the degree of being able to outshine, drown, and conceal almost completely all the features of the classical typical auroras, especially due to the significant suppression of the two main aurora-characterizing emissions of the excited oxygen atoms. This suppression is caused by the highly increased rate of collisions. Any way, the suppression is impossible to be entire.

So far, it now is worthwhile remembering that the ozone molecules whether present in the stratosphere or in the ionosphere can contribute sensibly to the blueness of the sky. The ozone gas is naturally blue.

Doubtlessly, Cerenkov radiation occurring in the ionosphere can also sensibly contribute to the blueness of the sky. In addition to, we find many other different ionospheric and stratospheric gases which have their minor contributions to the blueness of the sky.

So far, it is worthwhile noting that, though the exosphere is seen dark, its lower regions are a source of blue emissions because of the presence of hydrogen and helium atoms.

Any way, the bright, colored auroras not only can paint the sky, but also they can paint the earth's surface and all the things there on.


The most spread, most diffused, or most distributed light in the daytime sky is the blue light. This is not because the blue-hued wavelengths of the so-called solar rays are the most scattered ones, but instead, because, firstly, the bulk of the diffuse blue light of the sky is generated in the sunward ionosphere by the same mechanisms that are responsible for the production of the light of classical polar auroras and, secondly, the overwhelmingly greatest ratio of the colored constituents of the naturally clean atmosphere is blue-colored.

Certainly speaking, the contribution of Rayleigh scattering to the blueness of the sky could be described as insignificant or even optically negligible. In other words, the explanation of the blueness of the daytime sky in terms of Rayleigh scattering is not acceptable at all, though the very Rayleigh's law of scattering isn't wrong. So, the daytime sky is bright and blue mainly due to the fact that the sunward ionosphere is self-coloring by the generation of blue auroras, and not at all because the air scatters the short wavelengths of light more than longer wavelengths according to Rayliegh's 1/λ4 law i.e. scattering of light by small molecules in the atmosphere is inversely proportional to the forth power of the wavelength. Expressed another way, the intensity of the scattered light (Is) is related to the intensity of the incident light (I0) by the inverse fourth power of the wavelength:

Is/Io = constant λ-4

However, another type of scattering contributes to the blueness of the sky, particularly, in the ionosphere. That is the so-called resonance scattering.

Really, on viewing the clear daytime sky the line of sight passes through the illuminated atmosphere which is formed from a transparent colorless troposphere which is about 99% of two colorless gases: nitrogen and oxygen, a transparent pale blue-colored stratosphere, a transparent pale blue-colored lower mesosphere, a transparent blue-colored upper mesosphere, and a brilliantly deep blue-colored ionosphere whose background is the black exosphere. Briefly, the blueness of the sky and its brightness are mainly due to the presence of blue light-emitting layers overlying the colorless troposphere. Precisely, this is the main genuine reason behind the blueness of the clear daytime sky. However, all the limb view images of the atmosphere photographed from different terrestrial orbits, e.g. from space shuttles, show this fact so clearly.


The intuitive, direct extremely plain evidence that can decisively refute the explanation of the blueness of the sky in terms of Rayleigh's scattering are the images of the lower atmosphere taken for the earth's limb from terrestrial orbits ( e.g. from ISS). Such photos show the lower atmosphere i.e. the troposphere and tropopause so brilliantly white. However, since the scientists unanimously used to consider that the lower atmosphere is the real 'Rayleilgh scattering' layer, consequently, Rayleigh's scattering turns out to be unacceptable as an explanation for the blueness of the clear sky. No escape, as long as the images from space vehicles show the lower atmosphere white-colored, it becomes as an undeniable fact that accounting for the blueness of the clear sky according to Rayliegh's law of scattering should be utterly refused. Otherwise, the adherence to the Rayleigh's explanation of the blueness of the sky must be esteemed as a common, clear sign of silliness and thoughtlessness.

Really, the sky seems blue because the line of sight normally terminates in a blue-colored higher atmosphere overlying a transparent, brilliantly white-colored lower atmosphere. Expressed another way, the blueness of the sky is a result of the presence of the blue higher atmosphere as a background of the transparent, white lower atmosphere.

For an augmentative elucidation, the essentially adopted principle of explaining colors is dependent on the selective absorption of the intended species. Thus, chromatically saying, the color of the clean troposphere should be basically treated according to the selective absorption. However, nearly 99% of the lower atmosphere's composition is from two colorless gases: nitrogen 78% and oxygen 21%. The rest 1% is nearly entirely composed of argon which is a pale blue-colored gas. So, on being illuminated by the so-called solar light, the relatively meager ratio, or the so little proportional concentration of the argon, is short of giving any sensible blueness to the lower atmosphere which is the supposedly main scattering region.

Accordingly, since all the images taken from terrestrial orbits for the Earth's limb, as those taken by Hubble Telescope or any shuttle, show the clean lower atmosphere as colorless or even as a brightly white layer, it could and should be concluded that the very lower atmosphere (the troposphere and tropopause) does not get its color according to Rayleigh's scattering.

Any way, no doubt, accounting for the blueness of the sky in terms of global-scale, blue light-emitting discharge lamps 'installed' in the ionosphere (which really seems blue from all the high altitude balloons and space vehicles) is greatly simpler and extremely more realistic than accounting for this very blueness by scattering the so-called solar light in the clear lower atmosphere (which always seems colorless from all the high altitude balloons and space vehicles) according to the Rayleigh law of scattering. Thus, Ockham's razor strongly refuses Rayleigh's explanation of the blueness of the sky and hotly supports Attiyah's. Obviously, ascribing the blueness of the sky to continuous, blanketing blue diffuse auroras, especially in the E-layer, is so simpler than accounting for it in terms of the complications of Rayleigh scattering which also encountered so much criticism.

However, were the Rayleigh scattering capable of accounting for the blueness of the sky, why then do the clear troposphere and tropopause always appear white on being seen or imaged from space vehicles? Haven't you seen any photo wherein the nighttime, traditional blue-colored auroras in the auroral oval were the cause of the blue appearance of the sky of the auroral zone? Really, the highly intense auroras that are usually blue can render the sky of the auroral zone so brightly blue. However, analogously, the continuous, highly intense auroras in the sunward sky can make it brightly blue. Simply, as the nocturnal, blue-colored polar auroras can show the polar sky blue, no doubt, they can show the daytime sky blue, either. In aggregate, irrespective of the local time and latitude, the clean, clear sky is mainly aurora-colored.

Frequently, the auroras become so bright to the degree of enabling one to read any printed material as easily as during the normal, clear daytime.

