dimanche 30 avril 2017

Shooting in San Diego - 8 Injuried; Gunman Shot Dead by Cops

Today, just after 6 p.m

Multiple People Shot at Apartment Complex Pool in University City: Police


At least eight people were injured, San Diego police said. Victims were driving themselves to the hospital with various injuries, officials said.

SDPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman said three officers shot and killed the suspect after he pointed gun at them. He has not been identified.

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Instant Gravity : Proof

Follow this link:


...to see an astonishingly simple proof
that gravity is actually instantaneous
and does not travel at the velocity of
light as the relativists believe it to.

Do yourself a favor and take a day or two
thinking about it before commenting.

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The Trump Presidency

This is a follow on, not a continuation of the "President Trump" thread.

Please keep the focus on issues related to the Trump Presidency (vs pre election issues). Items discussed in other threads should not to be raised here.

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Trump looking into changing libel laws


Reince Priebus, the president's chief of staff, said during an interview on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday that the White House has discussed potential changes to laws that are intended to safeguard free speech.

"How it gets executed or whether that goes anywhere is a different story," Priebus said. But he added that he thinks "newspapers and news agencies need to be more responsible with how they report the news."

Changing the laws wouldn't be easy. Libel laws vary by state, and there's no federal libel law. And weakening press freedoms would likely take a constitutional amendment.

In other words he wants to prevent the media from reporting things he doesn't like.

Good luck with that you fascist piece of ****.

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Why Trump ducked the Washington Correspondents Dinner this year

This happened the last time he attended, as Big Birther, in 2011. Perhaps, deep down inside, he vowed to himself that the next time he attends, it will be as Big Brother.


Well, he's not Big Brother yet. So this year he ran off and had his own Really Big Rally. And once again, third world dictator-like chants rolled across the countryside.

"Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!"

That's what third world dictators do to their political opponents, you know. Lock them up. Makes a Trumpkin proud to hear that chant.

So Trump was feeling pretty good about himself, as he basked in the adoration of his faithful minions.

And the embarrassment of being the Butt Of All Jokes at that 2011 dinner was forgotten. Well, not really. He never forgets. But salved over. Until the next time he has a bad day. Or a bad week. Or a bad 3 months. Etc.

And that's all that matters. It is all about HIM, Donald J. Trump.

Even some random 100th day is all about HIM.

My Marine boot camp drill instructors had a little chant they would sometimes invoke. It went like this:

"HIM, HIM, **** HIM!"

Pretty much summed things up.

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Donald Trump invites Rodrigo Duterte to Washington


The phone call also touched on Duterte’s war on drugs, in which some 7,000 people have died at the hands of vigilantes and state sanctioned death squads. Trump has previously praised the drug war.

“They also discussed the fact that the Philippine government is fighting very hard to rid its country of drugs, a scourge that affects many countries throughout the world,” the readout said.

“President Trump enjoyed the conversation and said that he is looking forward to visiting the Philippines in November to participate in the east Asia summit and the US-Asean summit. President Trump also invited President Duterte to the White House to discuss the importance of the the United States-Philippines alliance.”

Last week a Filipino lawyer filed a complaint at the international criminal court (ICC) accusing Duterte and 11 other Philippine officials of mass murder and crimes against humanity.

In the 77-page complaint Jude Sabio says the president has “repeatedly, unchangingly and continuously” committed extra-judicial executions or mass murders over three decades, amounting to crimes against humanity.
From one of the linked stories: http://ift.tt/2pLl2rC


US President-elect Donald Trump has praised Philippines leader Rodrigo Duterte for his controversial war on drugs in which thousands have died, Duterte said on Saturday following a phone call between the leaders.

The Philippine president called Trump on Friday evening to congratulate him on his victory and Trump wished him “success” in his controversial crackdown, in which 4,800 people have been killed since June, according to Duterte.

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Revamp Machine learning: Artificial stem-cell to make artificial general intelligence

(Part A)
In early machine learning days, researchers coded programs with specific rules to respond to as many scenarios as the researchers themselves could imagine.
However, when unforeseen scenarios came along, their programs quickly broke/failed.

