mardi 30 septembre 2014

Why does Obama want you beheaded?

Fox News has a novel new theory: Obama wants you to be beheaded by roving gangs of Muslim Extremists. Their theory is built around the following propositions: 1) there are lots of Muslims in America wanting to behead any non-believer they can get their hands on 2) The only thing stopping them is the constant threat of an armed citizenry 3) Obama is doing whatever he can to take away all the guns from everyone.

If you accept all three of those propositions as true I guess this all makes sense that Obama is trying to assist his Muslim brothers in getting as many heads lopped off as possible. I know I just barely avoided a roving Muslim beheading gang on my way back from the AM/PM.

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Coincidences. Some of them are pretty striking.

One, that I am sure most of you have at least heard about, is the Curse of Tippecanoe. Another one, believe it or not, I discovered in 1988 (when I was still quite young;)). I call it the Mount Rushmore Coincidences:

When You count the number of letters in our four famous Presidents appearing on Mt. Rushmore in the following order, you find this astounding coincidence:

Abraham Lincoln has 14 LETTERS in it...

Thomas Jefferson has 15 LETTERS in it...

George Washington has 16 LETTERS in it...

Theodore Roosevelt has 17 LETTERS in it...

THIS SEEMS TO ALMOST "BUILD" ON THE NUMBER 13--THE NUMBER OF OUR ORIGINAL COLONIES. Also interesting, "Mount Rushmore" and "Gutzon Borglum" (the sculptor of Mt. Rushmore) have 13 LETTERS EACH.

Anyways, I have just two questions for you all: (1) Do you think it could be something else besides mere chance? And if you do, then (2) What do you think is responsible for it?


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Roman Catholic Church has a pagan roots

Roman Catholic Church (RCC) very often tries to eliminate and defame every person who expose RCC's pagan roots and that its origin is in pagan religions, not in the teaching of the Bible. In the matter of fact, RCC has mixed up Biblical and pagan doctrines. This combination makes from its anti-Christian sect and cult, which doesn't represent Biblical Christianity. RCC has systematically tried to distort evidence that shows clearly wrong doctrines of the RCC and its undisputed connections to paganism. See yourself clear connection of paganism to Catholicism. The site contains also pictorial material:*

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The Carbonaro Effect

I saw some trailers and finally an episode on TruTV.

The show is about magician Michael Carbonaro performing magic on unsuspecting people, IE; In the episode I saw he pretended to work at a sporting goods store and pulled both a bowling ball and and an inflated basketball from a cardboard box only big enough to seemingly have one in at a time.

It's a fun show and I've only spotted a small handful of suspect camera cuts.

Not sure if anyone else has seen the show or heard of it yet.

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Cassini spots mysterious Titan anomoly

Image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASI/Cornell


These three images, created from Cassini Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, show the appearance and evolution of a mysterious feature in Ligeia Mare, one of the largest hydrocarbon seas on Saturn's moon Titan. The views, taken during three different Cassini flybys of Titan, show that this feature was not visible in earlier radar images of the same region and its appearance changed between 2013 and 2014.

In the images, the dark areas represent the sea, which is thought to be composed of mostly methane and ethane. Most of the bright areas represent land surface above or just beneath the water line. The mysterious bright feature appears off the coast below center in the middle and right images.

The mystery feature had not been seen in preceding SAR observations of the region from 2007 to 2009. After its first appearance in early July 2013, it was not visible in observations by Cassini's Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer, obtained later in July and in September 2013. Low-resolution SAR images obtained in October 2013 also failed to recover the feature.

The SAR observation from Cassini's August 21, 2014 Titan flyby shows that the feature was still visible, although its appearance changed during the 11 months since it was last observed. The feature seems to have changed in size between the images from 2013 and 2014 -- doubling from about 30 square miles (about 75 square kilometers) to about 60 square miles (about 160 square kilometers).

Ongoing analyses of these data may eliminate some of the explanations previously put forward, or reveal new clues as to what is happening in Titan's seas.

The Cassini radar team is investigating possible origins for the feature, including surface waves, rising bubbles, floating solids, solids that are suspended just below the surface or perhaps something more exotic. Researchers suspect that the appearance of this feature could be related to changing seasons on Titan, as summer draws near in the moon's northern hemisphere. Monitoring such changes is a major goal for Cassini's current extended mission.

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Ebola in America

Looks like Ebola made it to the USA.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States is at a hospital in Dallas.

Sorry Texas but we have to burn you to the ground.

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Hunter shoots 5-day old baby.

I'm surprised that this one doesn't have a thread yet...

Surely part of being a responsible gun user is always being aware of what is in the line of fire, and specifically not firing towards houses that are on neighbouring properties.

It'll be interesting to see if they get charged over this.

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Tories declare war on the Daily Mail

Tories declare war on the Daily Mail

Really surprised at the speech the Home Secretary saying they will crack down on the likes of the Daily Mail:

"I want to see new civil powers to target extremists who stay within the law but still spread poisonous hatred. So both policies ‚ banning orders and extremism disruption orders ‚ will be in the next Conservative manifesto,”


So never mind due process, never mind about actually committing a crime, never mind freedom of expression, if the government doesn't like what you say even when it isn't an offence to say the things you are saying they will be able to isolate you and punish you.

Whilst I have no sympathy for the Daily Mail I do not want to see such draconian and authoritarian policies implemented even if it did result in closing down that spreader of poisonous hatred. At least some Tories have the courage to express extreme dislike for the proposals - just hope they don't express such a dislike too extremely!

Obviously any such legislation would fail any kind of constitutional test - whether at a UK level or EU level as it is nothing more than a restriction on our right to freedom of expression. UK and EU courts will make short work of her stupid proposed legislation if it ever got passed - I strongly suspect it would never be passed by both Houses. If by some terrifying manner it was passed it would be so watered down and bastardised that it would be just yet more junk legislation, doing no one but lawyers any good.

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Why did Hiroshima burn victims die after drinking water?

I've been reading up survivor accounts and there are several first hand accounts of giving a group of burn victims water and watching them drop dead immediately after drinking?

Is there a medical explanation for this? I've searched all day to no avail ? :confused::confused:

Read an account here:

And another


As the sun came back out, she watched in horror at the slow procession of burn victims leaving the city's center. Some walked by with their arms held out like zombies, trying to cool their burns. Others crawled past her, clinging to her ankles asking for water.

As a small child, she thought she was doing the right thing by giving them a drink, only to have the dehydrated victims say "thank you," then die in front of her - the result of a chemical reaction in bodies that had received massive doses of radiation.