Any way, irrespective of any other explanation whatever, attributing the blueness of the sky to Rayleigh's scattering is no longer defendable even though, principally saying, the Rayliegh's law of scattering is not wrong.


In aggregate, only the extremely fool persons are who adhere to Rayleigh scattering in order to explain the blueness of the sky.


Is Colonel Wheels saying: 'Goodbye, Lord Rayleigh! Please don't forget to 'scatter' my blue and red salutes to all the Earth's peoples, but according to your law'?


Blue-colored Auroras



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The Cold, Hard Facts About So-Called Global "Warming"

I don't know if anyone else noticed this or not, but we are now entering the second quarter of 2014, and it was not merely one of the coldest, harshest, snowiest Winters around; but also one the coldest "Springs" we have ever had in a while! How can we be so sure that the true global trajectory of Climate Change is really increasing warmth, when there is sooo much variance in natural temperatures, that we can still have extended Winters instead of "Springs"?

I know the IPCC recently released another one of their reports about the dangers of climate change, because it is their job to do so, every few years. But, the first thing some folks do, when confronted with serious dangers on anything, is to turn to the economists about the dangers people actually put thought into! For example, Nate Silver's blog recently ran a story that shows how storm data an be made to look like they are not getting any worse, once you remove the most scare-mongering data coming from the scientists. And, other articles compared the IPCC report to the NIPPC report, and found contradictory statements between long term and short impacts in each one!

Besides, the IPCC also that came up with the Kyoto protocol, and that didn't seem to solve the "problem" they though they had, anyway. That was more like some sort of preliminary effort, at best.

But, let's make another point, for just a moment. Let us assume Global Warming DOES happen, anyway. (For the sake of argument.) There certainly is enough evidence that climate change won't actually do what the most ardent, and ill-informed pro-global-warming activists claim it will! All of the following are the TRUE consequences of global warming:

* Increased precipitation will actually create more ice in the Antarctic. Not melt all of it away.

* More farmland will be available to folks at higher altitudes.

* Fewer illnesses will be caused by cold temperatures

* Worried about extinction? Well, it happens that most species, making up the majority of living biomass, will actually thrive in the warmth!

* More trees will replace ice, absorbing more carbon, anyway. Not putting any more back into the air!

* Right now, fresh water is a problem for many parts of the world. Warming would increase the supply!

* Scientists will find more neat fossils and things, out of the melting permafrost. They already are doing so!

* More jelly fish will be available to display in awesome-looking jelly fish aquariums!

Now, getting back to my main point:

"What about the science?", you ask. Well, when I examined most of the science for myself, I found a LOT of it, especially the foundational early work, to be based on lots of proxies for data. We all know that science without proxies is better than science with them. So, those activists that took all the proxies away found cause to deny global warming. Therefore: Their science must be better!

It is also very clear that the International media is catching on to the true nature of climate, as well. Disney, a normally liberal company, had a hit movie with Frozen, (staring Veronica of Mars and Adele Dazeem). If they really thought global warming was such a concern, why would they have a snowman character yearning to bask in the summer sun? What kind of a lesson is that, for today's environmentally conscious youth? I suspect Disney knows the truth: That the concept of global warming is not entirely accurate. But, they don't want to say that publically, because it would be considered taboo. Instead, they present their knowledge in more subtle, subversive ways!

I am not really a climate change denier. I know climate changes. If it didn't, then everywhere would just be hot lava. But, as this article demonstrates: Global warming can also be a sad joke!

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Madrid (AFP) - Curators were forced to remove a precious cup from display in a church

I realize that title is much too long, and I haven't really read the article, but I simply needed to read some intelligent thoughts.

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Baby rapist put on probation

Is this an example of the best justice system money can buy ?

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Business Owner: All Minorities Look Gay

In a number of States, citizens are fighting for what they perceive to be their religious freedom. According to their religious beliefs, homosexuality is not merely a sin but an "abomination" (Leviticus 18:22) and those that practice it deserve death (Leviticus 20:13, Romans 1:32). On this basis, they refuse to serve or deal with anyone who is a homosexual. After all, if homosexuals deserve to be put to death, and denial of service is much less severe than killing, then denying service must also be permissible.

Several States specifically allow overt discrimination against homosexuals. In one of those States, a property owner is taking this to its next logical step (story here):


"Big" Ted Noddy owns the Cooper building in downtown Manson. On the first floor, he operates Big Ted's Restaurant, and he rents out apartments on the two upper floors.

At his restaurant, he won't serve minorities. No Blacks, no Hispanics, no one wearing any atire he deems strange; they all get asked to leave. He won't rent his apartments to them, either.

His reason? They all look gay to him.

As a religious man, Big Ted feels that he has a religious right not to serve gay customers, and not to rent to gay tenants. And further, he says, all minorities look like they're gay.

"People don't wear signs saying that they are sodomites," Big Ted observed. "And often if you ask them, they'll lie. So I have to go by looks. And dark-skinned people seem to me to be just as gay as those limp-wristed lisping fruitbats, so I refuse to deal with all of them. This is what God's Word commands."

Big Ted has consulted a lawyer, who says that this sort of discrimination is permissible. "Mr. Noddy is entitled by law to discriminate against those who are gay," said attorney Upton O'Goode. "He is therefore entitled by law to discriminate against those he believes to be gay. Further, his belief that gayness is related to skin color is a sincerely-held religious belief, and cannot be questioned. Mr. Noddy has nothing whatsoever against minorities. He is not a racist. But he has a strong religious objection to homosexuals, and to him, all minorities are homosexual, whether they admit it or not."

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Comcast and Time-Warner file suit

Recently cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable announced plans to join together. Federal regulators are indicating that there will be opposition to the deal, however, citing antitrust concerns.

Now Comcast and Time Warner are going to court to challenge the antitrust laws, and are citing novel grounds (story here):


Comcast (CMSCA) and Time Warner Cable (TWC) have been advised that the Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice would be unlikely to approve the merger of the companies because of federal antitrust statutes. The companies have decided to take the initiative.

They have filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia asserting that the antitrust statutes are unconstitutional.

Comcast and Time Warner Cable claim the statutes infringe on their constitutional right to marry.

It's not quite as crazy as it sounds. The companies' lawsuit discusses several recent court decisions recognizing that corporations have the rights of natural people. The lawsuit also discusses at length recent court decisions recognizing the right of natural people to marry others, including people of their own gender. Corporate mergers, the companies assert, are the equivalent of marriages.