(Part B)
Modern machine learning now learns rules automatically, and fail far less, achieving human level performance on narrow cognitive tasks. However, there are still problems with modern machine learning, and separately, researchers are still manually designing the basis nodes/connections (artificial neurons/synapses) involved in these modern automatic rule learning models.

(Part C)
So, I then investigate whether it is feasible to automate even more, by utilizing stem cell data to "grow" those basis nodes/connections, instead of manually designing them.

(Part D)
What follows is a rough exploration of stem cell proliferation, determination & differentiation as an approach to‘grow’ some degree of software artificial general intelligence.

See my paper here: stem-cell-agi-exploration_research-gate

Or here:stem-cell-agi-exploration_academia

Criticism regarding the topic is welcome. Help me to scrutinize this idea fully. (and or build on the idea if possible)

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samedi 29 avril 2017

Reporting Rape on College Campuses: New Solutions

Ever since the arrest of Jesse Matthew for the murders of Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington, I've been disturbed at how many times this lying, raping, murdering dude got away with crime.

I believe that colleges and universities need to have some sort of coherent and organized way to track rape claims, and to pass them along when a student transfers, for public safety reasons.

(I'm aware that this idea is fraught with problems, but I can't give up chasing it in my head, because I'm bothered that we'll let real people be murdered in the woods because we can't figure out some paperwork.)

Here's one possible solution: third-party reporting.

It gets around the thorny problem of a girl at a university reporting her rape to that university's police department. Obviously, the police department has a perverse incentive to quash her claim because no one wants to send their daughters to a college where they'll be raped.

What do you guys think about Callisto?


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Everyone was laughing when Trump said he'd run

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Trump proclaims May 1 as 'Loyalty Day'

What the living ****? Seriously?

"The United States stands as the world's leader in upholding the ideals of freedom, equality, and justice. Together, and with these fundamental concepts enshrined in our Constitution, our Nation perseveres in the face of those who would seek to harm it," the proclamation reads."

Yup. Freedom, justice and equality for all! Unless of course your Muslim, non-white, a woman, LGBT, immigrant...


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Machete Attack in Kentucky.

Seems to be politically motivated, so I'm putting it here. Report say that this guy asked someone their political affiliation, they said Republican, he responded that they were safe.


Two women were injured, but thankfully should be ok.

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Visual Studio

I used to do some professional programming, and I want to get back into some programming so I don't forget everything I used to know.

I'm looking for a good beginners book on Visual Studio. Any recommendations?

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EPA website changes re climate change



The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday evening that its website would be “undergoing changes” to better represent the new direction the agency is taking, triggering the removal of several agency websites containing detailed climate data and scientific information.

One of the websites that appeared to be gone had been cited to challenge statements made by the EPA’s new administrator, Scott Pruitt. Another provided detailed information on the previous administration’s Clean Power Plan, including fact sheets about greenhouse gas emissions on the state and local levels and how different demographic groups were affected by such emissions.
I like this bit best:


The staffer described the process of reviewing the site as “a work in progress, but we can’t have information which contradicts the actions we have taken in the last two months,” adding that Pruitt’s aides had “found a number of instances of that so far” while surveying the site.
In other words, if the scientific data contradicts what the administration is saying, then the website cannot host the data.

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Novel Phage Therapy Saves Patient with Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Infection

This is huge, though common use of this approach is still a ways off.

Novel Phage Therapy Saves Patient with Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Infection

The therapeutic approach, which has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, is scheduled to be featured in an oral presentation tomorrow at the Centennial Celebration of Bacteriophage Research at the Institute Pasteur in Paris by Biswajit Biswas, MD, one of the case study’s co-authors and chief of the phage division in the Department ‎Genomics and Bioinformatics at NMRC-BDRD. April 27 is Human Phage Therapy Day, designated to mark 100 years of clinical research launched by Felix d’Herelle, a French microbiologist at Institute Pasteur who is credited with co-discovering bacteriophages with British bacteriologist Frederick Twort....