Because burning roof tiles littered the streets, many people had to walk on the dead bodies. They didn't have a choice, Ogura said. They could only apologize to the dead.

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What is the most precise measurement ever made?

In another thread, a poster asserted that the ratio of two quantities was exactly

1 : 22,539,340,290,692,258,087,863,249

He even wrote it out " That's 22 septillion 539 sextillion 340 quintillion 290 quadrillion 692 trillion 258 billion 87 million 863 thousand 249." [I want to leave aside exactly what was being measured - for purposes of this thread assume that something supernatural or even metanatural was being measured.]

In any case, the number made me wonder how often scientists or engineers measure something to 25 significant digits?

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How would you investigate a report of a homicdal gas chamber?

From the following example of the British concentration camp during the Boer War how you go about investigating the truth or not of the following report of a homicidal gas chamber and cover up.

The British operated Springfontein concentration camp, Free State province of South Africa was one of approximately forty-four British concentration camps during the Boer War where over 26,000 women and children are understood to have been killed/died.

Let us assume for the sake of argument that Springfontein has been rumoured and claimed by descendants of the Boers to be one of a few British deliberate "death camps" (Bloemfontein, Aliwal North etc.,) where women and children were deliberately exterminated as part of a preconceived official British plan.

Let us assume that genuine written testimony of the period was recently discovered claiming to be 'eye-witness' accounts of death of far greater numbers than has been understood hitherto, and they were caused by gassings. There 10 witness statements from 3 British soldiers and 7 former prisoners (5 Boer and 2 African) who worked at the camp describing a gas chamber and how people were killed with the fumes from producer gas (high CO content). The remains were then cremated and buried/scattered in a remote part of the camp. The gas chambers were then razed to the ground and later tarmacked over when a monument was built to the dead.

What evidence would YOU require to be convinced there has been a cover-up and that 50,000 and 70,000 Boers were deliberately gassed to death, along with 2,000 of their black African servants" in this camp which later was allegedly destroyed to "hide the evidence of this British crime"?

There is also an issue with the local people who are not happy about the area where the remains are being dug up in a large scale excavation. It would be seen as very disrespectful to the dead.

In other words, what would do to investigate to see if the reported crime is true or not?

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Windows 10

Today Microsoft revealed its new operating system, Windows 10.

As originally rumored, the Start Menu is back in (live-ified), the Charms bar is out, apps will be windowed, and there's a few other nifty improvements as well, such as multiple desktops and a task switch button on the task bar (no need to hold Alt+Tab anymore, although I imagine you could probably do that if you still wanted).

The technical preview is going to be released tomorrow - it'll be an incomplete version, with periodic improvement downloads. A server edition preview will come later, and a consumer preview will likely be released sometime early next year.

YouTube Video This video is not hosted by the JREF. The JREF can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website.

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South wins another battle in the civil war today.

Yep, the 5 catholics restrict early voting in Ohio. At the last minute, in a fashion that means even if they reverse their decision, it doesn't matter.

And note, partisan lines, the same lines that put religion before the constitution.

Another victory for the rich old white man, and another nail in the coffin of the USA.

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John Oliver goes to far. Attacks Ayn Rand

John Oliver attacks my User Name sake. This is something I will not stand for. I'm starting a campaign and urging all fair minded people to join me.

John Oliver presents: The enduring influence of Ayn Rand, ‘selfish *******’ (video)

Please boycott John Oliver and make a *tax deductible contribution to me. If not you then who? If not now then when? Please remember the children. If even a single upper society teenager can escape the tyranny of bleeding heart liberals then it will have been worth it. I thank you, John Galt thanks you.

*Tax deduction status not guranteed. Offer subject to change. No refunds. Consult your accountant before you deduct any contributions.

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Democracy protests in Hong Kong

It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Seems to be about how Beijing hand-picks candidates which the people may then vote for. Of course, that's not any kind of real democracy. Not much better than "democracy" in Iran, where the eligible candidates are pre-approved by some body of clerics and the Supreme Leader retains all real power in any case.

Hong Kong leader tells pro-democracy protesters to stop campaign 'immediately' after demonstrators set deadline


Hong Kong's chief executive urged pro-democracy protesters to stop their campaign "immediately" Tuesday after demonstrators gave the Chinese government a Wednesday deadline to meet their demands for political reforms.

Leung Chun-ying said that Beijing would not reverse its earlier decision to hand-pick eligible candidates to lead the former British colony, which only became part of China in 1997.

"I don’t believe that the continued use of illegal activities will compel the Chinese government to reverse the…ruling by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee," said Leung, who also rejected calls from the protesters to step down, saying "Any personnel change before the implementation of universal suffrage is achieved would only allow Hong Kong to continue to pick its leader under the Election Committee model."

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lundi 29 septembre 2014

The True Threat of ISIS

Daily, if not more often, we are being told how dangerous IS is and how big a threat it is to us.

I am left wondering... How?

While IS has a small army, it has a maybe 50 thousand men at best. Surrounding it, to the south it has Saudi Arabia with 150,000 active troops, and US backing. To the north it has Turkey with over half a million active troops, and another half a million in reserve, plus NATO backing. To the west it has Lebanon over (130,000 active, nearly 400k reserve plus with up to another 65k with Hezbollah joining in as they are already fighting IS), Jordan (110k active, 65 reserve) and Israel (175k active, nearly 500k reserve). To the East they have Iran (550,000 active troops, over 2 million reserve.)

So let's say that ISIS did take over all of Iraq and Syria (highly unlikely) what could they actually do then? They still wouldn't even have the numbers or resources to invade their stable neighbours, let alone the numbers and resources required to invade any western country.

Based on that, the likelihood of IS being a direct threat to any Western Country by direct invasion would be pretty close to zero.

So that leaves the possibility of small terrorist type strikes. While devastating to families that lose loved ones this one, in the 13 years since 9/11 there is exactly zero evidence that such tactics, even one that killed nearly 3000 people, has not had any major long term effect in destabilizing or toppling the western world.

Based on this, the over all threat to the Western World to terrorism strikes is again zero (note here this is the threat level to the existence western world as an entity not that there is zero chance of being killed or hurt in a terrorist attack against the west, rather that such an attack would have no overall effect on the continued existence of the Western World.)

Given this, I have to ask the question. Exactly what threat is IS to the Western World's existence and to our freedoms?

Feel free to answer why you voted as you did below.

