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Report - Chinese troops and advisors to join Russians in Syria

There are also reports of a Chinese aircraft carrier docking in Syria

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Media and White Genocide
Taking into consideration how the media seems to promote the opposite of white guilt like this writer seems to think, what else is wrong in this screed which claims that elites want to cause a white genocide through promotion of abortion. Something I think blacks complain about too.

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Protecting the integrity of the institution of marriage

A truly epic moment of schadenfreude.


[Indiana House Majority Leader Jud] McMillin has styled himself as a champion of the religious right's crusade against marriage equality. His campaign website listed marriage discrimination as his top issue. "I will protect the integrity of the institution of marriage," the site read. "In southeastern Indiana the family has always been the foundation of our strength of community. Our relationships with our wives, husbands, parents, children, siblings and other loved ones provides the glue that binds our common purpose. In these times of turmoil the rest of the country could learn something from our example."

McMillin, a cosponsor of the state's controversial "religious freedom" law resigned his seat abruptly Tuesday, after a sexually explicit video starring the representative was sent via text message from McMillin’s cell phone.
Apparently a video of himself cheating on his wife with another woman was sent from his cell phone to everyone on his contacts list.


McMillin sent a strange text to everyone in his phone contact list last week that read, "My phone was stolen in Canada and out of my control for about 24 hours. I have just been able to reactivate it under my control. Please disregard any messages you received recently. I am truly sorry for anything offensive you may have received." Then, on Tuesday, he resigned without mentioning the alleged video showing McMillin having sex with a woman who is not his wife, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

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What are the benefits of race mixing? Hybrid vigor?

I received this message from a moderator.

Originally Posted by Agatha

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Originally Posted by ryu238 (Post 10902246)
I keep hearing things like hybrid vigor thrown around.

If you want a serious answer. Human races as a general rule are too closely related to show true hybrid vigor...for the most part. If seen at all, it will generally be so small as to be within normal variation, like any coupling. This is partly due to a genetic bottleneck in humans occurring approx....~100,000 years ago to as long as ~200,000 years ago +/-. Which by the way is close to the development of modern humans. They may in fact be related. The bottleneck is likely what refined the population from a very diverse genetics, to what we call modern humans now.

If you want to talk about race and it's potential relation to hybrid vigor, you really need to go back to shortly after this bottleneck. It by and large isn't something to be seen anymore. But potentially depending on how the evidence is interpreted, this population that went through a long term genetic bottleneck in Africa then spread throughout the world. As they spread, they encountered isolated pockets of remnant populations of archaic humans. There was some interbreeding. The offspring of those matings could indeed have shown hybrid vigor. They were different enough. It could even help explain how modern humans spread so fast. It is even possible that part of what we see as "racial traits" could be, at least to a small degree, the last genetic relics of those archaic populations that were encountered and partly absorbed before they died out.

Of course this is controversial to say the least. And while there is evidence, it certainly isn't conclusive. It isn't even the majority scientific opinion. But it does explain a few anomalies that the majority view can't.

In my opinion, racism clouds the issue. That's because if this hypothesis is true, it's not some mythical Aryan race that is pure with all the others "mongrels". Instead it is the Sub Saharan Africans that are closest to the pure ancestral humans that succeeded more than any other populations. And all the other races, including Europeans, that are the "mongrels" with those so called "primitive" ancestral archaic humans in their genetic makeup. (to a very small degree) Our racist society even now simply can't come to grips with this concept. It even biases scientific research IMHO.

Hi Red Baron Farms,

Although the thread in which your post appeared has gone to AAH, your post is one of only two which is being given moderator permission to be reposted in an appropriate thread - or if you wish, you may use your post as an opening post for a new thread.

Kind regards,


So in accordance with the Moderators instructions, I am starting a new thread if anyone else wants to add serious commentary. Please keep it on topic (human races and/or hybrid vigor), scientific, and according to forum guidelines. Thanks in advance.:D

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High schools drop football over disinterest, death and injuries

This follows the death this past week of Evan Murray, a 17-year-old quarterback at Warren Hills Regional High School in New Jersey.


CBS News reports that the number of high school students playing football has dropped by more than 25,000 over the past five years. Schools in Missouri, New Jersey and Maine have either canceled or cut short their seasons because of injuries or low student interest.

“One of our students suffered a head injury that put him out the rest of the season, and then we had at least one broken ankle,” Maplewood, Missouri, School Board President Nelson Mitten told CBS News.

The Maplewood Blue Devils had a high school football tradition, making it to the state championships in 2010.

Mitten explained to CBS News that they had to forfeit a game last year because so many players were hurt. There were only 14 active players on the roster when the season ended, down from 40 seven years ago.

“The board did an assessment of interest in the program, found that there were probably insufficient students to maintain a team, and decided to cancel the team for this year,” he said.

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Evil Corporations vs. Government

What is your relationship to a corporation?
A corporation has to do something for you
They have to give you something you need
They have to make them trust you
If they fail in that trust you will never buy anything from them ever again
You don't have to purchase anything from them, the relationship is voluntary
Your relationship is based on freedom

The Government
They don't have to give you anything
They have an incentive to grow bigger
You don't have the option to buy their product or not, like Obamacare
If they fail like Obamacare you have no other choice, you don't have freedom
The relationship is based on state power

My point is that our relationship with corporations is one of freedom and the relationship with the government is one of tyranny.

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Evil Corporations vs. Government

Lets think of this

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Nyu professor suggests eugenics to combat climate change
I am not making this up.

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Why would anyone buy selling baby tissue?

This just doesn't make sense to me. I get that lots of people don't like abortion and they are very much wrong and deserve to feel bad for being so wrong [insert Dr Zoidberg jpg]. But selling fetuses?

How did this ever seem reasonable to anyone with half a brain? Selling fetuses, cutting up live ones on tables and such is just like cartoonish supervillain crazy. This is like the kind of plot a Captain Planet antagonist would look at and just call "ridiculous".

So where in the world did anyone get it in their mind that this could be a thing and then decide to try and fake it? Why have so many gone along with this?

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No Hymen, No Diamond

The membership doubled to 2400?

Is that more active members than ISF?

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Middlesbrough most deprived

I spent the formative years of my life living in Middlesbrough, I still support the team. It saddens me to learn that the Middlesbrough council area had the highest proportion of deprived neighbourhoods:

I guess this is what happens when the major industries move and nothing properly fills it place. My fellow Smoggies could have moved I suppose but I'm not sure how transferable their skills would be :(.

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The Skarp Laser Razor


The first ever razor, powered by a laser, for an irritation free, incredibly close shave. Join the revolution!
Supposedly, a revolutionary concept in shaving. This company claims to have a working model that is capable of cutting hair of any color. The video shows a very ambiguous "shaving" of hair on the arm at around 1:30. If this thing actually works, why not just clearly show it shaving someone?

I have worked with various types of lasers, large and small, over the years, and I find this claim difficult to believe. If this device can vaporize hair, it would be very dangerous to use around the eyes, and I would think that the smell of burnt hair would be objectionable to most.