“To our knowledge, he is the first patient in the United States with an overwhelming, systemic infection to be treated with this approach using intravenous bacteriophages. From being in a coma near death, he’s recovered well enough to go back to work. Of course, this is just one patient, one case. We don’t yet fully understand the potential — and limitations — of clinical bacteriophage therapy, but it’s an unprecedented and remarkable story, and given the global health threat of multidrug-resistant organisms, one that we should pursue.”
The story is fascinating with so many aspects like, one has to be privileged*, connected, very lucky and very unlucky to have this happen. [* I don't mean privileged in a derogatory way, rather it's an important issue I thought worth noting in the story. That this happened to people in such high positions in the medical field at a university hospital also meant research in this experimental treatment has taken a big step forward that might have otherwise taken years longer.]

On the medical side of the story, the man, "Tom Patterson, PhD, a 69-year-old professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego School of Medicine," acquired the infection in Egypt. He was medevacked first to Germany then back to UC San Diego hospital's ICU. His infection was resistant to everything but eventually controlled with a drain to keep the pathogen contained.

That would have been a nightmare for the hospital's infection control team. Back to privileged, his wife is an infectious disease epidemiologist and director of the UC San Diego Global Health Institute.

At some point the drain slipped and the bacteria, Acinetobacter baumannii, poured into his abdomen and bloodstream. He lapsed into septic shock and a coma which lasted two months. He was near death.

There was another fascinating turn in the story adding the element that while the FDA regulations are good in many ways, sometimes research is easier in countries without such restricted oversight:

Strathdee [his wife] began doing research. A colleague mentioned a friend had traveled to Tblisi, Georgia to undergo “phage therapy” for a difficult condition and had been “miraculously cured.” Strathdee had learned of bacteriophages while she was a student, but they were not part of mainstream medical doctrine. She turned to strangers in the phage research community and to her colleague Chip Schooley for help.
And yet another incredible aspect of privilege:

With dwindling options, Strathdee, Schooley and colleagues went looking for help. They found many researchers willing to help. Three teams possessed suitable phages that were active against Patterson’s particular bacterial infection: the Biological Defense Research Directorate of the NMRC in Frederick, MD; the Center for Phage Technology at Texas A&M University; and AmpliPhi, a San Diego-based biotech company specializing in bacteriophage-based therapies. A research team at San Diego State University, headed by microbial ecologist Forest Rowher, PhD, purified the phage samples for clinical use.

With emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration, each source provided phage strains to UC San Diego doctors to treat Patterson, with no guarantee that any of the strains would actually work. “That’s one of the remarkable things to come out of this whole experience,” said Schooley, “the incredible and rapid collaboration among folks scattered around the world. It was a desperate time and people really stepped up.”
Connections, top researchers, highly motivated for multiple reasons, and Darwin:

Bacteriophage therapy began March 15, 2016, with a cocktail of four phages provided by Texas A&M and the San Diego-based biotech company AmpliPhi, pumped through catheters into the pseudocyst. If the treatment didn’t kill him, Patterson’s medical team planned to inject the Navy’s phages intravenously, flooding his bloodstream to reach the infection raging throughout his body. As far as Patterson’s doctors knew, such treatment had never been tried before.
On March 17, the Navy phages were injected intravenously. There were fears about endotoxins naturally produced by the phages. No one knew what to expect, but Patterson tolerated the treatment well — indeed there were no adverse side effects — and on March 19, he suddenly awoke and recognized his daughter.

“One of NMRC's goals with respect to bacteriophage science has been providing military members infected with multidrug-resistant organisms additional antimicrobial options so we were experienced and well-positioned to provide an effective phage cocktail for Dr. Patterson,” said Theron Hamilton, PhD, head of Genomics and Bioinformatics at the Navy’s Biological Defense Research Directorate. “Obviously, we are thrilled with the outcome and hope this case increases awareness of the possibility of applying phage therapy to tough cases like this one.”