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Another politician hires idiots

Gordon Ball a Dem running for Senator in Tennessee has massive plagiarism on his website. This isn't some small town board of ed election with no resources. You would think that in this day and age the first commandment of any campaign above dog catcher would be "Thou shalt not plagarize, borrow or quote without attrition or thouest will be screwethed."

You are going to get caught.

Don't do it or you'll spend your entire campaign trying to explain that it was an honest mistake and than no you're not a liar or thief. The truth is that this stuff has been going on forever, but until recently it wasn't that easy to catch and no one looked into every campaign like they do now.

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Women With Children: How Big A Deal Was Pregnancy

Obviously, this plays into the abortion rights arguments, but as a man this is something I don't think I know much about.

For our mothers here, how would you describe your pregnancy? A minor imposition? A huge imposition? Painful? Brief? Unpleasant? Degrading? Anyhting else?

Did you feel like you had lost control over your own body? Did you feel you had lost control over your identity?

Watching my wife do it twice, pregnancy looked horrifying. Her moods weren't under her control. She experienced leg, hip and back pain. She couldn't eat or drink much with. Sleeping became difficult.

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Right wing paranoids in Oklahoma back in 2010

Remember this story?

Sharia law in Oklahoma

Daily Kos Wed Oct 06, 2010


... Oklahoma politics play so heavy on fear. Paranoia controls many who just follow like sheep. Annie get your gun, the Muslims are coming. The president was not born in the United States and he is not Christian. The republicans are counting on poor rural people in this state to be totally uneducated with no mind of their own. ...


'SHARIA LAW IS COMING!!!!': Oklahoma beheading suspect posted photos of decapitation, wrote U.S. is 'going into flames' on Facebook

New York Daily News

First major Muslim beheading incident in the USA.


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Did US make up Khorasan threat?



As the Obama administration prepared to bomb Syria without Congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U.N. approval.

The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded “The Khorasan Group.” After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat – too radical even for Al Qaeda! – administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore.

Khorasan: The group that isn't


This piqued my interest. In 14 years of covering this region this was a new name for me. ... I began to make some calls to contacts across the Middle East and South Asia. To say I drew a blank would be an understatement. Reactions ranged from a hearty laugh to confusion. The name was new.

In Pakistan I spoke to Ahmed, not his real name, and asked him who the group was. Ahmed is an occasional blogger and activist who openly supports ISIL. He is a veteran of Jihad in Afghanistan and resides in Rawalpindi, surrounded by pamphlets urging Muslims to rise up against the West. "Khorasan? I don't know that name. I don't know who they are."

If it's fake, it's elaborate:

Khorasan leader’s death suggested in militant tweets

And it seemed like the Khorasan bombing was a sideline in the US bombing of Syria, but there may have been some reason to gin up the direct threat to the US.

I'm curious what other people think of this CT claim.

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15 obscure words

YouTube Video This video is not hosted by the JREF. The JREF can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website.

As is the case with most YouTube videos, you have to ignore the boring preamble, but there's some good words here and I thought people might be interested in seeing how many they know before being told the definition.

I knew 6:

Tittle - I'm not sure why, but I knew this.

Frisson - is this one obscure? I thought it was pretty common. And, like Tittle, I'm finding that I don't have to add it to my browser's dictionary for it not to be underlined in red.

Petrichor - it's in a couple of episodes of Doctor Who. And Rhet and Link joke about it being a cologne, but it's actually the name of a perfume line that Amy Pond launches. Who said Doctor Who wasn't educational any more?

Interrobang - again, I didn't think this was particularly obscure.

Philtrum - there was an advert back when the internet was new which consisted of a bunch of people in an amphitheatre answering questions from various people, and one of them was a little girl asking what the groove in your lip was called and a doctor replying "philtrum. We call this your philtrum".

Mondegreen - and, once more, I didn't think this was obscure.

There were a couple I could partially work out - Parestesia was obviously a sensation of some kind, but "pare" threw me and I wondered if it was a prickling sensation with no apparent cause, like the feeling of being watched.

Dysania was obviously a malady of some kind, but I had no idea what.

Phosphene was obviously something to do with light, but I got no more than that from it.

How about you?

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Syria - One big joke

A few days ago there was post of Israelis shooting down an Syrian bomber that was only .5miles s in its airspace and conducting a mission to bomb syrian rebel factions close to the israeli border. US and Israel knew this, yet israel shot down the bomber.

Today we learn that the US is now ordering a no-fly zone from assad's forces in their own country.


Pentagon: US Considers ‘No-Fly’ Zone Against Assad in Syria

Posted By Jason Ditz On September 26, 2014 @ 8:09 pm In News | 4 Comments

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey say that the US is still considering the possibility of establishing a “no-fly zone” over northeastern Syria to deny the Syrian military the ability to launch airstrikes against the rebels therein.

The idea is particularly puzzling in the northeast, since the US and its allies have been bombing ISIS targets in the exact same region. Since the US air war began, the Assad military has shifted its focus to the northwest, where other rebel factions are, allowing the US to do its dirty work for them.

Gen. Dempsey also said that they are considering the Turkish proposal for a “buffer zone” carved out of northern Syria to house refugees. Turkey has sought the zone as a way to get rid of the 1.3 million refugees they’ve been saddled with, while waiting for some regime change to happen in Syria.

That such schemes are even under consideration suggests that the Obama Administration haven’t given up on the idea of expanding their new ISIS war to include Syria’s government as well, even though they’re fighting ISIS as well.

Looks like the US pivot from ISIS to Assad was quicker and with no pretenses involved at all, quicker than I expected.

We also find out that the US has made up this Khoreasan talk on the ground.

Reporters on the ground says Syrians know of no such organization at all, what the US actually bombed was AQS or Al-Nusra Front


Khorasan: Syrian Factions Never Heard of It

Posted By Jason Ditz On September 26, 2014 @ 6:12 pm In News | 6 Comments

Since the US began its airstrikes against Syria, the name Khorasan has been on everyone’s lips since, along with ISIS, they’ve become a top target.

It’s puzzling for people in Syria, especially those affiliated with the rebellion, because none of them have ever heard of any such faction. Indeed, the evidence is increasingly that the US made it up.

“The name is clearly US-originated,” noted analyst Pieter van Ostaeyen, who says that the name had never been mentioned by any jihadist movements until the US started talking them up.

Rather, what is being referred to by the administration as Khorasan is simply al-Qaeda. When the US attacks “Khorasan” they’re really attacking Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syria group, and don’t want to admit it because the “moderate” rebels are all closely allied with al-Qaeda. But they aren’t allied with Khorasan because there is no such thing.