They have raised almost $2,000,000 with an original goal of just $160,000. The video is typical of some really bogus claims we have all seen, stock pictures of sciency looking equipment and men in lab coats.

So, the question is "Scam or revolutionary concept in shaving?"

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Russia starts air strikes in Syria


Russian defence spokesman says equipment belonging to terrorists hit, though there are fears that all anti-Assad forces are being targeted, and not just Isis
Syrian rebels and opposition media outlets alleged that Russian aircraft carried out strikes strikes in the central provinces of Homs and Hama that allegedly killed at least 24 people.
If true, the attacks are an indication that Russia’s campaign in Syria will be more expansive and will target opposition fighters battling to topple the Assad regime, rather than focusing on Islamic State. A US official told Reuters that Russian airstrikes did not appear to be targeting areas held by Islamic State forces.
Putin said in New York that Russia would not carry out ground operations in Syria, and his chief of staff, Sergei Ivanov, emphasised this again on Wednesday, saying the request to the federation council referred exclusively to airstrikes. He did not give any figures of the number of planes likely to be involved or the number of Russian military specialists on the ground inside Syria to back up the operation.

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The d-word

BBC News: Viewpoint - Is it time to stop using the word "disability"?

"After running a campaign to urge toy manufacturers to include disabled characters in their collections, Rebecca Atkinson started to wonder if the word "disability" might also need a positive makeover.

Cripple, deaf-mute and lame all fell out of favour a long time ago and are now considered insults. By the 1980s and 90s "handicapped" was gradually replaced with "disabled" as a new way of thinking about disability emerged - called the social model. Attitudes change and as a consequence so does language.

Recently there has been a shift towards person-first language and now "people with disabilities" is often more popular in general usage over its predecessor "disabled people". I have noticed too that people in the disability community sometimes like to emphasise the "ability" part of the word with hyphens or capital letters: dis-ability or disAbility."

Language does evolve, but I doubt anyone has the ability force it to evolve in the way they want. UK posters with long memories will well know that the main charity devoted to cerebral palsy was the National Spastic Society. The inevitable result was that amongst kids, anyone deemed in the slightest bit physically or mentally deficient was dubbed "spastic," and this remains a contentious terms, much to the bemusement of our American cousins, for whom the word developed a much different meaning.

The NPS, of course, eventually changed it's name to "Scope," and what happened? Kids started deriding others as "Scopers" instead. Similarly, when the life story of Joey Deacon was publicised by the children's TV programme Blue Peter, its influence was not to generate sympathy and understanding as to add "Joey" to kids' pejorative lexicon, usually accompanied with crude impressions of his speech and mannerisms (for Americans, think Timmy in South Park).

No, we don't say "cripple" or "lame" (in that sense) anymore, but it is inevitable that when the "outdated" terms are purged, sooner or later their "neutral" replacements will, in turn, become "outdated" themselves. I think ultimately the problem is that what becomes "unacceptable" is anything that gives a hint of what it is actually describing, i.e. a deficiency.

Disability is, of course, a broad spectrum, and it seems that many people resent being included in it, wherever they're actually placed on it. There are also inherent contradictions, such as wheelchair users demanding greater and greater accommodation for them (which in many cases equates to a massive financial cost per individual benefitted), at the same time as vociferously maintaining that their lives are no less rich and fulfilled as everyone else's.

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What are the benefits of race mixing?

I keep hearing things like hybrid vigor thrown around.

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Another questionable execution...

Here's another case of someone being executed -- within an hour from now -- for conspiring in the murder of her husband in 1997, while the actual murderer got a life sentence, and while her children and the Pope beg authorities to spare her life.

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Gentrification issues

I really don't get anti-gentrification activism. Everyone deserves to live somewhere. And people banding together to keep a hated "other" out just always strikes me as wrong. I get that people like affordable housing but to me the solution would seem to be build more housing. Not keep those people from moving in!

Am I completely off base about this?

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Would tontines work?

There used to be (and maybe still are in other parts of the world) agreements called tontines, in which a group of people pool their resources and the last one living gets it all. There are variations that work something like lotteries. Apparently some economists have proposed that, as a replacement for the disappearing corporate pension plan, a new version of the tontine would be a valid retirement vehicle. A large group of people would buy shares in a closed investment fund; they would receive equal, regular payments from the fund's returns that would increase over time as participants die off; and the last person or specified number of people walking would get all the remaining principle. Variations might involve having the tontine be time-limited, so after 20 or 25 years everybody remaining would get an equal distribution.

Tontines seems to have elements of -- but are not the same as -- annuities, pensions, life insurance and lotteries. Fundamentally you're betting that you will live long enough to get your money back, as with an annuity, and are hoping that you'll last even longer to get the big score, like a lottery. Apparently tontine were a common investment vehicle in the U.S. 100 years ago, but they were banned after extensive fraud was revealed. But properly managed by a legitimate investment company within a tight legal framework, could this work?

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Newton's third law - Truther physics

You have a vehicle (a car, let's say) which we'll refer to with the subscript v
You have an old tin can, which we'll refer to with the subscript c
You connect the vehicle and the can with a length of inelastic fishing line (technically there is no such thing, but Power Protm 60lb braided line comes damn close.)

And the vehicle accelerates, towing the can that's on the line. Here we'll assume perfect conditions, and the can just slides rather than bouncing around.

Newton's third law tells us that "action and reaction are opposite and equal", so the vehicle's motive force (its traction against the road) must be opposite and equal to the can's resistive force (its friction sliding along the road).

fv=-fc . So far so good, and we're all on the same song sheet, right? RIGHT??

Now, force=mass*acceleration as we all know, so:
(ma)v = -(ma)c
But the vehicle and can are connected by an inelastic line, so the acceleration values are identical by definition, so we can cancel the acceleration from both sides of the equation, leaving:
mv = -mc

Here we have proven that the vehicle and the can are the same but opposite mass. 1500kg of car and -1500kg of can? Or 16gm of car and -16gm of can? Or the reverse polarity (as it were), of course.


Either way, you don't want those buggers to get into close proximity or your experiment just got blown to poop. Beats me how anything ever moves, what with ol' Isaac and his 3rd law. Wonder if he knew what horrors he invented there?

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the sun(stupid uk "newspaper")climate change "expert".

Today the sun had a article on climate change. The author was described as a "climate expert" who wrote,among other gems this line-"the scientific evidence looks weaker and weaker". Oh and my fave""global warming isn't actually happening".

The author (idiot)that wrote the article,you know what let's just call it a rant from cloud cuckoo land,is that esteemed scientist James delingpole.:jaw-dropp

Why am I bothered. The term "climate expert". Its a blatant lie. He's not a climate expert. He's a science denialist,period. What annoys me is its legal. It should be a crime to pass yourself of as a "expert"when you are not.

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Looking at Secret Space Program claims

(From thead: NASA Mars announcement expected Monday. )


Originally Posted by SezMe (Post 10900910)
Bubba, you present a curious dichotomy to me. One the one hand, you genuinely seem interested in scientific topics and you seem to accept what knowledgeable people here post. On the other hand, you waste time and, more importantly, your brain on sites such as Enterprise Mission. If you are really seeking to learn about new scientific developments, get the hell off that site. It's more than just a waste, it really does interfere with learning what's going on in high-tech fields.