Subsequent treatment, however, would not be easy. The learning curve was steep and unmarked. There were bouts of sepsis — a life-threatening complication caused by massive infection. Despite improvement, Patterson’s condition remained precarious. Doctors discovered that the bacterium eventually developed resistance to the phages, what Schooley would characterize as “the recurring Darwinian dance,” but the team compensated by continually tweaking treatment with new phage strains — some that the NMRC had derived from sewage — and antibiotics.
The patient has since recovered and returned to work.

Background on bacteriophages:

Bacteriophages are ubiquitous viruses, found wherever bacteria exist. It’s estimated there are more than 1031 bacteriophages on the planet. That’s ten million trillion trillion, more than every other organism on Earth, including bacteria, combined. Each is evolved to infect a specific bacterial host in order to replicate — without affecting other cells in an organism.

The idea of using them therapeutically is not new. Described a century ago, phage therapy was popular in the 1920s and 1930s to treat multiple types of infections and conditions, but results were inconsistent and lacked scientific validation. The emergence of antibiotics in the 1940s pushed phage therapy aside, except in parts of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, where it remained a topic of active research.

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It feels good to be a believer

I'm a believer. It feels good to believe the universe is infinite. That there is a God who cares. That this isn't the only life you get. I mean, how awesome is it to live in a infinite universe. It feels awesome just knowing you live in a infinite universe. It means I can be born as something other than male or female. There are actually an infinite number of genders you can be born as. Like it would be cool to be born on a planet where it requires 3 people to make a baby. The possibilities are endless.

Then if you are an atheist you just believe you have this one life. That's boring.

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Scientist claims to have come up with mathematically plausible method of time travel



The model is based on the idea that instead of looking at the Universe in three spatial dimensions, with the fourth dimension (time) separated, we should be imagining those four dimensions simultaneously.

That allows us to consider the possibility of a space-time continuum, where different directions in space and time are all connected within the curved fabric of the Universe.

Einstein’s theory of relativity links gravitational effects in the Universe to a curvature of space-time – the phenomenon thought to be behind the elliptical orbits of planets and stars.

If space-time were ‘flat’ or uncurved, planets would move in straight lines. But according to relativity, the geometry of space-time becomes curved in the vicinity of high-mass objects, which causes planets to bend their paths and rotate around their star instead.

What Tippett and Tsang argue is that it’s not just physical space that can be bent and twisted in the Universe – time itself can also be curved in the vicinity of high-mass objects.

“The time direction of the space-time surface also shows curvature. There is evidence showing the closer to a black hole we get, time moves slower,” says Tippett.

“My model of a time machine uses the curved space-time to bend time into a circle for the passengers, not in a straight line. That circle takes us back in time.”

In order to harness this theoretical property, the physicists propose creating a kind of ‘bubble’ of space-time geometry, which carries whatever’s inside it through space and time along a large circular path.

If this bubble can hit speeds greater than the speed of light – something the pair say is mathematically possible – this would allow it to move backwards in time.
Here is the paper itself, although it's paywalled.

I've not read the paper, and I'm certainly not as qualified as Dr. Tippett, but I remain firmly sceptical. The article casually says that it's possible for this bubble to move faster than light, but wouldn't that be useful information travelling faster than light, and therefore impossible?

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First World Festival problems

Fyre Festival in the Bahamas was touted as being a luxury event with great music and beautiful people situated in an exotic cay.

Tickets averaged $12,000.

The reality didn't quite live up to expectations:



Fyre Festival, co-organised by Ja Rule, promised a "cultural moment created from a blend of music, art and food".

Tickets included a flight from Miami, a stay in a "geodesic dome" and activities including yoga and kayaking.

Festival-goers have described the event as a "complete disaster".
Someone apparently involved with the planning of the festival village, though not brought into until quite late on, comments:



we were led to believe things had been in motion for a while. But nothing had been done. Festival vendors weren’t in place, no stage had been rented, transportation had not been arranged. Frankly, we were standing on an empty gravel pit and no one had any idea how we were going to build a festival village from scratch.
I particularly enjoyed this quote when concerns were raised by planners:


A guy from the marketing team said, “Let’s just do it and be legends, man.”
If you want to know how sympathetic people have been to the plight of festival-goers, it's probably pertinent to mention that the cheese "sandwich" supplied to guests has its own Twitter account.