Cart L. Brobdingnagian, spokesperson for the companies, says that rich corporations are being discriminated against because they are corporations and because they are rich. "A man and a woman, each independently wealthy, could legally marry and pool their vast wealth," said Brobdingnagian, "and no one asserts any antitrust concerns about such a marriage. The same rule should apply to corporations. They ought to be allowed to merge, no matter how much wealth they independently control."

Brobdingnagian also pointed out that the right to marry enjoys constitutional protection, and that it must be applied equally to all persons. "If a man is free to choose to marry another man, then a corporation should be free to chose to marry another corporation without government interference. Men and women and corporations are all 'people' as far as the law is concerned, and they all should be allowed to marry freely."

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The universe and mortality fully explained

I wish to take a few minutes out of my day to explain the universe to you. If you take the time to read the following explanation, you will thus understand the universe better and then, yourself.

First, and most important, the universe is one thing, one energy. It is the only entity which is one thing, everything else is a part or a fraction if you will of this one energy. In short, the universe is one single energy.

This can be easily seen if one believes the big bang theory, where the universe once existed as a small single unit of energy. A singularity some call it. This was the one time that the universe was being honest, was showing its true self, and could easily be understood. It was one single unit of pure energy, and it was not divided. It was uniform and it was itself.

Today, the universe is still itself, but in disguise. It has expanded, it is mostly space and it has divided itself into infinite number of shapes and sizes.

But it is still important to view the universe as to what it truly is,,,,,the only single entity that exists. take a hydrogen atom for example. you will notice that hydrogen atom here is the exact same as a hydrogen atom elsewhere. that is because hydrogen atoms are not separate entities, they are simply part of a whole, they are the same thing, part of one single energy we call the is everything else around us....

When we smash matter down small enough in our atom smashers, we discover the real truth, that down small enough, matter turns into the same energy that exists everywhere,,,the same basic energy that existed at the singularity in the big bang,,,the same basic energy that really hasn't changed, the same single basic energy called the universe.

You and I are part of this same single energy. The universe likes to spread out and divide itself into many forms, an infinite variety of of those forms is you and I.

you and I think we are individuals separate from the universe, but this is the grand fact we are all one, all part of this single energy.

This can easily be seen if we dare to really look. We are born,,and we don't really know why or how,,,we basically come from nowhere...we die one day,,,back into nowhere we go. While we are alive....we suck the universe into our lungs,,,we eat the universe into our stomachs and we **** the universe out our rectums. We are basically allowing the one energy,,,the universe to flow into and out of us....all our lives. We exchange atoms continually.... we feel the same,,,but we are constantly changing into different forms...we look different with age and we are held together basically with memory until we die.

Death.... is the same as birth. Our bodies,,,like all parts of the one energy called the universe,,,,constantly change. one of these changes we call death. But when we die,,,we don't stop being what we have always been....the universe....we just change.....

The one energy called the universe can only experience when it is conscious. so when one conscious being dies.....the universe can only experience when another conscious entity is born.

The universe can experience only one at a when one consciousness dies,,,another is born. Death in effect is the same as birth. When you and I (parts of the one energy known as the universe)die,,,we are immediately born....

Why are we immortal,,,.......because we are the universe, we can be nothing else.....and our consciousness is the energy of the universe flowing through our minds....its is experiencing is experiencing the universe.......

A brilliant guy who died back in 1973 had a very good way of explaining this,,,just in case you were not able to understand what I have said. please listen to some of his lectures which have been turned out into you tube videos.....maybe he can turn you on to what you really are, maybe he can turn you on to what truly is the ultimate reality.

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UK faith schools lose power to veto exam questions

It came out recently that at least one exam board had allowed faith-based schools to veto exam questions on subjects like evolution and reproduction. That has now been blocked by Ofqual which sets exam standards.


Ofqual has written to exam boards saying that any agreements between exam boards and schools which allow censorship of questions “must not be made” because the practice left exam papers incomplete and “unfit for purpose"

Mods: I haven't seen an existing thread on this. If there is feel free to delete or merge this.

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Time to put up or shut up.

Obviously that last bit won't happen, but we can always hope.

I've heard for years that if the government got out of the welfare and social safety net business private parties would step up and take up the slack.

That's now, folks.

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‘Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,’ by Michael Lewis

new Michael Lewis book. A long great-reading excerpt is here:

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MAJOR victory for whales

Today the ICJ ruled against Japan's "research" (lol) whaling in the protected Southern Ocean sanctuary.


The UN's top court has ordered Japan to stop its annual whale hunt in the Antarctic, rejecting Tokyo's argument that it is for scientific purposes, in an emotive case activists said was make-or-break for the giant mammal's future.


Japan in April 2013, announced its whaling haul from the Southern Ocean was at a record low because of "unforgivable sabotage" :D by activists from the environmental group Sea Shepherd.

I'm sure many a teeth with be gnashed by this ruling, but the fact is that the world became a slightly better place today.

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Fire doesn't effect steel buildings?

So truthers claim that fire doesn't effect structural steel, eh? Well, this is (was) a 115 year old former department store being renovated into retail space and apartments. It caught fire early Saturday morning. By daybreak it was an empty shell. The entire steel framed interior collapsed from 6 stories to 2.

How in the world can that be? Fire doesn't effect steel, right? And the building was empty other than construction supplies and equipment, not a working office full of paper, desks, carpet, etc. According to the truthers it should have shrugged this right off and remained standing proudly. Fact is the fire was so hot it damaged buildings across the street.

It's sad, really, because it was a beautiful building and a downtown landmark for over 100 years. However, it certainly proves the "steel impervious to fire" theme wrong.

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So Ebola's back......

Eighty dead so far and it's spread from Guinea to Liberia. Though not to Canada.

Lovely little virus group, causes hemorrhagic fever and, usually, death.


Guinea's President Alpha Conde warned on Sunday of a "health emergency" as authorities raced to contain a spiralling Ebola epidemic which has killed 78 people and prompted neighbouring Senegal to close its border.

Guinea's health ministry said that 122 "suspicious cases" of viral haemorrhagic fever, including 78 deaths, had been registered.

President Conde said his country was facing a "health emergency" but that "thanks to the international community, all measures have been taken to effectively fight this epidemic."

Latest information on the outbreak "allows us to be optimistic and confident about achieving a final and rapid success in our response to this problem," he said on public television, urging people not to panic.

Strangely little interest from the CT nuts on this one though.



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dimanche 30 mars 2014

Conspiracy and ancient religion

Religion is the basis and study for the motivating causes involving conspiracy, involving the elite who formed these secret associations for the purpose of world control, involving the money market and also a scheme for controlling the populous via sciences.