I respect and appreciate them and their input where they are correct about the issue above. However, correcting that issue alone, or that combined with their trust in NASA does not IMO dispel all doubt. So its not so simple.

Other knowledgeable people are on the record supporting claims that NASA withholds info, and that NASA is not the real space program. I have yet to see convincing refutation of interpretations of statements supporting claims of secret space craft, for example..

IMO the evidence/circumstantial evidence about secret advanced craft, for example, is sufficiently compelling to support certain claims and to instill doubt. Nor am I convinced by dueling interpretations of those controversial statements made by American/Russian astronauts.

I can almost imagine how someone like Hoagland, if they truly are convinced NASA is dishonest, might think there is somehow justification/reason to knowingly publish nonsense, as a strategy. One reason I say this is that Hoagland is far, far, far from alone in claiming NASA is not the only space program.

Here's an example, one of the speakers instilling doubt regarding NASA being the only space program:

Mark McCandlish at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo

If interested, search youtube for that title. First ten minutes can be skipped.

He is one of several. Therefore, getting what I mean about compelling claims instilling doubt might call for viewing more talks from that event.

For example Robt Morningstar presented astronauts comments made while on the moon, combined with images showing large unknown craft near the moon. IMO it boils down to he is either a fraud, or mistaken/deluded, or he is correct.

Then there are the various secret space program quotes by Ben Rich. He was a director at Lockheed Martin's skunkworks. That implies he knows what he is talking about.

Nonetheless, I doubt this will ever be settled, in light of opposing views, claims, perceptions etc.

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Beating the Odds

I took enough statistics courses in college to realize I would never be a statistician. Some whizzes at math check me out on this. I enjoy playing solitaire on the computer and today I got a deal with zero plays possible. Never has happened to me before. What are the odds? I sometimes muse about the odds of winning two games in a row. I first decide that I win about one time in 15 tries. So if my profs taught me anything; this is two random events so the odds should be 1 in 15x15, if my estimate is correct. So the answer to this set of conditions is 1 in 225. As for the original question all I can say is I have probably played 10000 games in my lifetime. So the odds of having no play possible seem to be less than 1 in 10000. Agree?

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[Split Thread] War in Afghanistan

Mod InfoThe first 16 posts were split from another thread.
Posted By:Agatha

Meanwhile, things in Afghanistan are going so well since our brave American brothers invaded them:

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Glencore - circling the drain ?

IMO the current situation at Glencore is an interesting case and has echoes of Enron.

Glencore is a commodities trading company which has also got into the mining business. For decades it was the "perfect" business, a very small number of people generating huge profits without having to get their hands too dirty by trading commodities. The emergence of China with its appetite for commodities has been financially very advantageous for Glencore.

It went public in 2011 and then borrowed a lot of money to buy Xstrata so that not only was it dealing in commodities but it was actually producing them as well. Now that growth in China seems to be slowing, the commodities business has taken a huge hit and companies like Glencore which have a lot of debt and which are buoyed by market sentiment have been hit hard. The share price which was more than 500p in 2011 is now below 70p and there is some doubt about whether they will be able to service their debt.

With so little tangible in the business, it's not surprising that the business is in trouble. This would just be interesting were it not for the fact that this will drag all share prices down.

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General Relativity's Centennial

With 2015 being the 100 year anniversary of General Relativity the Journal Physical Review Letters has made a selection of papers on the topic open for free viewing.

Looks like some interesting reading :)

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"New" study by Julia A. Mossbridge.


According to Skeptiko here is a new study by Jullia A. Mossbridge:

The interview on Skeptiko can be found here:

I had no time to look at it but I would like to know what you people think about it. Thanks for your time and reading this and I wish you a nice day.

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What to do when your boss is a Conspiracy Theorist?

I don't think my boss is a full blown CT, but he definitely is an economic doomsdayer and somehow paranoid about new technology, despite being an IT manager... The technology industry is really funny. It has some of the world's smartest people in it, but...they also can be conspiracy theorists. People often called nerds are more susceptible to fall for conspiracy theories because they are rational thinkers and sometimes that turns into circular logic especially when the economy doesn't end up collapsing tomorrow.

So today, my boss was going on and on about his favorite economist doomsdayer Carl Icahn. So when I got home I went to research what the heck he was talking about because I am no economist and an IT manager isn't either.

There seems to be reputable (CNBC) news outlets reporting on what Icahn is talking about. IDK maybe the fact is because he has endorsed Trump for President, but that's beside the point. I checked out his twitter feed and lo and behold he wants people to watch your typical CT video. A trailer of which is easily found on his website. In the flavor and style of one Alex Jones who I am sure you are all familiar with.

My boss will most likely report to me Icahn's "findings," tomorrow. I don't really want to hear them but I don't know enough about economics to care to debunk them. As I tried to move the conversation on the fact that NASA found water on Mars my boss very rudely said, "I don't care, the world is being destroyed." This was all in the same conversation and made me pretty sad that he has no optimism at all in his life... No wonder he is always complaining about life.

This even after our CFO got dragged into the conversation and he said he had money in greece and people were telling him to get money out five years ago, but he didn't and he only got money out last year... So he doesn't believe whatever it is Icahn has to say.

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London Mob With Torches And Pig Heads Attacks Hipster Cereal Cafe


Hundreds of protesters attacked a cereal cafe in east London on Saturday night, daubing the word “scum” on the shop window and setting fire to an effigy of a police officer.

Riot police were called in to defend the Cereal Killer Cafe in Shoreditch after it was targeted by a large crowd of anti-gentrification activists carrying pigs’ heads and torches.

The owners of the cafe, which has been seen by some as a symbol of inequality in east London, said on Sunday that the attack left customers including children “terrified for their lives”.

No word on whether any beards were harmed.

I'm annoyed by hipsters as much as anyone else but this is a bit too much!

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Carly Fiorina is pro war crimes.

Not that this will necessarily hurt her in the primary.

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"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

Ever heard a Tr00fer (or CT cultist in general) use this line? It's one of my favorites, right after "JAQ (ust Asking Questions)" and right before "All I'm asking for is a new investigation!"

This line is especially hilarious/absurd when one considers just how much actual evidence in support of the "official story/narrative" of 9/11 exists. Yet per Troofer logic, there must be a "smoking gun" that discounts all of the other evidence. They just haven't found it yet. ;)

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Mayor wants to out welfare recipients in the newspaper

You think its a good idea? A mayor in Maine wants to publish the names of the 500 welfare recipients in his home town. The Fox reported noted his town had a large Somali population and asked if that's who he was talking about. He said no he was talking about local residents He has the greatest respect for Somalis etc.. Anyways he keeps sending proposals to the capitol and nothing happens. Anyways he is up for reelection. Here's the fox interview.

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Tax Breakdown for $50,000 Gross Income

I've been seeing a lot of stuff about taxes and what it goes towards lately.

Stuff like the image here:

Which I'm pretty sure is inaccurate.

Or this:

Which I'm pretty sure is misleading.