The name is also a political convenience, so that when the TSA says the “Khorasan” is a threat to US flights, what they’re really saying is that al-Qaeda is a threat to US flights, hardly news, but a damning admission that 13 years of focusing on al-Qaeda in a global war hasn’t amounted to a hill of beans, and the threat is still there.

They don’t want to admit that, so instead they invented the fiction of Khorasan to cover up the truth.

So think about this. The US government and the West say they are going to Syria and back to Iraq to destroy ISIS.

To that end they bomb Al-Nusra or AQS a group that previously was at war against ISIS (Syria: al-Nusra Front declares war on ISIS - and at the best cause simply has agreed to not attack them first, instead of actual ISIS strong holds.

Also what has been the local response to the US lead bombing?


US Strikes Boost ISIS Recruitment in Syria’s Aleppo

Posted By Jason Ditz On September 26, 2014 @ 6:39 pm In News | No Comments

Syrian rebels say that the US airstrikes on ISIS inside Syria haven’t helped them. If you’re wondering who is benefiting, the answer could well be ISIS.

Since President Obama announced his intention to strike Syria on September 10, ISIS has gained more than 200 new fighters in Aleppo Province alone. That’s likely a drop in the bucket compared to what it did for recruitment in provinces where they have a larger presence.

The US couldn’t be following the ISIS map more closely if they planned it, as the group is building itself up into a larger and more influential faction primarily on the credibility it gets from being a top US enemy right now, moreso than the territory it gained in the past year.

The administration’s answer to ISIS growing increasingly influential has been to hype them even further, and present them as a new, global enemy that needs to be wiped out through force of arms. Unsurprisingly, that has made many of the people in the line of fire of America’s newest war stand up and take notice, and is bringing a lot of them to ISIS, where they can resist the incoming US attacks on their homes.

US presence has aided ISIS.


I'm convinced ISIS was nothing but a backdoor into Syria to take out Assad more than ever now.

In Iraq they've found their bombing has been utterly ineffective, in Syria they are bombing ISIS and thinking of more ways to combat Assad than ISIS.

The people on the end ISIS bandwagon have been duped.

ISIS is the new yellow cake.

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dimanche 28 septembre 2014

Has anyone else thought of fighting an ancient war with modern weapons?

Am I the only one how has ever fantasized about showing up at an ancient battlefield and just mowing down an ancient army with modern weapons?

You know maybe just standing between Genghis Khan and his invading force and one of the... I'm sure 100's of small communities he destroyed... with my own small army of 300 men armed to the teeth with modern weaponry.

Or just obliterating a Phalanx formation with the best automatic weapons out there (I'm not a gun nut, I can't name one)?

I never involve horses in my scenarios... cause I don't want to kill the horses.

Anyone else?

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Corruption: Time for Jail Terms?

Be interesting to see how this plays out, or if the money will be able to bury the corruption like it did until 2008. Alternatively, will SCOTUS find a way to bury the corruption?

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No true Muslim?

I have encountered repeatedly assertions or insinuations that Muslims who are terrorists "aren't real Muslims". How is this ascertained? Are Al-Qaeda "real" Muslims? Are ISIS "real" Muslims? Are Boko Haram "real" Muslims? Who decides this? Is there an Islamic pope somewhere who decides it, or does the Western establishment/mass media decide it?

Cpl Ferro

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Firing all atheists who work for the government?

Well, Mike Hukabee wants them to come for all unbelievers, apparently.

This kind of politics (and yes, I think it's purely politics) is a classic example of picking on a minority in order to gain power. There is a strong historical similarity between what he's doing and things that have happened before in history, here.


When we register people to vote, when we get them to the polls to vote, when we hire the people that will take our values to this city, and when we fire the ones who refuse to hear not only our hearts, but God’s heart.

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Split the USA along Conservative/Progressive lines?

It seems the USA has reached a truly epic impass. Extremist Conservatives refuse to let anything happen unless their demands are met, and Moderate Conservatives are afraid to put them in line, out of fear of losing their seats at home.

Congress can't pass a budget, legislation can't get passed, nominations can't move forward.

Is it time to let the Conservative states, such as Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, form their own Conservative-leaning nation?

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Ghost recorded at New Mexico prison

I call bs. You can see what looks like persons standing still on the left side of the screen. I think this is just some sort of night vision camera and the LEs involved are trying to get famous for something they know is bogus.

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Brett Bailey's Exhibit B

Anyone seen the exhibition?

Seems to have kindled a lively debate about censorship, artistic freedom and what is racism.

Some people need to find a real problem to protest about.

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New republican campaign - #IAmARepublican - is a comedic mess

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The right to be forgotten

I mentioned elsewhere there's been a vigorous discussion between myself and the admin team over a policy issue.

The issue is over whether a member request to delete (or otherwise edit) a post/thread will be granted or not.

The admin teams starting point (correct me if I'm wrong guys) is -

"no, unless there's been a violation of the rules".

In other major social media (Facebook, Google, Disqus, Twitter) etc, the author of a post is able to delete it at any time. If it's a thread on Facebook for example, this deletes others replies.

My starting point is a little stronger -

"yes, on a case by case basis, unless it damages the integrity of the forum or significantly affects other posts"

Now, that requires some subjective judgement in moderating, which is an issue in itself . However, and perhaps more importantly is what in Europe is called "The right to be forgotten", an aspect of EU Data Protection Laws (DPL).

Under DPL there are strict rules on handling "personal data" and it includes the option for individuals to request a "data controller" to delete "personal data" (that can be linked to an individual), particularly if it is of a sensitive nature (eg regarding health, sex, politics etc).

As an EU company it is my view that we are required by law to delete (or edit as necessary) posts on request if they contain sensitive personal data.

It's extremely clear to me in the law (as in I believe there is zero doubt at all about this) however the admin team disagrees, so i'll likely have to pay for the official legal advice just to prove I'm right :D

In the meantime, what's the communities view on editing/removal of past posts?

A blanket ban?

Ok sometimes - and if so, when?

Does the policy explicitly need to be in the T&C?

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samedi 27 septembre 2014

Obama Birthers Redux!

The claim making rounds on FB is that there is evidence that Michelle didn't give birth to Malia & Sasha.

The evidence? There are no pictures of the early years of their lives, there is no notice of them on ancestry websites, & no one... NO ONE I SAY!!!!... has come forward to say they've seen a pic of Michelle pregnant...

ODS at its highest...

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Police Officer Shot in Ferguson

A female. Still alive.