I haven't been to a festival in years, but it strikes me that anything short of preparations similar to those for D-Day are going to result in catastrophe, having been to Glastonbury, which is perhaps the gold standard (at least in the UK) for having a well run event.

It's possible the organisers were simply in over their head. Maybe they were just paying homage to Woodstock, but at least there the people got to hear the bands play.

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vendredi 28 avril 2017

Pussy Shaving Mystery

Waynesboro, Virginia: Police Investigating Cases of Pet Cats Being Shaved


Originally Posted by NBC29
Police are investigating reports of cats being shaved without their owners' consent.

The Waynesboro Police Department says it has received complaints from multiple neighbors in the Tree Streets Inn area of pet cats being shaved in their underbelly and/or groin area.

Police say they initially suspected proactive citizens were taking the animals to get spayed or neutered, but that theory was disproved when the same cats were shaved multiple times.

Authorities tell NBC29 that these cats are not feral, are well-kept and well-groomed, wear collars, and are clearly pets.

The Waynesboro Police Department knows of this happening to at least seven cats...


Pictures here...



Originally Posted by Reuters
"The shaving appears to be almost surgical," Waynesboro Police Captain Kelly Walker said...

"Probably the best solution is for whoever is doing this to just stop," Walker said...


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the silva method

I was just wondering has there been a full-on refutation of the silva method done before? I know its pseudo scientific but has it been full out exposed as a con game?

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San Antonio mayor links poverty, religion

The mayor of San Antonio, one Ivy Taylor, has cited a lack of a relationship with some Creator as the main systemic cause of generational poverty.


I'm not inclined to agree. Thoughts?

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Suspension of disbelief in storytelling

Introducing fantastical elements into a story is full of difficulties. Especially if this story is rooted, as far as it can be, in a world the audience recognises. So I'm not talking about Star Wars here, in which the universe is literally set in a galaxy far far away, and proudly declares itself to be so.

From your experience, what has been the most effective technique the storyteller must utilise to introduce a fantastical element without a suspension of disbelief from the audience?

I'd be interested to know if you share my opinion that it can only be achieved if it is introduced straight away into the story. Take Children of Men for example.


Straight away, it throws you in with the news reports:

'Day 1000 of the siege of Seattle'
'British borders will remain closed'
'The world was shocked today by the death of.. the youngest person on the planet'

That is a brilliant opening, in which you instantly know what that world is about within a few minutes. What adds to its effectiveness is the very BBC like news reporting, which everyone can relate to, and it sheers off the unbelievability of women and men being infertile.

Similarly, the opening of Jose Saramago's novels. Blindness for example, where a virus of blindness spreads through an unknown city:

The amber light came on. Two of the cars ahead accelerated before the red light appeared. At the pedestrian crossing the sign of a green man lit up. The people who were waiting began to cross the road, stepping on the white stripes painted on the black surface of the asphalt, there is nothing less like a zebra, however, that is what it is called. The motorists kept an impatient foot on the clutch, leaving their cars at the ready, advancing, retreating like nervous horses that can sense the whiplash about to be inflicted. The pedestrians have just finished crossing but the sign allowing the cars to go will be delayed for some seconds, some people maintain that this delay, while apparently so insignificant, has only to be multiplied by the thousands of traffic lights that exist in the city and by the successive changes of their three colours to produce one of the most serious causes of traffic jams or bottlenecks, to use the more current term.

The green light came on at last, the cars moved off briskly, but then it became clear that not all of them were equally quick off the mark. The car at the head of the middle lane has stopped, there must be some mechanical fault, a loose accelerator pedal, a gear lever that has stuck, problem with the suspension, jammed brakes, breakdown in the electric circuit, unless he has simply run out of gas, it would not be the first time such a thing has happened. The next group of pedestrians to gather at the crossing see the driver of the stationary car wave his arms behind the windshield, while the cars behind him frantically sound their horns. Some drivers have already got out of their cars, prepared to push the stranded vehicle to a spot where it will not hold up the traffic, they beat furiously on the closed windows, the man inside turns his head in their direction, first to one side then the other, he is clearly shouting something, to judge by the movements of his mouth he appears to be repeating some words, not one word but three, as turns out to be the case when someone finally manages to open the door, I am blind.