My question is, for someone who makes $50,000 gross income, how much do they actually pay in taxes and what is the breakdown of that spending?

A comment on a website discussing the first picture said the following:


I don't know about subsidies, but the other figures are not even close. Download the 2013 1040A tax form instructions from the IRS. On page 67, it says the tax for a single person making $50,000 is $8425.

Now look on page 85. It says these are the percentages of that money spent on different items in the US budget:

Defense, veterans, & foreign affairs: 24% ($2022)
Social security, medicare, other retirement: 38% ($3201)
Social programs (such as welfare): 21% ($1769)
Interest on the debt: 6% ($506)
Corporate subsidies: Not listed, but they probably go under "Physical, human, and community development: 9%" ($758)

A key form of "corporate subsidy" is tax breaks, so they don't show up in the budget. To know what they cost you, you'd have to estimate how much of your taxes would have been paid by corporations instead of by you without those tax breaks, and then subtract the amount that corporations did pay instead of you because they were able to do more business because of those tax breaks.
I know that whether or not a corporate subsidy in the form of a tax break can truly be considered corporate welfare/subsidy has been debated on these forums and rather than rehash that debate maybe we could just calculate 2 answers, one which includes them, and one which doesn't.

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Is it time to stop calling the US a democracy?

To be part of the democratic nominee debates a candidate has to have at least 1% of the vote in 3 national polls prior to the debate. Biden, who hasn't even declared he is running, has been on national polls for a while so if he declares the day before the debate he can still participate.

Larry Lessig, a Harvard professor, declared his candidacy at the beginning of September, running on a platform of election and campaign finance reform. However, national polls aren't including him, making it impossible for him to meet the requirements to be part of the debate.

You've got legislators picking their voters instead of voters picking their legislators via gerrymandering and tinkering with voting laws.

You've got manipulated polling, constant intentional misinformation, fake scandals and reporting on trivial crap instead of the issues.

You've got media giving candidates different levels of coverage and framing that coverage differently depending on the candidate. Candidate A is covered 4x more than candidate B and even coverage of candidate B is in reference to their chances against candidate A rather than the issues. Candidate C is dismissed entirely as unelectable.

You've got the Princeton study showing we live in an oligarchy

There are plenty of other examples but I'll let others add them if they wish.

While we still have a vote, there are so many systems in place to manipulate everything surrounding the election process that the oligarchy pretty much always gets what it wants.

So are we still a real democracy (lets not get hung up on democracy vs republic) or is it accurate to now call ourselves an oligarchy?

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The latest manifestation of Islam

When 700 Muslims died in the crush in the latest manifestation of Islam, in Mecca, did I hear Allahu Akbar,


…at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, killing 109 people. Why do millions gather in Mecca every year? Iranian anger Offering condolences to the relatives of the dead and injured, King Salman…

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Demonstrated . . . well not exactly.

Some rather hypish headlines on this:


Telepathy achieved – two human brains linked in complex experiment

University of Washington researchers have created the first telepathic link between two humans. Their technique didn’t rely on supernatural powers, but rather on nerve impulses, electrodes, and advanced science.

Now. Just take away the Internet! :(

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What feats they made the British and their railways

Here are a number of wonderful films about how the British connected
their island nation with a network of railway lines which would endure to this day.
It contributed in no small way to the winning of ww2.

Amazing engineering.

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President Obama announced a new executive order on Tuesday which authorizes federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on U.S. citizens in order to advance government initiatives.

“A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them — can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people,” reads the executive order, released on Tuesday.

The new program is the end result of a policy proposal the White House floated in 2013 entitled “Strengthening Federal Capacity for Behavioral Insights.”

According to a document released by the White House at that time, the program was modeled on one implemented in the U.K. in 2010. That initiative created a Behavioral Insights Teams, which used “iterative experimentation” to test “interventions that will further advance priorities

Read more:

Off course this is bull as seen here:

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Islam is a death cult according to Richard Hobbs

I overheard a conservative guy saying that sharia law was a death cult and decided to google it and came up with two people who recently used the term, "death cult," Googling I learned Obama used the term to describe ISIS. The article writer Richard Hobbs took it a little further and published an article in the prestigious New English Review entitled "Islam a death cult." I thought "WOW" I got to read that it sounds really interesting but, pretty much most of what he described could be used against most religions including the Pentagon which the writer used to work for. He was a former combat infantry officer and I am really glad he wrote the article. Apparently he has written a few others. I did lose interest but maybe someone can reinterest me. heres the link.

Ps. actually New English Review might publish anything they can get their hands on I don't know. I have half a mind to write up a flaming rant of an article and send it over there to see if they publish it and send me 20 bucks or something.

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Debunking anti porno

Further brain research was to give rise to truly spectacular results in behavior modification, but this was at the cost of “deeply unethical experiments”, to quote one politically correct academic researcher. This research, conducted by two daring and enterprising scientists called Drs. Moan and Heath, was abruptly halted because, among other things, it had come up with a possible cure for homosexuality. Moan and Heath had obtained permission to engage the services of a hooker to see if she could turn on a confirmed homosexual male in the laboratory. Initially, the sight of this sexy young woman not only left patient B-19 completely cold but actually disgusted him. He found the idea of having sex with an attractive female quite repulsive. However, on being wired up and having the pleasure centers of his brain stimulated with electrodes, while the hooker proceeded to perform her tricks on him, patient B-19 began to perk up and soon experienced an impressive erection. “And then, despite the milieu and the encumbrance of the electrode wires [poor B-19 was attached to an EEG machine the whole time], he successfully ejaculated [in her vagina].”


It is clear that successful behavior modification could, in theory, produce a Utopian society of model citizens. There need be no more sociopathic and criminal behavior in society, no more personality disorders, no more phobias and manias, no more neuroses, no more depression, no more crippling addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, eating, shopping, and self-harming. Such vast improvements in the mental health of society clearly cannot be permitted. If there were no more criminals, what would the police and legal profession do? There would no longer be a need for their services. That cannot be allowed. They need criminals. Fighting crime is their job. Similarly, if there are no more sick people, what would Big Pharma and the medical profession do? They need sick people. Fighting sickness is their job. A sad situation indeed when the greatest threat to the established order is a Utopian society of model citizens who have nothing wrong with them! Perfection, if it were ever achieved, would have to be banned.

Is it just me, or is she promoting removing free will? I swear, some people are inconsistent in their morality.


heterosexualizing gays but is actually committed to the homosexualization of America … beginning with the homosexualization of children and their corruption by exposing them to child porn in the classroom.
Don't believe everything you hear.

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German "murder victim" found alive and well after living under false ID for 31 years

BBC News: 'Murder victim' found alive after 31 years

"German police say a woman who disappeared in 1984, sparking a murder hunt, has been found alive and well and living in Duesseldorf.

Petra Pazsitka, then 24, was declared dead five years after she went missing from her student accommodation.

A man convicted of murdering a teenager who went missing nearby confessed to killing the young woman too.

However police investigating a robbery came across a tenant, a 55-year-old woman, who had no ID.

She told the officers that she had been living under a false identity and gave them her real name.