Sciences involve the science of the human life as a formation function and also as a life spirit, as did the gain of spiritual power wisdom called the Creator in the pursuit of atomic/nuclear informed states to be used and applied in life applications (such as alchemy).

Science provides the motivation for the elite to provide schemes for secret experimenting to gain the powers of the spirit. This would include the possession of the spirit to control personal thoughts and self motivation as a religious practice and pursuit and also the resource of the spirit nature that provides the means to gain world powers both as a power of fear (involving nuclear), but also as a power to gain monetary benefits to enable the elite to stay the elite.

Conspiracy involves the different religious pursuits, the many different brotherhoods as purposeful practices, the applied theories involving the Holy Grail (nuclear advice) and also the applications of using the advice against others involving the safety advice of stopping the human abuses applied in these pursuits.

These conspiracies has been an involved practice as a pursuit for a very long time in our human history, as revealed by many authors covering this topic of discussion.

Therefore a great amount of money has been spent over the years trying to gain the wisdom of the human consciousness and what was applied in ancient wisdom as God or the body of God, as spiritual information.

Hence when we review past information and the applications of the occult involving elitism and secret methods, it ALWAYS INVOLVES some form of SCIENTIFIC PURSUIT.

The money market, a place where world leaders from different religious backgrounds supported an exchange for their own countries goods, allowed them to increase their elite status and maintain their monetary values. This allowed particular countries to gain more wealth than others. This causes fearful retribution, a fear of losing religious/governing ideals as a personal choice, which has always involved the conspiracy of the religious brotherhoods.

Therefore world leadership has always been sought through both religious pursuit and also monetary gain, which has always involved SCIENCE.

Understanding elitism and how greedy and arrogant these human traits are is to simply look at the standards which apply to these methods. Wars and death and human agony has always applied to the pursuits of the elite, who have kept illegal secrets of self motivation from the public arena which they imply they support.

Instead when we begin to observe the elite in their day to day business, we begin to review how evil many of them actually are....humans who have no respect for their own country men, spiritual religious pursuits and are humans who would kill anyone for their own purpose of greed and power.

This is what conspiracy involves and there is actually no secret in the realization of human greed motivated to cause self destruction to life on Earth in the pursuit of personal power.

Hence when we look back into the conspiracy situation involving religious disputes, we find that science has always been involved.....why else was the holy grail discussed as being associated to these disputes, the discussions of the Creator.

Ancient holy persons therefore employed methods to persuade the public advice regarding illegal scientific activity of these scientific pursuits that had caused the death and decimation of humanity many times in our ancient civilizations. This is why these religious stories were written and taught, TO PREVENT GREED AND ELITISM AND ALSO SCIENCE.

Archaeological evidence has therefore supported the advice of religion that ancient humans had nucleated themselves in our ancient history by allowing such practices to be applied in their societal choices.

Therefore authors involved in these secret order study found themselves murdered, causing their friends and relatives to continue on the pursuit to bring justice back into the lives of their fellow country men, for the purpose of trying to save our future. This is what the conspiracy has always involved.

As life as we know it can end through an act of science, many authors were motivated to study the American conspiracy involving secret brotherhoods and illegal scientific experiments of the occult, involving the elite and their pursuit for world power (nuclear) but also religious power (creator) as an act involving persuading their own country men that they are higher in consciousness and spiritual practices than others elsewhere in life.

Therefore many times we have our religious significance brought to our attention, providing the evidence for life continuance as a cause of concern that we are all obviously from the same spirit of life....we might live in other countries and have been taught Creator information as religious science through different applications, yet we are all the same.

Therefore allowing secret orders in the elite to be the motivating hidden agenda for governing and government choices, allows us to review how and why arrogant and egotistical human beings try to manipulate and over rule common sense judgments in our human life involving religious practices and the conspiracies of the elite.

As World religious Governments have proven to been difficult to manipulate by choice and applied religious laws, this then advises us about the illegal practices re-emerging involving religious conspiracy and governing techniques that also involve OCCULT SCIENCE, as a situation for gaining personal spiritual control of humanity world wide, which could only involve the secret teachings of spirit (Creator) and how it related to our life force and previous ancient teachings.

This was why some Scientists involved in the American secret brotherhood pursuits in Science were murdered, had died in accidents or suicide for no apparent reason. Some humans do have a spiritual consciousness and do not purposely work for the conspiracy gain, but have obviously died because of these occult science pursuits.

It is why anyone trying to study the science of NASA regarding UFO as unidentified falling bodies were treated in the same manner. Many websites list the human beings who were studying UFO information and the American Government and their murders/accidents etc. These humans were trying to identify the situation involving the American Government and the UFO situation itself which was attacking humanity worldwide.

If you could no longer use your elite practices of monetary manipulation as a human social condition, then the obvious would lead to a choice involving a new control situation of the SPIRIT....our cellular life, our personal choice making, the acts called possession....leading us to the review of America's historical evidence of OCCULT Science and its own secret religious practices.

Would any world leader question the reality of the secret religious brotherhoods, their ancient pursuits, as the acts for protecting our spirit life and our spiritual nature? Why would such ancient choices have occurred and been pursued, if not for the reasons of greed and elitism and spiritual secrets involving purposes that life is holy and sacred and that scientific pursuits involving the occult practices of possession (evil) or alchemy are now being employed through the use of atmospheric/satellite transmisSION.

What is possession and why did the ancients imply illegal religious acts involving evil spirits as breaking the Holy laws? Especially when the evil spirit implies that it relates to the destruction of life itself and also to the holy possession of our sacred spirit....our life spirit, our mind spirit....our consciousness?

What is the burnt spirit, if not for the nuclear or the atomic.....the loss of the light body from out of our preceding holy spirit of light? Where is Heaven, if not beginning in our own Earth atmosphere above us? Where is Science now our Heavenly atmosphere.

Who is causing the loss of this spirit....Scientists are. Who is causing our life to be threatened by what many quantify as a spiritual attack of an unholy spirit and for terrible diseases to suddenly manifest in our cellular bodies, our holy life....Scientists are causing it.

Therefore conspiracy and religion is a real subject for public and religious consideration involving our personal life choices, choices that the majority of humanity were persuaded to give away to the elite who supposedly were meant to care for our welfare both as a life situation and our life continuance.

Is our life spirit the same spirit worldwide?

DNA proves that it is...therefore just because we exist in different continents DNA establishes we are the same family, a family religions worldwide discuss that was caused by a Creator in our Earth Heaven (atmosphere). Only a slight variance of information in DNA denotes difference of family inheritance.