Again, with the very mundane description of the traffic, the car, the traffic, everyday things, it makes what follows so much more believable.

Or more simply, the opening of Death With Interruptions, a story in which people inexplicably stop dying:


So, what do you think? I think to achieve effective suspension of disbelief, it needs to be introduced in the very first scene, and has to be conveyed in a way that is downplayed and attached to what we can relate to.

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Diane Rehm to remarry. John Hagedorn the groom!!!


the story is above --- it is a very weird meet cute as there is a break of around 28 years between it's parts!!!:):):):):):):thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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The Georgetown Slave Sale

Just heard this on NPR this morning so apologies if it is a duplicate.


Some of the descendants want to be paid. Do you think reparations are in order from Georgetown?

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Why can't Corbyn connect with public?

Refuse to believe that it is simply a hostile media.

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jeudi 27 avril 2017

Newcombe's Box asked a certain way

Undoubtedly this has come up before, but I want to pose this puzzle in a particular way.

You have two closed boxes and there is money in one of them. You have a choice of opening one box or both boxes and you get to keep any money you find. You are informed that the machine which loaded the money was able to predict your choice and has put $1,000,000 in box A if it predicted you chose just box A and $1,000 in box B if it predicted you chose both boxes.

You check and find that this machine has always made perfect predictions in the past, including in situations just like this. You have done your homework sufficiently to be sure there has been no trickery.

The question is, do you open just one box, or do you open both?

One answer says that your choice cannot change what is in the boxes and so you will get as much money as it is possible to get by opening both.

Now I say that there is a flaw in that. It assumes that you have a choice in the matter - that it is possible for you to open just one box, or to open both boxes.

But, by the premises of the puzzle, something has consistently made perfect predictions of people's choices and so it is highly likely that you have no choice in the matter, the fact of which you will do is already inevitable, you just don't know which yet.

If you have no choice in the matter and the machine makes perfect prediction then the amount of money in the box is correlated to your choice.

So your reasoning should be "The choice I make is already inevitable and the box loading machine has predicted this and loaded the boxes accordingly. If it turns out that I choose both boxes then I will only get $1,000. If it turns out that I choose just box A then I will get $1,000,000. So I should try to choose box A (if this is possible) and I will be guaranteed $1,000,000".

If you are not convinced yet and think "both boxes" is still the right answer then suppose you had given this advice one year ago. By the premises of the puzzle the machine is always observed to get it right and there has never been a single instance where it has got it wrong, including cases just like this. And so for the past year the people who took your advice only got $1,000 and the people who ignored your advice and chose just box A always got $1,000,000. Some people come to you and ask that if there is anything about this that would make you change your advice, and if not why do you expect something to change and advice which has proved disastrously wrong for the past year will start being sound.

What would you say?

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UK once again the US' lapdogs

IMO Tony Blair was an effective politician who managed to reverse some of the worst effects of 18 years of Tory government. The biggest failure of his government was his blind following of George W Bush into Iraq.

It now seems that Boris Johnson is sending clear messages that we're willing to do the same thing again.


Boris Johnson says it would be very difficult for the UK to refuse the US if it asked for support in another military strike on Syria.

The foreign secretary said MPs would not necessarily have a vote on any proposed joint action.

Personally, I would be wary of this kind of support even if the U.S. had a functioning and rational President and administration. With Trump and the GOP in control, this is IMO very unwise.

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Fake moon rock?

Apparently a dutch museum has a moon rock that was given to them by a former prime minister who claimed to have been given it by NASA in 1969. Recently it's been determined that what was claimed to be a moon rock was actually a piece of petrified wood.

If you search for it there are plenty of articles from well respected sources about this, here's one from the BBC:


I first heard this listening to Joe Rogan's podcast where he does his "I don't believe that the moon landings were fake, but this is weird" thing. When I heard it I also thought it was surprising but there are obviously plenty of ways that an object can be mistakenly labeled or stolen or in some other way chain of custody can be broken, and as such wasn't too troubled by it.