Ms Pazsitka's disappearance was the subject of an appeal on the German crime show "Aktenzeichen XY".

A spokesman for police in Braunschweig, the northern German city where Ms Pazsitka was studying computer sciences in 1984, said she had wished to remain undiscovered."

I suppose what's most remarkable is that she she managed to live under a fake ID - albeit apparently without any official documentation - for so long.

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Why don't we resurrect Project Orion?


I am wondering about that. Why don't we? You would have a craft capable of launching insane quantities of mass from the Earth, or launching lighter quantities at high speeds to distant Solar System targets. And it would be a better use of nuclear bombs than for war.

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Ae911T exhibits at NCSEA's "Structural Engineering Summit"

On October 01/02, 2015, Richard Gage and Steven Dusterwald will descend into a "lion's den" when they promote "the Truth" at the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations' (NCSEA) "Structural Engineering Summit" in Las Vegas:

The NCSEA doesn't seem to be a particularly eminent professional association, judging from their juvenile age (est. 1993), stubby WP article and representation of only 44 US states, but hey, real, non-cranky (I believe) structural engineers!

Strange that Gage and his buddy are going there for only 2 days, need only $1500 and are announcing this only now. Could this merely be a payed trip to Vegas?

Anyway, I'll watch what comes of this.

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dimanche 27 septembre 2015

At what point will life on earth become impossible?

Hi, I'm wondering how much longer life on earth as we know it should be possible.

If I understand correctly, the sun will eventually become a red giant so large that it would engulf the earth inside it. Obviously life on earth would be impossible by that point. But it will probably become impossible earlier than that, what with the oceans boiling away, and just being too damn hot. How many years from now would that be? Would it still be possible to live underground? Is there any other place in the solar system that might be habitable if it comes to that?

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Brane Theory

In the brane hypothesis of Steinhardt / Turok in which two collided to create
the Big Bang is there a force of attraction such as gravity operating between
them or was the collision entirely random? Why are collisions between them
supposedly rare? What are they actually made of : matter / energy / string?
If this Universe does indeed reside up on one or two of them would that not
be evidence of their existence and could this actually be determined? And if
not why not? What would have existed between the two branes before they
collided : space / time / space time? Were these two branes part of another
Universe before creating this one or do they exist outside of them? Do they
exist at the quantum or classical levels? How did they come into existence?
How popular is brane theory with physicists? And what are its major flaws?

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Progressivism Empire of Lies

Tea party racism
Rape Culture
War on women
Pay gap
Trevon Martin and Ferguson
The mystic pizza that won't serve gays

What do these all have in common, they make up the empire of lies that is the progressive movement. Why lie? Because it fits a narrative that whites are racist, there is a war on women and that evil corporations are screwing over poor people.

Why create the false narrative? Because these progressives need justification to grab as much power as possible.

They want to install massive government regulations on everything from campus free speech, a federal takeover of local police forces and also government takeover of business and private property.

How about this progressives, stop lying come up with a solution that can actually stand on its own principles without stooping so low as to lie and call everyone else racist sexist homophobic rednecks.

Social Security is going broke, medicare is going broke, high corporate taxes are killing american businesses and the disastrous economic policie of this clown president have resulted in 22 Trillion dollars in debt and gdp growth less than 2%.

Merry F**(Xing Chrismas!

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Daily Mail says pornography ruins adolescence
Opinium survey found sexting 'part of everyday life' for many teenagers
70% of 18-year-old's questioned said watching porn was seen as normal
Young women in particular fear porn can lead to 'unrealistic attitudes'
Two-thirds said porn puts pressure on young women to act a certain way
Just 22% said parents were their main source of information about sex

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Uk public sex protected?

Sex in the great outdoors is not a new phenomenon. In 1928, D.H. Lawrence wrote about a working-class man romping with an upper-class woman in the fields. It was happening then, and surely before such activity was ever recorded. D.H. Lawrence’s description of a couple romping in a field sounds romantic, not seedy (forgive the pun). Some, it would seem, become aroused when alone with their partner in the great outdoors, as if it were an aphrodisiac. The topic itself makes regular forum headlines. Cosmopolitan has one such thread, in which a user, in response to where she ought to do it and not get caught, wrote:

“Yeah the woods and stuff like that sound good, however so far I’ve only seen him on nights out so we can’t really make it to a wood/the countryside – So far it’s been in like secluded (to a certain extent) lanes/courtyards, do you think this is risky? Classy I know.


PC Anton Brown who leads patrols to gay cruising spots around Redbridge and gives advice to people on how vulnerbale they are.
PC Anton Brown at Eastwood Close car park off the George Lane Viaduct, on the West side of George Lane South Woodford, the spot where he says the latest incident was
A record number of crimes against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community were reported in Redbridge in 2013, which police attribute to an increase in victim confidence in the police.

Police began the patrols to encourage victims of homophobic crimes to report them in the knowledge they would be fully investigated.

So is public sex legal in Britain or what?

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Congress's approval rating correlates inversely with knowledge about Congress

This is an interesting test of how much the unwashed masses affect Congress's low approval rating. Turns out the uninformed are more positive than the informed.


Gallup set out to examine what is behind these negative attitudes: Do they arise out of a sense of displeasure rooted in weakly informed assumptions and impressions, or are they serious complaints resulting from paying close attention to Congress and what it is doing? The answer to that question is important because it can help guide efforts by those who care about the legitimacy of this important institution and want to repair its tattered image.

To that aim, Gallup asked Americans a set of five questions measuring their knowledge of specific facts about Congress, its operations and its leadership:
  1. Do you happen to know how many U.S. senators there are from each state?
  2. Would you happen to know which chamber of Congress -- the House of Representatives or the Senate -- is responsible for confirming federal judges?
  3. For how many years are members of the U.S. House of Representatives elected -- that is, how many years are there in one term of office?
  4. Do you happen to know which political party -- the Democratic or Republican -- currently has the most members in the U.S. House of Representatives?
  5. And do you happen to know the name of the majority leader in the U.S. Senate?

The results show that 17% of Americans are highly informed, answering four or five knowledge questions correctly. Another third correctly answered two or three questions, and about a quarter each could answer one or none correctly.


The relationship between Americans' knowledge of Congress' workings and their evaluation of the job it is doing is remarkably strong. Negative ratings of Congress are higher at each level of political knowledge. Only 29% of those who answer none of the five questions correctly think Congress is doing a poor or bad job. This rises to 46% among those answering one question correctly, to 56% among those answering two or three correctly and to 66% among those answering four or five questions correctly. In other words, the more Americans know about Congress, the more likely they are to say it is doing a poor or bad job.

In terms of the scores themselves they are about what I would expect.

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2 Different Core-types?

Hello everyone, :)

I stumbled across following image and wondered about the different appearances of the cores:

Were the cores more dense during construction?
That would explain why the tower with the crane on top seems to have a much more dense core.

Or is that just an optical illusion? :confused:

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Are Pacifists Cowards?

Are Pacifists Cowards?
I say they are.