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The Contract on America - redux

Just goes to show how completely the "Contract" was "on" rather than "with".

Lies, lies, and **** lies, and nothing more or less than a way to hand power over to the would-be overlords.

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Winows Tech Security calling. Something is wrong with your computer

Good afternoon.

I assume I'm not the only person to get these calls. I haven't received one in years but in the past month I have received several. It goes something like this...

Caller : Good afternoon sir. I'm calling from Windows Tech department. Your computer has been sending us error messages over the Internet. You seem to have malicious software installed on your machine and it could be causing damage to you hard drive.

Then they offer to help fix your problem but they will need access to your machine.

I would like to think most people just hang up, but I guess they get enough people who let them in. My sister almost did the other day. I overheard her on the phone and took over. I like to waste as much time as I can with them. (Just like 419 emails)

Yesterday I had a call go on for well over an hour. So farI have never had one verify I have a Windows box in the house until I mess with them. I admit I lead them on and sound very excited that they called and if they can check my computer maybe they can check out the computers at my company. I tell them I have hundreds of computers.

I was wondering what is the end game in this? Are they stealing information?

Planting virus? What's up?

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Doug Lamborn: Our generals should resign and not take orders from Obama

In what can only be described as the greatest act of sedition patriotism in the history of the nation congressman Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) wants our military generals to resign in protest rather than follow orders from their Commander In Chief.


“A lot of us are talking to the generals behind the scenes, saying, ‘Hey, if you disagree with the policy that the White House has given you, let’s have a resignation,’” Lamborn said Tuesday, adding that if generals resigned en masse in protest of President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy, they would “go out in a blaze of glory.”


But military generals are unlikely to heed Lamborn's call to resign. When Gen. David Petraeus, then the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, openly criticized the administration's policies there, the White House reacted strongly, and some suggested Petraeus should resign. Petraeus decided against it, saying a resignation would hurt American interests. "Our troopers don't get to quit, and I don't think commanders should contemplate that, again, as any kind of idle action," Petraeus said.

I'd be interested to know if Doug Lamborn served in the military himself.

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vendredi 26 septembre 2014

Ebola virus is made by the pharma co.'s and US DoD

Latest from Derek Lowe in Pipeline:

Basically a Liberian born Professor Cyril Broderick of Delaware State has communicated to Liberians that the Ebola virus is being manufactured/was developed by US Pharmaceutical companies with the Department of Defense's help - and the volunteer physicians and other helpers are actually trying to infect people there.

As Derek says, Conspiracy theories are chewtoys for half wits. I basically agree but feel the terms lackwits and foul pieces of santorum are more in the correct range. Derek is nicer than I, though.

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Animals Behaving like Animals

For Shame!

Donkeys reunited after sex scandal


Two donkeys, Napoleon and Antosia, were reunited at a Polish zoo yesterday after being separated for a week. The pair have been together for about ten years and have had six colts together, but were split up after some mothers were upset at the display of them getting some ass in front of their own children. Apparently the mothers had a problem with animals mating, despite the fact that that’s how they (presumably) became mothers in the first place


Adam Hoffman, a spokesman for the conservative Law and Justice Party . . . . . , said only “It’s a level of absurdity … that has been crossed to such an extent that I don’t even want to read or know about this.”

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Another example of 'Christian' love

Note: That's quotes of contempt in the title. While I think this is as political as well as religious, I'll put it here.


Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion.

Amazing love, that.

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Seth McFarland

So... I get all the references; I really enjoy the sound of his voice; I appreciate the fact that he speaks German, sings well, and can write in a variety of media, but I simply do not like Seth McFarland's work.

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Coding Question - Refresh?

I have a question and wonder if somebody knows a code which will do this

I would like it so that pages on my website will refresh each time somebody visits them instead of being cached?

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QEDCon 2015

Tickets for next year's QEDCon, April 24th-26th 2015, go on sale on Monday. It usually takes a while to sell out, but if you want to go to the Gala Dinner on the Saturday night you'll have to be quick.

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Mayor of NYC drops groundhog

No, that's not a metaphor. It seems hizzoner Bill de Blasio was participating in a Groundhog Day ceremony on Staten Island when the rodent escaped his grip and hit the ground hard. Said groundhog did not survive. The zoo did not inform the mayor office that the groundhog had died.

And of course rational citizens are rallying around this incident asking that de Blasio be impeached.

It should be noted that in 2009 a Groundhog bit then Mayor Bloomberg. Perhaps NYC mayors should just skip the Groundhog day festivities for the benefit of all involved.

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Woman beheaded in Oklahoma

Woman beheaded in Oklahoma


A man suspected of beheading a woman and stabbing another at an Oklahoma workplace had recently been fired, police said Friday.

Alton Alexander Nolen, 30, was terminated from his job at Vaughan Foods just before the rampage Thursday afternoon in Moore, Oklahoma, said Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department.

Nolen recently had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam, Lewis said, citing investigators' interviews with witnesses. Moore police have asked the FBI to help investigate the man's background, Lewis said.

Earlier Friday, U.S. law enforcement officials said there were no indications of a link to terrorism.

Nolen was shot by Vaughan's COO and is expected to recover.

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Chemotherapy for fun and profit - Occasional deaths not withstanding


U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade will seek life in prison for what she called “the most egregious” health care fraud case she has ever seen. McQuade said that in addition to insurance fraud, which involved a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme from 2009 until the present, Fata also harmed, and in some cased subsequently killed, his patients with dangerous chemotherapy drugs they did not need. According to government records, Fata’s medical practice included 1,200 patients.

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Attorney General Eric Holder Resigns

It was getting a little embarrassing that USA Politics didn't have a thread on this, so ... here it is. This article sums up my view of Holder:


For these reasons and many others, a former career lawyer who served in the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations told us that, in his opinion, “Holder is the worst person to hold the position of Attorney General since the disgraced John Mitchell, who went to jail as a result of the Watergate scandal.” This is quite a criticism given that many DOJ veterans believe that the Department reached its nadir under Mitchell.

As many of you may remember, Eric Holder started out with a bit of a cloud over his head because of his role in Clinton's controversial pardon of Marc Rich. That didn't bother me terribly much, since I figured it was evidence of simple corruption and not partisan corruption. I worried far more about the Attorney General being a partisan hack than being just another unethical lawyer who had curried favor with rich people for the sake of advancing his career. After all, once you're Attorney General, you're so powerful you don't need to do favors for rich people anymore. Much to my surprise, unfortunately, Eric Holder turned out to be a highly partisan ideologue. I'm glad to see him go, finally.