Therefore if in ancient civilization the differing spiritual brotherhoods in many countries joined as an established order to prevent our spiritual downfall, wouldn't it be obvious that they were concerned about LIFE ITSELF?

I ask when is humanity going to gain their own self realization that the elite have always abused us and lied to us for their own self benefit. That scientific pursuits are against the evolution of life, the obvious real teachings of spirit.

Only historical evidence can provide religious support as a teaching and a method of purpose. Archaeology therefore provides the evidence that in ancient civilization nucleated events involved the decimation of life. This is the motivating reasons why religious documentation has been reviewed as a science and discussed as a purposeful holy teaching by wandering holy men as Teachers.

Holy Teachers have therefore supported the evidence that wisdom implied to science and the Creator of life our atmospheric Heavenly spirit.

Therefore neither Science nor Religion is correct in their non support of the ethical reasons involving both identifying practices as an ancient method of teaching.

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Human greed versus logic

Discussing a theory has to obviously involve a basic idea regarding who is involved and why the involvement would include conspiracy.

Government's such as America demonstrate to have always been involved in 1. secret orders associated to religious factions

2. these orders involved secret discussions and elitism

3. these orders involved the discussions relative to religious pursuit, as leadership, governing, power mongering, monetary gain and world control.

Therefore Government ideals such as in America were involved in espionage, the gaining of informed power assisting methodology, which included the gain of scientific awareness and new ideas for the personal gain of monetary benefits and also for power control, as a theme for worldwide domination. This has always involved religious ideals (fanaticism) along with scientific (alchemical) powers. This was why those in power worldwide even of religious intent have pursued Scientific exploration for self gain of money and elitism.

What has happened in America to gain such a conspiracy overview regarding 911 and previous incidences? Their financial losses and also the inability to gain any new form of scientific theory or developed science as the pursuit for not only enabling a resource of future intent as a world leader, but to ascertain personal monetary control and self benefit of this control as a world leader.

This led to the leaking of information from humans involved in the secret sciences at NASA involving Government pursuit of these powers. Hence it came to public awareness that they were involved in occult studies that included the psyche as states of mental health, brain development, activation of brain imagery etc. through drug taking experiments, psychic experiments and brain experiments, which is easily established via the amount of money spent at NASA on such pursuits involving the secret sciences called the occult.

The dispute of the occult as a spiritual pursuit is obviously one that previously caused a religious dispute between logical and illogical data causing religion to separate from alchemy. Yet why would any astute or supposedly intelligent human being as a Scientist be involved in spiritual matters as demonstrated by NASA and the Government themselves...having an organization involved in this pursuit through the gathering of intelligence...the CIA.

This obviously leads the discussion to Russia and their older Scientific methods of brain message study, psychic contact and also brain states that caused intelligence concern through espionage situations ....that psychics could disturb the Government officials brain states when they visited Russia. Hence this pursuit in America obviously demonstrated by NASA is evidently an important discussion, as they themselves have demonstrated just how much testing has been involved in these studies.

Therefore when it was leaked to the public that NASA was involved in paranormal events, and that the CIA through the American institution were involved in mind contact and also mind control pursuits for the purpose of espionage, then it was taken seriously by many in the American public.

Evidently the paranormal situation the CIA were involved with is linked to UFO and its witnessing and also the paranormal events involved in the witnessing, such as human attacks as a physical mind state and also a physical cell state alteration, as per evidence world wide.

What was seen a year before the 911 buildings fell? UFO bodies were witnessed hovering outside of windows. How would this information advise us of the conspiracy that involves occult methods and also world finance at the 911 building incidences? MIND CONTROL obviously, the ability to access a human mind for the purpose of persuading particular choices and actions to take place to support the American Market and also the gain of control in the market itself.

Obviously you would need just as I have to ask yourself could mind control be gained? This would and should lead you to question, what is paranormal the discussions of spirit and brain states? If not for a scientific understanding of how a human being as a mind state (chemical) and a cellular state (chemical reactions) could be affected as an attack and as a personal choice without the human identifying that their choices are being controlled or possessed?

What were the ancients actually discussing that became a religious pursuit for higher intelligent thinking as the purpose of teaching humanity the reverence for life?

What we would imply is the spirit of life or the breath of life....oxygen itself as a religious review involving alchemy, as demonstrated was the ancient practices.

Therefore as many archaeological evidence has supplied human beings seem to have been intelligent in our ancient history and were also destroyed enmasse by discovery of nucleated sites and bodies. Hence spiritual teachings seem to have a method applied as a teaching implement and purpose regarding the ancient evidence that human beings have a self destructive nature. Therefore spiritual teachings seem to actually imply a purpose in our social standards for life continuance.

If not, then why would such institutions such as the Catholic Church be involved once again in science and the pursuit of science itself?

Therefore when you logically apply this information to the American Government and their occult associations, then it is obvious that they are involved in a method of utilizing the atmospheric transmissions for their own purposes of world control via satellite transmissions and imagery (caused by falling sound bodies changing sound-transmission contacts)....imagery that we could call spirit encounters that involves the actual changing of our brain chemistry, providing the evidence of cellular alteration also.

Hence secret Government atmospheric testing via satellite and then the observation upon the human cell is obviously the secret the American Government is involved in, especially when science has stated that it is looking for what is explained as a God cell, for the purpose of trying to identify cell replacement as per human cellular information. This displays their own greedy purpose as a future resource test experiment, whilst also destroying the atmosphere in which we all live.

It would be why such statements were released that the secret organizations involving Government officials believed that a huge loss of human life was worth their illegal associations to occult study and occult applications. It is all about GREED.

Hence as stated by those who release secret information concerned for our future life and humanity, they suddenly find themselves murdered or supposedly accident deceased or via a suicide that did not seem to involve a personal life event. Hence many involved in these situations dispute the Government and have tried to gain public support of the illegal CIA involvement in personal human life espionage.

Having this mind control signal would allow them to motivate and use criminals in a new espionage. Therefore this would allow them to secretly pursue criminal activity without involving the American Government.

Therefore as espionage has always involved control of personal choice, to have mind contact and mind alteration information regarding chemical exchanges, the ability to receive imagery by satellite transmissions involved in choice making and thinking purposes, then it is obvious what is happening to us all....America already is using this satellite program, they are attacking us as a physical being, to gain data, and also a feedback program as a computer relayed system.

You can look at how information can be relayed, received and fed back via computer programs not involved in either a telephone system or electrical system. Therefore we have the demonstration that this form of atmospheric signal attack and relay is developed and can be applied to the human cell and chemical responses via a data program.