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What makes a word? (Monkey calls)

So, I'm watching:

David Attenborough says, "The langur monkey has a specific call for when a tiger is in the area"

Upon Googling various combinations of the words: langur, monkey, calls, sounds, tiger, specific...I came upon the following:

"Common langur monkey alerts the rest of the forest to tiger's presence by calling Sounds like a man clearing his throat to spit"
The above from:

Question: If the langur monkey does have a specific call for tiger, and this is recognized in the local community, isn't that call, basically, a word?

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William the conquering mexico

First off, let me say that this question if purely hypothetical. I consider it extremely unlikely and do not accuse any US politician or party of actually wanting to do this.
The question mainly arose from an analogy I drew in a thread about the Roman empire and wondered how / if the US actually has laws about this.

The scenario is as follows. The governor of a southern state bordering Mexico (Texas being the best placed) gets elected in the normal way and is keeping within the US and Texan constitutions.
However this politician has bigger plans. With private funds (s)he destabilizes the Mexican government using paid for militias and drug gangs to the point that the nation starts slipping into anarchy.
As a 'humanitarian' gesture (s)he then sends the National guard into Mexico on a contrived invitation to 'Restore order to the Mexican people'.
Since those destabilizing the state are in the pay of the politician this works out surprisingly well.
Using puppets this politician then gets cordially invited to become the next interim president (for life) of Mexico and accepts, while still retaining the position of Governor.

Is that allowed under US laws? I know that a foreign born national cannot become president and that you need to be naturalized to become governor of a state, but are there laws prohibiting a US Governor from accepting a simultaneous position as head of a different nation at the same time?

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Amazing but a bit scary, isn't it?

YouTube Video This video is not hosted by the ISF. The ISF can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website.

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samedi 26 septembre 2015

NASA Mars announcement expected Monday.


A major Mars mystery has been solved, and NASA will tell the world about it on Monday.

According to its website, NASA will hold a news briefing at 11:30 a.m. EDT Monday morning to make a major announcement about the Red Planet. The event will be held at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA's Washington headquarters.


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Our Efforts Against ISIS

We are told that our bombing campaign is having less-than-stellar success....That despite the claims that we are "degrading" the ISIS forces, those on the ground report little actual effect.

Further... We were advised a few weeks ago that the defense department had to admit that instead of "hundreds" of US trained fighters being sent to the front lines, there were perhaps 5 or 6.

Further... That the initial group of fighters sent in were ambushed by Al Qaeda forces and captured and all their supplies and ammunition taken. Survivors were apparently later released to join the fight with whatever supplies they could scrounge.

Just now, we are informed that a second group of fighters sent in were likewise waylaid by Al Qaeda and dealt with similarly. (might we assume that Al Qaeda has better intelligence than we?)

No one except sundry Kurds and various indigenous folks seem to have any interest at all in fighting ISIS or wresting any territory from them except perhaps for Assad and the Russians, who don't want to see the rest of the country fall into ISIS hands and thier buddy Assad's head on a pike somewhere.

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On a religion free planet

While reading another thread, I was wondering what atheist arguments sound like in non christian cultures?

AFAIK, some atheists in USA seem generally positioned opposite christianity and/or its version of god.

I wonder what atheists' positions would sound like in a world without religion?

On a religion free planet, I wonder what the god-believers' positions would sound like?

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Jeb Bush in South Carolina: Democrats win black voters with promises of "free stuff"


MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. -- Jeb Bush said here Thursday night that Republicans can win more African American voters by emphasizing a positive message that does not involve promising "free stuff," a remark that bore echoes of comments by Mitt Romney that drew criticism in 2012.

"Look around this room," a man told Bush, who spoke to a mostly white crowd. "How many black faces do you see? How are you going to include them and get them to vote for you?" asked the man, who was white.

Bush pointed to his record on school choice and said that if Republicans could double their share of the black vote, they would win the swing states of Ohio and Virginia.

"Our message is one of hope and aspiration," he said at the East Cooper Republican Women’s Club annual Shrimp Dinner. "It isn't one of division and get in line and we'll take care of you with free stuff. Our message is one that is uplifting -- that says you can achieve earned success."

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vendredi 25 septembre 2015

dog DNA testing

has anyone used one of the many dog DNA testing companies around, where they claim to be able to identify your dogs parentage?just wondering what peoples experiences have been?

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Iraq, the end of history, Obama's stupidity

Most of the dimwits on this site clutch the war in Iraq, and imagined American imperialism like a baby blanket.

Its a lot like the idiots protesting the Vietnam war!

Our leadership is an embarrassment, right now Russia is sending in arms and the air force to Iraq. They are teaming up with Iran to dominate the air space into Syria.

We left Iraq and now Russia is taking over. Now we will have an Iranian Russian Middle east. The world listens and this clown and his liberal band of fools are to blame.

China hacks the US and obama does nothing

Obama couldn't wiggle his way out of a we paper bag

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Most Cowardly Job Ever: Drone Pilot

And even the pilots themselves seem to realise this, with PTSD and quitting at massive rates.

How unsurprised I am to find George Monbiot in the search history saying the same thing three years ago - that the drone war is a coward's war.

I'm posting this because the subject came up in another thread whether you'd want your son to be in the Marines or a drone pilot.

While I am a pacifist who would think any of my sons are complete and utter morons if they joined the Marines, at least I could see some honour in it, while a drone pilot would earn nothing but my total contempt.

To me, there can be no more cowardly act than killing by remote control.

And the Nobel Peace Prize-winning President Barack Obama holds the record for the leader who has overseen the greatest number of drone strikes.


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Migrants waiting for...iPhones?

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I need to be given praise.

Prof. Brian Cox said I should buy this book.
Ten seconds later it's paid for and is on all my machines.
I'm diving in now.

Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey to the Heart of the Planet we Made

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How to avoid being possessed by demons.

They are dead on with Twilight, Only the most hellish of demon could of come up with that film.

So who wants to smoke pot with me while watching harry potter, While Reading LOTR, While rock music plays and we're playing Super Mario Bros during a rave?

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San Francisco's last gun shop to close.


Ever since it was opened in the 1950s by a celebrated Olympic shooter, High Bridge Arms has been a defiant fixture in San Francisco's Mission District, but a coming wave of new firearms restrictions has prompted the last gun shop in the liberal City by the Bay to pack it in.

The proposed new city regulations, which could only be aimed at High Bridge Arms, would have required the shop to take and preserve video of all transactions and turn customers' personal data over to police on a weekly basis.
What kind of crap is this? A weekly basis? I wonder what they hope to do with all of that data?


General Manager Steven Alcairo said the shop's owners finally threw in the towel after years of what they consider being unfairly targeted with burdensome rules and regulations. Past regulations have required the shop to bar ads and displays from its windows and install cameras and barriers around its exterior. The shop has 17 cameras as it is, and turns video over to police on request, he said.

"This time, it's the idea of filming our customers taking delivery of items after they already completed waiting periods," Alcairo said. "We feel this is a tactic designed to discourage customers from coming to us.
I wonder what city officials really hoped to gain other than closure of the shop?


"This year, it's this and next year will probably be something else," Alcairo added. "We don't want to wait for it."
I suppose they can simply sell the shop to someone willing to bend over and accept another regulation? Probably not going to happen though.


Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said the proposed regulations are not onerous and said “video evidence is a critical component in bringing lawbreakers to justice.”

“If High Bridge Arms is so scared of implementing such a practice, my first question would be, ‘What do you have to hide?,'" he said. "Why in the world aren't we requiring all gun stores to tape sales at this point?”
This guy sounds like a jerk and a half to say the least. I bet he would be singing a different tune if city officials wanted video taken of his driveway/front door and turned in to the police each week.


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Huge cylindrical shaped rock on Mars

Huge cylindrical shaped rock seen from the MRO

Apparently said to be found in this image, from High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment


Enlargment and HRISE link seen here:

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Patrick Kane Conspiracy Thread

Hockey star accused of rape, suffers hit to reputation, dropped from EA sports NHL 2016 video game cover, etc. The Blackhawks keep and support Kane and he plays in training camp, proclaims his innocence, confident that he will be "absolved of wrongdoing."

Alleged victim's mother delivers fake rape kit "evidence bag" to her attorney, attorney beclowns himself in public press conference, has to withdraw from case. DA holds stern press conference today and calls the mother an immoral liar, and it looks like the case is starting to crumble.

What the heck is going on?

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Would you hire this lawyer?

The best-ever TV commercial for a lawyer. "I May Have a Law Degree, But I Think Like a Criminal."

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John Boehner stepping down in October...

Here's some breaking news...

Wonder if his visit with the Pope had anything to do with this?

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Boehner resigns

It's about time.

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London zoo: love-triangle drama

London zoo - monkey-keeper and meerkat-keeper 'fought over llama-keeper'

The Guardian


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Only 50 years to go

Lord Sumption thinks elevating women to the judiciary would have appalling consequences. Men would not apply for one thing. Give it another 50 years and the little dears will be ready to attain the exalted status of their superior male counterparts. So the Daily Mail reports:

One of the country’s most senior judges has claimed that rushing to put more women at the top of the legal profession could have ‘appalling consequences’ for British justice.
Lord Sumption, a Supreme Court justice, said a drive for gender balance could ‘destroy’ the judiciary.
Skewing the selection of candidates in favour of females could deter men from applying, he said, and it could take 50 years before the number of women on the bench matched the number of males.

He also claimed the lack of female judges was mainly the result of a ‘lifestyle choice’ by women unwilling to tolerate long hours and poor working conditions.
Despite stressing his support for gender equality, Lord Sumption was in hot water last night over his controversial remarks.
Lawyers and politicians lined up to criticise the 66-year-old judge – and his comments reignited a furious debate about sexism in the legal profession.

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Crucify him. Death in Saudi Arabia.

Firstly can we try and address this case without descending into generic Muslim bashing?

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr is a pro-democracy activist in Saudi Arabia who was arrested four years ago, when he was 17, and now faces death by crucifixion for his "crimes".
There are, to put it mildly, serious concerns about his conviction (including a statement from the UN) and that the case is being used to warn off others who want change in the country's autocratic regime.

Toronto Star.

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Entertainment which depicts Satan as likable "is clear bigotry" and "intolerance"

The American Family Association is very upset at Fox-TV's new series "Lucifer"
“Lucifer,” slated to air in 2016, glorifies Satan as a caring person in human flesh who has become “bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell,” according to the show’s description. “The original fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar has abandoned his throne and retired to L.A., where he owns Lux, an upscale nightclub.”

While Lucifer helps the LAPD punish Los Angeles criminals, God’s emissary, the angel Amenadiel, works to convince him to return to the underworld.


“Simply put, it is wrong to mock people of faith by depicting a likeable character that is the very face of evil,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “It’s clear bigotry, and shows that make light of deeply held religious and biblical views are intolerant toward people of faith. We urge FOX to cancel plans to air this damaging program.... [italics in orginal press release]

The AFA bills itself "as one of the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the country with hundreds of thousands of supporters." The Southern Poverty Law Center describes the AFA as a hate group based on the foundations statements on take on homosexuality. There is already a thread in the TV/Entertainment sub-forum if you want to talk about the show itself. This thread is about the idea that depicting Satan as charming and likable is bigotry and intolerance.

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jeudi 24 septembre 2015

ACA Experts School Me

I'm in California, part owner of a small company. This is the first year our health care plan has to be ACA compliant. Last year we renewed before Dec. 31 and could keep our old non-ACA compliant plan. Got an initial report from my partner who handles our insurance stuff that our premiums would go up about 25 percent. Ok I thought, the plan I had last year was cheaper than the one we had a year before by about that amount, so it was returning to about par. Then I get a call from him last night, for my situation (48 yrs, wife and two daughters <10 yrs ) my premiums would be going up substantially more--like 200 percent. The reason proffered was that while previously I could get a "family plan" as distinct from an individual plan that didn't distinguish the number of children included; the ACA disallows that and I now effectively need a plan for myself, my wife, and my two daughters as individuals. That's a bit stunning to me and hard to believe it's correct. Hopefully someone with knowledge (Emily Cat?) can enlighten me.

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Teeth after death

Ok this may be an absurd question and post but here goes.

If a person with tooth decay dies do the teeth in the dead persons body continue to decay? For instance if a person was buried with a small amount of decay would the tooth show even more decay if the body was exhumed ten years later?

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California Drought conspiracy.

I can not believe, conspiracy theories have gotten this dumb.
There Are Real People who Believe the California Drought Is a Government Conspiracy
According to CBS Sacramento, more than 1,000 people showed up to hear Dane Wigington,*"lead researcher" for something called GeoEngineering Watch,*speak at an auditorium in Redding, California this week.

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Germany wishes to ban anti-immigrant posts on Facebook
Apparently an ex-stasi will be running this operation.
Is this true? For one thing neo Nazis don't remember is that it's their violence against immigrants which drives this (though censorship probably won't help)

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An addition to the AP stylebook



Originally Posted by Associated Press
We have reviewed our entry on global warming as part of our efforts to continually update the Stylebook to reflect language usage and accuracy.

We are adding a brief description of those who don’t accept climate science or dispute the world is warming from man-made forces:

Our guidance is to use climate change doubters or those who reject mainstream climate science and to avoid the use of skeptics or deniers.

Some background on the change: Scientists who consider themselves real skeptics – who debunk mysticism, ESP and other pseudoscience, such as those who are part of the Center for Skeptical Inquiry – complain that non-scientists who reject mainstream climate science have usurped the phrase skeptic. They say they aren’t skeptics because “proper skepticism promotes scientific inquiry, critical investigation and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims.” That group prefers the phrase “climate change deniers” for those who reject accepted global warming data and theory. But those who reject climate science say the phrase denier has the pejorative ring of Holocaust denier so The Associated Press prefers climate change doubter or someone who rejects mainstream science. [...]

I think that's a good decision (disencouraging both loaded terms at once).