I realize this isn't the usual kind of thing we discuss here in USA Politics, so feel free to derail to the mechanics of saluting in the US military, or being outraged at the latest conservative criticism of an Obama faux pas.

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moslims against IS

This is an open letter to baghdadi from many moslims in the world against IS.

I think it's a good sign. I think that many moslims need to know this.

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Neolithic technology rocks!


Armenian Stone Age Artefacts Show Human Technological Innovation 325,000 Years Ago

Stone Age artefacts discovered at a site in Armenia have shown how innovative humans were in terms of technological development 325,000 years ago.

Published in the journal Science, researchers studied thousands of stone artefacts from the Nor Geghi 1 site in Armenia. The area is unique as it has been preserved between two lava flows dating from 200,000 to 400,000 years.

The archaeological material was found in layers of floodplain sediments and ancient soil between the lava flows.

Analysis of the artefacts, by researchers at the University of Connecticut, showed that human technological innovation occurred intermittently throughout the Old World, rather than spreading from a single origin.

Their finding challenges long held theories of how human technology developed – that it spread as human populations moved. Experts thought more advanced technology was invented in Africa and spread to Eurasia replacing older tools in the process.

Researchers found two types of technology at the site. Biface technology, such as hand axes, is associated with the Lower Paleolithic era, while the more advanced Levallois technology, a stone tool production method, is thought to have come from the Middle Stone Age in Africa and the Middle Paleolithic in Eurasia.

The tools found suggest simultaneous use of both biface and Levallois technology – a surprising discovery


There would be some questions about the course of events I suspect.

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jeudi 25 septembre 2014

In the Line of Duty

We have lots of threads about how terrible the police in the US are, perhaps it's time to look at it from the other side of the fence and see if there is a reason that some officers are a little quick with the trigger.


September, 2014

Deputy Sheriff Michael Norris

Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

Monday, September 15, 2014

Deputy Sheriff Michael Norris succumbed to a gunshot he suffered two days earlier when he and another deputy responded to a call of an armed suicidal man at a home in the 100 block of Haley Lane, in Juliette, at approximately 5:45 pm.

Read more:

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Corporal Bryon Keith Dickson, II

Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania

Friday, September 12, 2014

Corporal Bryon Dickson was shot and killed from ambush at the Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County, at approximately 11:00 pm.

He had just walked out of the front door of the barracks when he was struck by a .308 caliber rifle shot. A dispatcher who was inside of the barracks attempted to pull him into the building but also came under fire and had to retreat back into the building.

Read more:

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Deputy Sheriff Joseph Matuskovic

Charleston County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina

Monday, September 8, 2014

Deputy Sheriff Joe Matuskovic was shot and killed as he and several other deputies responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex at the intersection of Ashley River Road and Carriage Lane.

Read more:

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Corporal Jason E. Harwood

Topeka Police Department, Kansas

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Corporal Jason Harwood was shot and killed while making a traffic stop in the 3200 block of SE Sixth Avenue at approximately 4:45 pm.

Read more:

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Patrolman II Nickolaus E. Schultz

Merrillville Police Department, Indiana

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Patrolman Nickolaus Schultz succumbed to gunshot wounds sustained two days earlier while investigating reports of an evicted tenant moving back in to his condominium on the 8200 block of Lincoln Circle. The subject was wearing body armor and ambushed responding officers, striking Patrolman Schultz in the head.

Read more:

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Police Officer Daryl Pierson

Rochester Police Department, New York

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Police Officer Daryl Pierson was shot and killed near the intersection of Hudson Avenue and Warsaw Street while involved in a foot pursuit of a suspect following a traffic stop.

Read more:

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Gays "Deserve the Death Penalty"

This is different than the Taliban in POLICY by how much?

The only difference is that in the USA, they are not YET allowed to carry out their wishes.

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Dr. Anna S.Zentsova, expert in Astrophysics and Cosmology

I have met on Social Media a claimant named Dr. Anna Zentsova-Vanneson, a Russian who has moved to the US and now works, according to her, as a "Professor of Mathematics at Pierce Collage, Washington the USA"

(NB All quoted text is directly copied and pasted from Anna's Twitter account)

Anna's Twitter account:

Anna has a complex claim.

Her website is:

Now this website has a great deal of, in my opinion, random generic stuff about consciousness, spirituality etc. Clearly most of the content is untestable.

I have invited Anna to join this forum to discuss her claims so I would ask regular members to be polite and stick to specific claims.

Anna's specific claims

Anna's claim is rather complex, involving a belief she can directly communicate with God, who has apparently chosen Russia as His preferred country to advance humanity.

She has further claims.

She was "tested at the Institute of Human Brain in Russia about my ability to test Health of a person!"

(I am not familiar with this institute and, although I have asked for links to the results, have not yet received any.)

Some specific claims by Anna:

"I can give to you one important prediction: "A divine Monarchy will be establish in Russia in 2015". I am sure about that!"

"I know that a great volcano in Yellowstonenational Park will erupt in 2015. There are many manifestation that it waked up!"

"I am able to receive information about a person being on a great distance from he/she using only his/her name!Health"

"I can get information about a person whom I never seen, who is on a huge distance.I need only his name"

On further questioning she clarified:

"1.I'm able to get information about a person being on a huge distance from him:health,"

"level of his intellect,spirituality,previous reincarnation which determine his typical interests and motivation! Mostly health!"

This one I find particularly interesting:

"WE HAVE VERY SPECIAL TIME NOW! QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION will come soon, in the beginning of 2015."

"Please try to understand that God appealed to us for 3 reasons:1.Quantum Transformation in which majority of people will die!"

"2.For several thousands years life on Earth was determined by the Evil( He is His best pupil) who spoiled people's life on Earth"

"Russian people helped God's Effort in His Competition with Evil's Team. 3.God is informing the Russians HOW TO BUILD MONARCHY!"

(This appears to me to be a prediction that the majority of the world will die in early 2015. I have asked for clarification.)

Anna has stated:

"I am absolutely OPEN FOR ALL POSSIBLE EXPERIMENTS AND TESTS which could be arrange with this goal!!!"

Now normally I might dismiss the above for the usual reasons, but this is someone who has just started as a tutor (or apparently a Professor) at a college in the US.

She has a profile on the Pierce website (as a tutor but apparently this is due to being very new and only just having started there).

Anna claims "I have done research in Cosmology for 29 years!" and to have studied Quantum Mechanics and Astrophysics.

I have invited Anna to join this thread to discuss her claims.