As human choice is involved in the money market, then as America seems to have made poor choices in their intelligence, using a mind contact mind control signal would not have achieved the espionage they wanted. After all it is still run by a human being thinking for other human beings.

Therefore this led to the American decisions to actually cause a terrorist situation themselves altering their financial control loss in the world market. It would have been the only solution, to cause blame of terrorism on other countries as the act of terrorism was to cause the exchange in other countries financial markets to not be supported as terrorist acts demonstrate.

Hence it would have allowed America to gain a position of control that they were fast losing.

The evidence is obvious, if you care to look into scientific pursuits of this Government, the obvious UFO fallout situation first established by scientific testing to NASA's own secret UFO testing applications, to the receipt of personal human attacks worldwide via these radiation (radio) signals that were contacting human beings and altering the brain receptors.

I therefore came to realize myself that this situation relates to the occult, to NASA and to the American Government and their pursuit for world takeover and it is much more sinister that previously thought.

I apply to this theory because the American Intelligent organization has demonstrated world wide how acute their intelligent spy information is. They know what terrorists are plotting via their televised demonstrations of listening to these groups. Hence how could American intelligence have allowed such a huge terrorist attack to occur only from the review of how acute intelligence actually is regarding America.

How would a Government go about arranging for a world wide deceit to cause a situation to support their own methodology of espionage?

Having mind control allows the criminal to be used as a victim and is the ugliest deceit that any human being has ever committed as a criminal act in human life.

Would any one of us really question would a greedy power mongering self control human being go to this extent to obtain what they proposed was total world control......of course they would.

What everyone should question is can mind control be caused?

Drug taking and mind altering effects at a chemical based level provide the evidence, as has supposedly the physical condition called mind a discussion that causes physical displacement to be observed along with the hearing of voices telling you what to do.

Apply this information to a controlled satellite program caused by nucleated transmissions as fall out (burnt transmissions) and you have the obvious solution for a Government to study these transmissions and then use them themselves regarding brain control.

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USA Indifference

I cannot express how disappointed I am that the USA must beg a seat from russia in order to put a man orbit. It is for shame. The USA must now rent a seat on a russian vehicle, much like a supplicant flight passenger.


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"We are all one consciousness, infinitely diversified" ?

The new agers have touted this line for a long time, and through DMT experiences showing people connected with one another they feel that strengthens their beliefs. The famous line by bill hicks "we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively" is often parroted by believers of this idea and now we have the Millennium Simulation Project showing the universe as one giant neural network, lending credence to the idea that maybe we're all part of one mind.

But really, from the scientific point of view - is it true? I find it interesting how when skeptics of the scientific method, believing it to be "too rigid and unimaginative", declare all of their little sayings about consciousness, the mind, etc as "fact."

Personally, I find just a grandiose claim about the universe and all conscious creatures being one a little hard to digest. Why, simply because the scope is too large to making such a broad, sweeping claim. Would anyone like to offer their views on the subject?

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Weird Experience

I've been obsessing about death lately. My wife is very spiritual, and yesterday she said, "Why don't you ask my mom (deceased, lived with us for years) for help? I know you're a skeptic, but it doesn't cost you anything". My wife then told me she gets signs from her mom all the time, mostly in the form of seeing license plates, particularly New Mexico. It has something to do with some experiences they had in New Mexico. I rolled my eyes (pareidolia, and all that).

But I said, OK, and mentally asked for a sign yesterday morning. A few hours later, we're walking out of a theater, and we walk down the wrong row of cars, looking for my car, and of course, there's a New Mexico plate. My wife gets all excited, and even I think it's a little strange, because we don't see them much in California (they're bright yellow plates). So we go down another row of cars and there's another New Mexico plate. And this is literally hours after she told me about the license plate thing.

I could laugh it off as coincidence (and no doubt anyone reading this probably is), but it was very strange. I commute an hour a day on the freeway and can't recall seeing a New Mexico plate in a long time. It's a small state, doesn't border California, I live in the sticks, and it's rare to see any non-California plate.

Anyway, I thought it was strange. Does anyone else have experiences like that?

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Man builds guillotine, intentionally cuts off own hand


Mark Goddard, who has been in constant pain since a motorbike accident in 1998 left him with damaged nerves in his left arm, carried out the bizarre surgery in his own back garden in Newton Abbot, Devon after surgeons refused to amputate the injured limb.

The initial strike wasn't enough to completely cut the entire hand off and it was left dangling by tendons and flesh. Being unable to reset the guillotine with only one hand, he had to grab a scalpel and finish the job.:jaw-dropp

Video interview.

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Creatures that defy evolution: How about the woodpecker?

I was cutting wood yesterday and was hearing a woodpecker. I got thinking how odd for such a creature to somehow develop, for some odd reason, the ability to even WANT to try to develop this ability. Or to mutate to something like this, by chance.

Anyway, this morning, i decided to get opinions on this on google tying words of evolution to woodpeckers. Sure are a lot of sites about this. I haven`t really analyzed any of them yet. But several speak about the woodpeckers backwards tongue and how unlikely something like this would have just evolved.

They also mentioned its feet.

I will be looking for sites that are not say from christian science museum, or such slanted sites.

I want an honest open look at this.


I also plan to ask google about say a list of creatures or organisms that seem to defy evolution.


I have questioned religion since age 14 or 15. But this world, with all its workings, creatures, and organisms, and what they all do, and why so many things forked off some evolutionary tree to do all the stuff they do, blows my mind. That just because there were/are niches to fill, that the niches got filled. Truly fascinating. Underground, on land, in water, in land and water, in the air, inside other organisms, etc.

But of all the creatures...a woodpecker clanking its head many times a second, into a hard suface, to try to get at some food, seems really odd, for anything to have developed like this, on its own, without 'something' planning for a creature like this, to do a certain job or perhaps several jobs.

I just read where the speed of their beak is up to 23 ft/sec and stopping action is 1000g`s! And about its remarkable hairy sticky tongue that can extract an insect faster than you can see.


And this is just one of thousands of distinctly different creatures. It amazes me about worms also. You can cut one and it can regenerate. A certain flatworm can regenerate its whole body from just a 1/300th sliver of itself.


But what bothers me with all this thinking... that certain, even many, creatures evolved in so many complex and radical ways... that even though it may be hard to explain...there is still the fact that certain creatures can fall off a mountain without being killed, or get ran over by heavy things and live, or regrow new limbs or entire bodies or teeth. Yet, we humans, which were to be what our world was made for, according to the Bible, don`t possess any of these great features. And to me, that has really made the Bible story fall short of realistic expectations regarding us and a maker that is mindful of us.