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Dalai Lama says any female incarnation would have to be hot

It is probably me just being thick, but I have never seen why the dude is held in such awe

He doesn't really do anything

Any way. He wants any female incarnation to be eye candy

Need a Hottie


........The present, 14th Dalai Lama, whose original name was altered to Tenzin Gyatso, said his institution would continue only if it were the choice of the people of Tibet. Asked if the next “incarnation” could be female, he answered, “Yes!”

Both men laughed at the comment, which seemed at first to come off as a clumsy joke, and Myrie gave the Dalai Lama a chance to clarify his statement. The reporter asked whether he meant a female Dalai Lama would be very attractive? “I mean, if female Dalai Lama come, then that female must be very attractive,” the Dalai Lama said. “Otherwise not much use.” Myrie said: “Really? You’re joking.” Gyatso replied: “No, true!”.........

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How to get a head in Brazil.

9,000-Year-Old Decapitated Skull Found under Amputated Hands


Under limestone slabs in a cave in Brazil, scientists made a ghoulish new discovery: a decapitated skull covered in amputated hands.

These 9,000-year-old bones may be evidence of the oldest known case of ritual beheading in the New World, raising new questions as to how this grisly practice began in the Americas, the researchers said in a new study.

Decapitation was likely common in the New World, according to the scientists. For example, in South America, heads of defeated enemies were often used as war trophies — the Arara people in the Brazilian Amazon used skulls of defeated enemies as musical instruments, the Inca turned skulls into drinking jars, and the Jivaro people of Ecuador shrunk heads to imprison the souls of foes. The Uru-Uru Chipaya people in Bolivia also once employed skulls in modified Christian rituals, and the Chimú culture in Peru incorporated decapitation as a standard procedure in human sacrifices. [See photos of the 9,000-year-old decapitated skull and other remains]

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Demographics and the Republican Nominee

The Republican rhetoric against numerous demographics has essentially ensured that a majority of blacks, gays, hispanics, muslims, and women will end up voting for the democratic nominee. The only chance I see for the Republicans now is to nominate someone who could potentially sway one of these demographics back towards the republicans.

Fiorina, Rubio, and Carson seem to be the only candidates that I think could possibly do this. A ticket with one of them as Pres and one of them as VP could maybe shift two demographics.

Short of this I just don't see how they can win when they alienate so many different groups.

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Am I seeing things or are Monarch butterflys getting smaller?

I was watching a black, a yellow and a monarch butterfly foraging for nectar. Growing l often watched these creatures with delight.

Being old watching butterflys I see the monarch is much smaller than the other butterflys.

Did they shrink?

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Ben Carson is a Creationist

Ben Carson is a Creationist

During the last debate, I actually developed a bit of respect for Ben Carson after he corrected Trump about how vaccines cause autism. He was one of the few national Republicans that I had seen lately who at least has some public respect for the scientific process.

But alas, Ben Carson has now shown himself to be nothing more than another stupid, idiotic, lying Republican by toting the creationist line.

Our very own ‘Bad Astronomer’ wrote this quite excellent piece about the topic:

Ben Carson: Evolution Is Satanic and the Big Bang Is a Fairy Tale

I mean that literally. He said, “I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary.” The Adversary is a nickname for the devil; it’s the actual translation of the word “Satan.” So there’s that.

He also dismissed the Big Bang, calling it a “fairy tale.” The irony of this is palpable. When recently called on this claim, he dug in, saying (about people who think the Big Bang is true), “Here’s the key, I then say to them look, ‘I’m not gonna criticize you, you have a lot more faith then I have.’ I couldn’t, I don’t have enough faith to believe that.”

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WGN News shows Nazi Jude Star for Yom Kippur piece

It's not often that I literally facepalm, but this is one time where I did.

Summed up the the thread title.

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RE: Who is Eric Hoteham?


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Hillary could have avoided this whole situation if she had just decided not to indulge her rank paranoia, and put her selfish interests ahead of the Nation.

use her own server. That, I would agree with.

What you wrote is simply mind reading unbecoming of and not in the spirit of this forum, also which says much more about you then HRC.

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Pope Speaks To Congress

I'm currently listening to the pope address a joint session of congress. Geez Louise his delivery is dull. I'm sure he has important things to say but I keep loosing focus before the end of a sentence.

Can someone run this through an auto tuner and set this to the melody of Stairway To Heaven or something?

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Passing Peak Trump?

First of all, yes this topic needs its own thread. This is about the long-term trend in Donald Trump's position in this race relative to the competition for the GOP nomination.

The thread title is inspired by an event that Trump did yesterday in South Carolina where the room was not even half filled and the cable news networks gave scant live coverage. The purpose of this thread is to track Trump's progress in poll standings and speculate on his evolving chances of being the nominee.

I'm not saying that Trump is definitely not going to win this nomination. But if he's not going to win it, then we will see a slide somewhere, sometime. Has that slide started now? Trump is a creature of the obsessive coverage by the political and entertainment media, which is a milieu where he generally is the most capable exploiter of the features of the landscape. But when the media coverage starts to slacken, if for no other reason than that the entertainment gets stale, he's probably going to suffer in his popularity.


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The Irlen Method, true or woo?

I've been grasping at straws to find something to help my chronic headaches, so had a long test for Irlen syndrome. For half the test I had a headache. The other half I didn't. There were certainly visual anomalies for the period I had the headache, but not during the period I didn't. To me this tells me "the headache did it", not the other way around.

Do these coloured glasses work, or is it woo? The coloured plastic overlays didn't help me, but then I'm probably special.

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220 Hajis killed in stampede

Seems to be a recurring problem:

Stampede kills 220 at Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca


(CNN)A stampede during one of the last rituals of the Hajj season has killed at least 220 people and left 450 others wounded.

The stampede occurred during the ritual known as "stoning the devil" in the tent city of Mina, about two miles from Mecca.

Hundreds have been killed in past years during the same ceremony.

The ceremony was the scene of stampedes and hundreds of deaths in the 1980s and 1990s as pilgrims passed a crowded bottleneck area leading to the small pillars on the ground.

In 2006, a stampede there killed at least 363 people.

After that, the Saudi government erected three massive pillars and completed a $1.2 billion, five-story bridge nearby where pilgrims can toss stones. It was meant to be a roomier atmosphere and more efficient way to accommodate the faithful.
Whatever modifications they made don't seem to have solved the problem.

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mercredi 23 septembre 2015

What is this compass thing?

Found this included in a 1923 Sears catalog I bought at a garage sale. Its an image on a torn out page probably a book, nothing on the back despite bleed thru but ink pen writing saying, "+12" and HOWARD

Any idea what this might be?

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Majority of Americans don't want ANY Syrians resettled in US

Obama should not be letting in these people

Its more welfare crime and a culture that despises the US

I want to keep my freedom

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Now John McAfee wants to run and apparently has created the "Cyber Party". He's obviously a nutcase and a scoundrel, but he looks way better than Trump and has a comparable ego, so why not? RT interviewed him and apparently adopted his video material 1:1, unaware of that he has nothing to do with the company he founded and lends his name to for decades, despite him being not shy about pointing it out (NSFW) on other occasions.

Accusing the US Government of being a corrupt "machine" isn't really sophisticated, but he seems to have fun and even a bit of a problem keeping a straight face, so enjoy:

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