It seems she is open to testing so it would be interesting to propose potential protocols.

(As you can see from her Twitter feed, she has contacted most major news outlets so I am assuming she is interested in having this discussed and tested quite openly)

Apparently she had an unpleasant experience when last she discussed such claims on LinkedIn so I am hoping we can prove to be better than LinkedIn. :)

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9/11 'predictive programming' in Back to the Future

Some truthers have been predictably taken in by what (I'm almost certain) is a satirical video on the bonkers 'predictive programming' conspiracy theories.

They've fallen for it on the DI forum anyway (no surprise I suppose) and some of the comments below the vid are as hilarious as they are sad.

It's actually rather beautifully put together, so I thought I'd post it here.

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White SC Trooper shoots unarmed black motorist

An unarmed man shot by a South Carolina trooper during a traffic stop repeated one question through his anguished cries as he lay wounded, waiting for an ambulance: "Why did you shoot me?"

Levar Jones' painful groans and then-Trooper Sean Groubert's reply — "Well you dove head first back into your car" — were captured by a dashboard camera in the trooper's car.

Groubert had stopped Jones on a seatbelt violation at a Columbia gas station and fired the shots moments after asking Jones for his license.

Later on the recording, Jones said he was just reaching into his vehicle for his identification after the trooper pulled up without his siren on. What appears to be his wallet can be seen flying through the air as Groubert fires four shots within seconds after confronting Jones.

Groubert's lawyer, Barney Giese, said the shooting was justified because the trooper feared for his life and the safety of others. But prosecutors and Groubert's boss disagreed.

The 31-year-old officer was charged with felony assault and fired less than three weeks after the Sept. 4 traffic stop.

At least we can all agree this officer is a **********, right ?

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Re-stenosis after endarterectomy

Googling this seems to show that the percentage of re-stenosis is quite low. Does anyone have any ideas on this? My risk factors are low I think and I try to eat sensibly, but I just wondered how likely it might be for re-stenosis to occur at my age (78).

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when paranormal is true, it's nature. So the paranormal never exists for a scientist.

There is some logic fallacy here:

When someone says: this is paranormal.

And scientists find some spooky "evidence" for the paranormal, it's not paranormal anymore. It becomes part of science and it's part of nature.

The spooky interaction between electrons at a distance or entanglement is part of nature. It's not been called 'paranormal'. But it is by defintion 'paranormal'.

So, scientists have some logic defencemechanism against the paranormal.

When it's been proven, it becomes part of science and it's been called normal instead of paranormal.

So, something is paranormal till it's been proven.

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ISIS taking Chinese oilfields in Iraq?

So, after the recent Iraq war, the Chinese invested a lot of money and get a lot of the Iraqi oil. Does this mean that ISIS has taken over Chinese-run oilfields and that the Chinese are annoyed with the situation? It seems as if the Chinese have ample motivation to invade to get their oil back. Is keeping China out of the area that one of the reasons we are going whole-hog against ISIS?

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Today's Republican Outrage - Obama Mentions Ferguson at UN


The president's mention of the summertime racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, during a speech at the United Nations on Wednesday drew criticism from conservatives, who charged that Obama was resuming the "apology tour" that they saw during his first months in office.

"I was stunned," said former Vice President Dick Cheney, the erstwhile Obama critic, on Fox News.


On the same Fox program, Sean Hannity said Obama was "again apologizing for America on the world stage."

Elsewhere on the conservative network, Charles Krauthammer echoed the sentiment.

"This is a continuation of the apology tour, or the confession tour," he said, in a reference to Obama's first famous speech to the Muslim world in Cairo in 2009, when he said the U.S. had acted "contrary to our ideals" in the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001.

From here

Time for all good Republicans at JREF to step up and join the chorus of *********** morons on Fox news and whine that Obama said something happened in the U.S. that wasn't necessarily good.

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A Summation question

OK, with a summation of the form (say)

sum_(n mod 5) x^5n

then I get 1 + x^5 + x^10 + x^15 + x^20

but does this sum mean I am now actually in mod 5? So I could then cancel it down to 5 ? My initial thoughts would be that the mod only applies to substituted values - but it would be useful it did work... :)

Anyone clarify this?


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mercredi 24 septembre 2014

National Parks - Must Pay for Themselves now?

I quote the following regulation from


Still photography using models (anybody intentionally posing for the camera), sets or props

Yep, when you tell your kids to turn around so you can take their photograph, you're committing a federal crime.

This all comes about from a brew of the anti-deficiency act and the requirement placed on parks to self-fund some uses.

Note, there's no "commercial" in there, and there is no extraction from context. The words are plain, clear, and directly quoted.

We all know when this started, and now the Forest Service is proposing to fine people $1000/frame for commercial photography unless they get a permit that costs a lot of money.

You can see that at:

Now, this is for commercial use only, but it amounts to making published photography of, say, illegal logging, a crime in and of itself unless somebody wanted to give you a permit for that. The article argues that a permit costs $1500. I don't have any solid backup for that, and I'm a bit suspicious. That would be commensurate with seriously intrusive permits involving many people from other venues, which is not so abusive. It is abusive for one person on a public trail.

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Is Michael Shermer becoming a believer??


Anomalous Events That Can Shake One’s Skepticism to the Core

I just witnessed an event so mysterious that it shook my skepticism

Sep 16, 2014 |By Michael Shermer

Credit: Izhar Cohen

Often I am asked if I have ever encountered something that I could not explain. What my interlocutors have in mind are not bewildering enigmas such as consciousness or U.S. foreign policy but anomalous and mystifying events that suggest the existence of the paranormal or supernatural. My answer is: yes, now I have.

The event took place on June 25, 2014. On that day I married Jennifer Graf, from Köln, Germany. She had been raised by her mom; her grandfather, Walter, was the closest father figure she had growing up, but he died when she was 16. In shipping her belongings to my home before the wedding, most of the boxes were damaged and several precious heirlooms lost, including her grandfather's binoculars. His 1978 Philips 070 transistor radio arrived safely, so I set out to bring it back to life after decades of muteness. I put in new batteries and opened it up to see if there were any loose connections to solder. I even tried “percussive maintenance,” said to work on such devices—smacking it sharply against a hard surface. Silence. We gave up and put it at the back of a desk drawer in our bedroom.