I was talking to a friend of mine who also likes to listen to JRE and he brought up this "fake moon rock" business again at which point I just explained what I thought were very plausible scenarios in which a moon rock could be misplaced, but having discussed it I thought it worth while to actually look into it.

What I found interesting is that:

The "rock" had originally been been vetted through a phone call to Nasa, she added.
Another article goes into a little more detail:


The museum had vetted the moon rock with a phone call to NASA, Van Gelder said.
She said the space agency told the museum then that it was possible the Netherlands had received a rock: NASA gave moon rocks to more than 100 countries in the early 1970s, but those were from later missions.
This suggests that NASA didn't even have an actual record of giving him this rock, so all we're going on is the word of the former Dutch Prime Minister that he was given a moon rock by NASA. Perhaps he misremembered or maybe he just made up? I don't know.

The rock was also in this guy's personal collection from 1969 to 1988, during which time if it was genuine there is plenty of chance for something to happen to it. Maybe someone stole the rock and replaced it with the one that ended up in the museum.

That second article also makes an interesting point:

It was on show in 2006, and a space expert informed the museum it was unlikely NASA would have given away any moon rocks three months after Apollo returned to Earth.
Apparently this was before it was determined to be a fake.

So how do you think it happened that this rock was thought to be a moon rock? Was an actual moon rock given to the prime minister and then misplaced? Was he not given a rock by NASA at all, or at least not one purporting to be a moon rock? Was he given a rock that NASA claimed was a moon rock but was actually just a piece of petrified wood?

I'm thinking it's mostly likely that he wasn't given the rock at all as there doesn't seem to be any actual record of this happening except for the former prime minister saying that it did and the fact that it's odd that he would be given a moon rock so soon after Apollo 11.

On the other hand even if he was I wouldn't find the other explanation, that it was lost somewhere between 1969 and 1988, to be particularly surprising.


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"One cannot be racist against mexican..."

"...Because Mexican is not a race" has been told more than once in this forum and others.

I think this is not well reasoned. Firstly "racist" under its modern meaning is actually "xenophobia" which can indeed be the sole xenophobia against Mexican. But nobody or nearly use that word among lay, and most people understand "racist".

Secondly, you can be racist against any non white, but single out Mexican as being the nearest in proximity. The sentence ignore this fully.

As such the various statement of Trump are definitively xenophobic in nature, and almost certainly racist.

What do you think ? Should we encourage the more accurate word at the risk that nobody else use it, or should the modern meaning of racist be taken and simply qualify Trump as racist ?

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First Americans: 130,000 years ago?

So claims a paper in Nature. This stems from the study of some broken-up mastadon bones and apparent rock tools found in 1992 at Cerutti near San Diego.


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mercredi 26 avril 2017

Naturopaths are not doctors -- Petition

If you are so inclined, this seems to be a worthwhile petition to sign. Created by Britt Marie Hermes, former naturopath and now alt-med critic and author of Naturopathic Diaries: Confessions of a naturopathic doctor blog.

Naturopaths are not doctors: stop legitimizing pseudoscience


The purpose of this petition is to voice opposition to legitimizing naturopathy through state licensure and mandated insurance reimbursement. Naturopaths are attempting to become legally recognized as "primary care physicians" in all U.S. 50 states and become Medicare providers. This is a dangerous future.
1,869 needed to reach 10,000

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Trump Plans to Attack Judiciary

Trump 'absolutely' looking at breaking up 9th Circuit


President Trump said Wednesday that he has "absolutely" considered proposals that would split up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where judges have blocked two of his executive actions.

"Absolutely, I have," Trump said of considering 9th Circuit breakup proposals during a far-ranging interview with the Washington Examiner at the White House. "There are many people that want to break up the 9th Circuit. It's outrageous."

President Trump said Wednesday that he has "absolutely" considered proposals that would split up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, where judges have blocked two of his executive actions.
Maybe he could just try not being a moronic racist. That would clear up his problems with the court and maintain an independent judiciary.