So i think, could there still be a 'supreme designer', where the Bible has certain things right, simply gleaned from observation and logic?...but whose 'story'

was basically fabricated to suit the purposes of those people at that time?

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Mother thought her four year old son is gay, beats him to death.

A 25 year old woman is being tried for the murder of her four year old son, she has been charged with murder, murder by abuse and second degree assault. Prosecutors say her son died as the result of a blunt force trauma and a delay in his medical treatment.

She believed he was gay.

Zachary died in August 2012, days after collapsing at the homeless shelter where his family was living southwest of Portland.

In a Facebook message accepted in evidence, Dutro told her boyfriend, Brian Canady, that Zachary was "facing the wall" because he had made her angry. Her son was going to be gay, she wrote, using a slur. "He walks and talks like it. Ugh."

Canady would have to "work on" Zachary, she wrote.

The message established Dutro's motive for inflicting a pattern of abuse, prosecutor Megan Johnson said. Dutro assaulted three of her children, but Zachary received the harshest treatment, authorities said.




I wonder what the USAian politicians and others who spew homophobic garbage think, will they take responsibility for inculcating attitudes like this?

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Laws of physics and chemistry don't kill people, guns do.

The title of this article is the modified version of the famous quote “Guns don't kill people, people kill people.” The title clearly emphasizes the difference between science and technology, while the quote smears that difference. This crucial difference is overlooked by the social critics of science, who attack it by attributing (moral) value to it. To see the extent of the damage done to science when it is confused with technology, I quote a paragraph in the introduction of the book, Value-Free Science? by Robert Proctor and published by no less prestigious an academic publisher than Harvard University Press:


Still we often hear that however foul its application, science itself is pure. Science may be political in its application, but not in its origin and structure. And certainly it is true that science and technology alone are hardly a threat to world peace. Politics and moralities stand behind our sciences and give them life; science can be used for good or evil. This is one sense of the “neutrality” of science – that science (or technology) “in itself” is neither good nor bad; that science may be used or it may be abused.

Note how the two words “science” and “technology” come together. Although Proctor starts the paragraph with “science” alone, he immediately conjoins “technology” to it, and in the last sentence, he practically equates the two by using the parenthetical phrase “or technology.” This allows the author to shift the attention from science to technology and to cite numerous examples of its destructive (and certainly value-laden) application. The good or bad and use or abuse are already incorporated in technology. Nuclear physics is the science behind both the MRI of medicine and the bomb of the military. The latter two are technologies, and they are by no means “neutral.” MRI is good, bomb is bad. Any attachment of neutrality to technology opens the possibility of looking for something good in a nuclear bomb!

Proctor calls the often quoted sentence, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”, a concrete lie which hides an “abstract truth.” But this sentence is so obvious a tautology that it is pointless. It is as pointless as saying: “Cars don’t drive, people drive cars,” or “Knives don’t cut, people do,” or “Pencils don’t write, people do.” It merely states the simple fact that any gadget needs an operator to operate it. There is no “abstract truth” in this. It is as concrete as one can get! Abstract are the laws of science, and there are no concrete lies in them. There is no concrete lie in the universal law of gravitation, or in the four Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism, or the Schrödinger equation, or Einstein’s equation of the general theory of relativity. Or the laws of thermodynamics and chemistry used in the construction of a gun. Concrete are the guns and the people who use them. (Please see here for a more complete discussion of science and technology.)

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Definition of Energy Perception

With psychology there is a limitation to the extent one would want connection to a patient or client perhaps, the benefit of energy perception is that is simply about what humans are capable of. The biggest problem is often just working out the language and terminology or phraseology that makes sense to someone in their terms to introduce an idea. If the energy perception has a goal then maybe to take away an insularity and replace it with connection.

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Is the military an entitlement/jobs program?

I'm wondering what folks thoughts are on this subject.

We have been going through a period until recently of unprecedented growth of our military. Much of this growth occured during a severe recession. Seeing as how there isn't a draft, how much do you believe enlistments happened due to patriotism and how much due to economics?

I am regularly regaled with super patriotism bumper stickers, facebook posts, letters to the editor etc....I find it hard to share many sentiments with the super patriots as in my mind, the people who joined in this era were more financially motivated than patriotically disposed. This is my opinion, am I wrong?

Before anyone gets too upset, I am a veteran, 4 years and honorably discharged. I entered the service in 1980 and received the training and job skills that enabled me to seek fruitful employment when I separated from the service. Although I love my country my motivation to enlist was purely selfish.

I know current and past servicemen who entered and then used the system for pure financial gain, getting themselves deployed in war zones for hazard pay and bonuses etc. but not in literal combat, support roles usually.I am not really against this but see it as something different than altruism and have a hard time praising all troops for what a few actually do, face the enemy at close proximity. Does my attitude need adjusting. Should I jump on the bandwagon of unilateral praise or should I save that for those who truly deserve it?

As an aside, with the military size currently being shrunk, what real skills do many servicemen and women bring to the domestic workplace? I am not talking specialists, I am talking infantry, paratroopers, tank drivers and war only type of duties.

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Muhammad's flat Earth

YouTube Video This video is not hosted by the JREF. The JREF can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website.

The video offers examples of the Quranic flat Earth statements, and shows that older Quranic Tafsir (exegesis) all interpreted those verses to mean that the Earth was flat. Only later did exegetes take it to mean that the Earth is round.

Something to keep in mind how the Quran predicts modern scientific discoveries.:rolleyes:

It's even worse in the light of that it was known already in the ancient world (and Muhammad lived in the early Medieval period) that the Earth was not flat, but round.

There is absolutely no rational reason at all for anyone to believe that the Quran is anything but a human product.

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What to Conspiracy Theorists Believe, read their emails and find out...

The latest post on Jason Colavitos Blog is somewhat of an eye opener:


I know that most readers have become somewhat unenthusiastic about my recent posts about the origin of the Watchers myth. But then stories like this come around to remind us why understanding this ancient myth is so important for evaluating the extraordinary claims of fringe believers. For the following story, I had the good fortune to discover a cache of emails that provide a shocking an frightening glimpse behind the scenes as a group of fringe history believers plan their media strategies and reinforce one another’s extraordinary beliefs.

Despite the somewhat breathless introduction it turns out to be true, thanks to a misunderstanding of how Cloud Computing works, that which was meant to be private has been made public (Colavito provides a link in his article.)

Yet again the euphamisms used by CTs (Banksters, Illuminati, Reptoids, etc) turn out to be nothing more than the cover for Joooo-bashing.