Taken from:

More info:

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The Origin of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language that the laws of nature are written in. Its symbols are human but I do not think that it itself is. I think that it was discovered rather than invented. I cannot prove this so do not regard it as fact. But I have constructed a thought experiment to determine the validity of my hypothesis : imagine complex life else where in the Universe with the cognitive capability and natural curiosity of human beings. Would it be possible for it too to discover the laws of nature through mathematics ? The answer would logically be yes. So I am interested in what others think of this and especially mathematicians and particularly Platonists if there are any here. And whatever you do think can the question actually be definitively answered or is just one of those which ultimately cannot be proven or disproven either way. So your thoughts please

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Understanding acceleration

Helping my daughter with her 7th grade physical science homework, we encountered a fairly straightforward word problem:
A 70kg adult and a 35 kg child push against each other, each exerting 9.5N. Assuming no friction, describe the acceleration felt by each person.

The calculations are straightforward.

a1 = 70/9.5 = ~7.4 m/sec2

a2 = 35/9.5 = ~3.7 m/sec2

Obviously the teacher is trying to illustrate that for a given force, acceleration increases as a product of mass.

That's where the question ends, right? When describing " the acceleration felt by each person" I would not subtract the opposing force of the child to describe the adult's acceleration as 3.7 m/s2 in one direction and the child's as the same in another. That's is, the " acceleration felt by each person" includes that part which is overcoming an opposite force?

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anti-atheist hatemongering

I can't really decide if this belongs in religion or in politics. This is the illegitimate child of the two.

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Woman blamed for her own rape


The 24-year-old typist ....was choked unconscious and raped for 27 minutes by inmate Omar Best, who had been convicted three times previously of sex-related crimes, ...

"Despite this knowledge, defendants ... still allowed Omar Best to have unsupervised access to the offices of female employees," according to the lawsuit, which also blames the state for the rape.

In fact, the lawsuit says that the prison superintendent actually moved the clerk offices from a secure floor where there was no inmate contact to a location that was on a cell block.

"There were no locked doors between the offices and cell blocks, including Block C where (the victim) worked, except for the copy room," the lawsuit states.

Even though Best was convicted of the rape in May and a review of the prison found multiple failings and led to the superintendent's removal, a senior deputy attorney general wrote that the woman "acted in a manner which in whole or in part contributed to the events" in his response to her lawsuit .

Looks like someone in the AG office might be looking for another job soon. Might be political suicide for the elected AG to support the deputy AG.

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Water memory report at UNESCO

Luc Montagnier:rolleyes::rolleyes::jaw-dropp:jaw-dropp:jaw-dropp makes the case for water memory in Paris next week for a UNESCO meeting. Comedy fans await with baited breath for more laughs from the Duck Section............

OR: Derek Lowe's latest post (today) is on one of our fave idiot topics. You really need to read the comments section.........:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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This is no joke or science fiction conspiracy theory. It is deadly serious.


BY Art Greenfield

Founder UFO Channel

Everyone is welcome to help me bring an end to all these wars that are started by outside influences. We are up against forces that have advanced capabilities which make this work dangerous beyond description. So that you don't think I am crazy, I'm enclosing information from some famous Muslim leaders themselves, who admit publicly they are controlled by these aliens. (Other leaders like Putin and Obama are controlled against their will too.)

I recently talked to a Muslim man on Facebook who was skeptical about the existence of UFOs and Repto Sapien aliens. if you are a Muslim you should believe in them because it is in the Quran. Watch these videos put out by the Muslims that show Muhammad was influenced and guided by them. Even today it shows that they are guiding modern Muslim leaders like Elijah Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, both of whom swear that they were taken up to the mother ship and say they are now completely guided by them. Do you think these famous Muslims are lying? I know they are telling the truth. The Repto Sapiens always "guide" key religious, military, and political leaders of all religions and nations to bring about war to generate dead bodies for the reptilians to harvest.

There are old Arabian legends that tell of the bodies of dead warriors being floated up into the sky at night after big battles. There are Norse legends that say that too. Hitler said that when he was a soldier in World War 1 he was abducted by two tall reptilian figures who took him to an underground base. He said they scared him. Follow the meat. They do this about every 50 years. We are all being harvested, people of every race and religion. We must stop slaughtering each other for them. We can supply their needs by entering into a mutually beneficial trade agreement with them. These Muslim leaders are already in contact. They need to ask our alien Repto Sapien cousins to come to the U.N. to negotiate.

Listen to every word that the Muslims believe:

The Reality Of The Wheel(s): The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs Prove The Nation Of Islam Is Right And Exact!

The Mother Plane (The Truth About UFO's)

The Wheel and The Chosen People of God

Louis Farrakhan's 2011 Nation of Islam on UFOS with the New Ager Jaime Maussan

Farrakhan Dares The World To Challenge Him On UFOs -

UFOs And The Nation Of Islam - Minister Farrakhan's Proof!

Aliens in the Qurah

Check out the patents on electronic mind control equipment. This is how they control the minds of certain world leaders. Some devices here were back-engineered from recovered alien equipment:









'Reptilian Breeding Zoo' - Interview with Art Greenfield on the Reptoid agenda:


Aliens On The Moon - The Truth Exposed 2014

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Anti Semitism on the Rise In Europe?

Very troubling.

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4chan threats against Watson were false flag

I could have sworn I saw a thread about this, but I can't find it again.


The Harry Potter star and UN women's ambassador delivered an impassioned speech at the launch of the UN's HeForShe campaign, which calls for men to support women in striving for gender equality.

Users of the online community 4chan, which previously leaked private nude photos of female celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, created a thread linking to a webpage called "".

The page showed a photo of Watson with a clock which was assumed to be counting down to the time nude photos of her would be posted.

Social media users rallied behind Watson in condemning the threats and blaming 4chan users for the website.

But it now appears to have been a marketing stunt by an organisation called Rantic, which aims to shut down 4chan.

The redirected page now shows a message to US president Barack Obama and calls on people to support the calls to shut down the site.

"We have been hired by celebrity publicists to bring this disgusting issue to attention," the statement said.

"The recent 4chan celebrity nude leaks in past 2 months have been an invasion of privacy and is also clear indication that the internet need to be censored."

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Don't want to get raped by cops? Follow the law!

According to over-fed but under-brained cop:


An Oklahoma Highway Patrol official reportedly told women that the best way not to get raped by an officer was to “follow the law.”

In recent months, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer and an Oklahoma City Police officer have been accused of repeatedly raping women, often during traffic stops.

After a Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy was arrested last week for sexually assaulting a woman while responding to a 911 call, Tulsa NBC News affiliate KJRH decided to ask the Oklahoma Highway Patrol how to stay safe during a traffic stop.

Reason #7,650,986,089 why the power of the police needs to be severely rolled back.

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