Read it while you can.

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The Pursuit of Maria Alvaran

In this thread, in PeaceCrusader's (hopefully) temporary absence, we try to unearth as much info on Maria Alvaran as possible so we're even better prepared to respond to PC when he returns.

See here for the genesis of this thread.

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samedi 29 mars 2014

Pagan Shoots Two People To Death, Then Himself

It's not clear if the victims were Pagans or not.

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What if we had the Elysium medical beds?

For those that missed it last summer the action flick Elysium centered around an orbital community that had these medical wonder beds that could cure even horrible cancers in just seconds. The place was just filled with them with at least one medical bed in each home being mostly unused along with hundreds of others just waiting in cargo transports. A medical technology that could heal all the people back on Earth but was being deliberately hoarded because the people on Elysium viewed the people back on Earth as a gutter class. Not really human even.

The film came on TV tonight and while watching it again it suddenly occurred to me the politics that would be involved in such a situation. The residents of Elysium with their perverse desires to deprive sick and injured people of a technology they had in overabundance is just like what we see today with the those that do everything in their power to deprive America citizens of health care.

It makes sense now. They would deprive those they think are "takers" of medical treatment even if it was instantaneous and readily available.

If Stanford Medical Center somehow were to invent something akin to an Elysium medical bed you could bet that Republicans would somehow invent a law that prevent it from from being used on anyone they don't feel is a proper "citizen."

My god, how I have grown to hate and loathe them.

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New Burzynski Petition Up...This is the big one.

Hey, all. I have been working for the last several months on a project to bring Burzynski to the attention of Congress. On the heels of last week's loosening on the ban on antineoplastons, the Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients decided that we needed to take our case directly to Congress and the FDA. We are working with a lobbyist in Washington to make sure that this happens, and we want to give them something awesome to plonk down on the representatives' desks. Please, please sign this petition. Pro-Burzynski petitions (typically featuring children dying of cancer) easily garner 100,000 signatures or more, so we really need every lover of science to step up and sign and share the petition.

Bob Blaskiewicz

Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients

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Looking for humanist/athiest/skeptic events in 2015

Hi Everyone!

I hope this is the right forum to post this in.

I'm looking to find out about any humanist, athiest, or skeptic relevant/related events that are happening on the weekends of April 10 (to the 12th) or April 17th (to the 19th) anywhere in the world (but preferably in the United States) in 2015 (next year).

Sorry for such a broad request but I figured crowd sourcing this task would be the most efficient method and I'm horrifically lazy. :D;)

Thanks in advance!

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Earth Hour tonight

I just found out, so the hype is much less intense than previous years. At least around Chicago.

Reports from all over?

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The Daily Mail views with alarm ... The 'J'-word.

The UK's viewers-with-alarm favorite newspaper views with alarm ...

Or rather engages in unseemly gloating at the BBC's embarrassment.

Case of the racist Scrabble board: BBC forced to apologise for flashing up offensive word during episode of Jonathan Creek

The Daily Mail (UK)

From the reader comments:


Have never heard that word before. I bet plenty of others are the same.Now you've publicised another word for racists to use.

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New Lunar Lunacy

Next month's total lunar eclipse will be the first of four total lunar eclipses in a row (i.e.: with no intervening partial eclipses). This is a apparently a fairly rare happening, a few times per millennium.

And... two of them are on the Jewish Passover, and two on Sukkot, so the eschatologically minded are getting involved. In particular, one John Hagee, whose end-time predictions are not rare phenomena at all. At least this time, he's confining his statements to "something will happen in the Middle East, involving Israel" but others are already betting on the end of the world.

Oh, and there are (partial) Solar eclipses around the same time.

Some thoughts of my own on the rarity of the event:

Eclipses happen in "eclipse seasons" which occur twice a year, approximately 6 months apart. Since there are at least two lunar eclipses a year, and passover always falls on the full moon, there is maybe a 1/6 chance of a given passover having an eclipse. Since Sukkot follows passover by 6 months, a passover eclipse greatly increases the chance of a sukkot eclipse. And since the eclipse season of the following year is only slightly off from the previous year, it is unremarkable that the same coincidences would occur in the next year.

The solar eclipses are absolutely unremarkable; solar eclipses always occur in eclipse season, a fortnight on either side of the lunar eclipse.

So the only coincidences here are the eclipse tetrad itself, and; given that, the 1/6 chance that it would start on passover.

What amazes me is that in 2014, eclipses are still viewed as heavenly portents of doom.

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Question about Church-Turing Thesis

I'm trying to understand the Church-Turing thesis, and it's philosophical implications, and I can't seem to figure out something from reading Wikipedia. Perhaps some of the knowledgeable people here can help?

I think that I'm referring to the Physical Church-Turing Thesis (PCTT), which I understand to mean "anything that can be physically calculated can be calculated by a Turing Machine".

Suppose you have a machine that spits out random bits, perhaps generated by a quantum-mechanical process. The output can be interpreted as the binary representation expansion of a number between 0 and 1. In the limit, this will (almost surely) approach a non-computable number. But writing out arbitrarily many digits of a non-computable number is something that no Turing machine can do. Is the explanation that:

1) this a violation of PCTT,

2) the present ignorant poster has misunderstood PCTT

3) the quantum-mechanical process isn't as random as I think?

Or something else?

Thanks for any clarification.

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Online closets don't work so well...


Over the years, CPAC has developed a reputation, as sex blogger Tony Bravo put it, “ for being one of the biggest gay hook-up destinations this side of the White Party.” The Craigslist “No Strings Attached” section, over the years, has become a convenient spot for the same people who regularly attempt to deprive the LGBT community of equal rights–to get down and dirty with some hot, steamy “discreet” M4M action!


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In case you do not recognize the acronym;

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My ex wife was assaulted

Young girls should be taught not to get into situations where some scumbag can assault them. My now ex wife was sexually assaulted by a physical instructor at a place called the Nautilus health spa near the town where she lived.

My ex was in her early 20's when she was talked into staying after hours at the spa where she exercised and when they were alone he raped her. She didn't report the assault to the police.

While I was appalled and angered by her story deep down I felt that she was old enough to know better than to be alone with a strange man. Later on I found out that she had been warned about this low life man. He was fresh with many of the female patrons whom he was not able to coax into staying after hours with him.

So why was my ex wife this stupid? How often does this happen? Why do .women like bad boys? This man was beyond bad and she had to know it.

I didn't divorce her because she was raped. I divorced her for disloyalty, spending too much money and screaming and yelling out of the clear blue sky. I also was with her for several years after she was assaulted.

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