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ISIS Fighters Killed By Wild Boars



Three militants loyal to the Islamic State group (ISIS) have been killed by wild boars as they planned to ambush Iraqi tribesmen opposed to the group, according to a local anti-ISIS leader.

At least eight ISIS fighters had reportedly taken cover among dense reeds in Iraq's al-Rashad region, about 55 miles southwest of Kirkuk, in preparation for a surprise attack on local anti-ISIS tribesman when a herd of wild boars attacked the jihadists on Sunday, killing three. The militants likely disturbed the notoriously short-tempered animals, said Sheikh Anwar al-Assi, a chief of the local Ubaid tribe and head of the group of local tribesmen who took up arms after ISIS took control of the nearby town of Hawija.

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Guitar String Tension

I've read as much as I could about this subject on guitar forums, but as you may know, if anyone can be full of more crank than homeopaths and creationists, its musicians. I have a blog dedicated to dealing with myths and BS in my part of the music industry, audio recording. So that aside, I have some weird observations and questions

I have a few different seven string guitars in 3 different scale lengths, a 25.5", a 27" and a 28.625". I tune the regular six strings to standard six string tuning, and the lowest seventh string to drop A

Usually when you are tuning lower with everything else being equal, the low tuned strings will be floppy, and often buzzy, requiring higher height above the fretboard (action) to avoid really bad buzzing

The solution to this problem is in conventional wisdom, to change the size of the string until it has equal tension to the tuning it would have normally been in, or just more tension in general. There are several competing schools of thought, like even tension, progressive tension, and just whatever the hell tension the guitar string makers decide to throw in packs.

I will often use a tension calculator, or an online one like this http://ift.tt/2p5g7Ad to figure out what string size does what tension.

I have been slowly going higher and higher in size on my seventh string to the point where I am putting what many would call bass strings on my guitar.

On my 27" for instance, in order to get that low A to the 16 pounds of tension of the low E above it on the sixth string, that requires a size 64 string, instead of the 52 that this particular seven string pack comes with. Even to get to the 13 pounds that string would be at in standard B tuning, I'm looking at a size 58 string.

The claim that people make is, a string with higher tension will have a smaller elipse, thereby needing less action height to clear the frets and keep from buzzing.

Bear in mind that the way the strings contact the instrument, all else being equal, the distance between the frets and the BOTTOM of the string remain constant, regardless of the string size. (By all else being equal, I mean taking into account the bow of the neck changing with changing string tension and a few other factors)

Only the distance between the top of the frets and the TOP of the string changes with string size.

On a whim, after being really frustrated by one of the guitars, with even a size 70 string on it, I went and stuck the 56 that came with the package on and tried it. It buzzed LESS! I figured I was in error, so I stuck the big string on, recorded a direct input of the guitar in various different types of playing and then did the same with the 56.

The 56 most certainly did buzz far less, and could have a much lower action before becoming intolerable. It feels like spaghetti and weird, but it performs sonically so much better.

What the hell is going on here? Shouldnt the bigger string with more tension have a smaller elipse and buzz less? Shouldn't the smaller string with much less tension (11 pounds vs 17 pounds) be the far worse performer?

I often drive myself NUTS with audio questions and get into analyisis paralysis and can't actually get work done. What the hell is happening?

Assume the setup is correct, I've been up and down all of these with fret rockers, levelling files and crowning files. Truss rod is adjusted correctly as the string tensions change. In fact, if anything, after I put the smaller strings on and the neck backbowed, it should have been MUCH MUCH worse than the larger string, but it wasn't, it was far superior.

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Drugged Driving Now Kills More Than Drunken

Drugged driving eclipses drunken driving in tests of motorists killed in crashes


Originally Posted by The Washington Post
For the first time, statistics show that drivers killed in crashes are more likely to be on drugs than drunk.

Forty-three percent of drivers tested in fatal crashes in 2015 had used a legal or illegal drug, eclipsing the 37 percent who tested above the legal limit for alcohol, according to a report released Wednesday by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility.

Of the drivers who tested positive for drugs, more than a third had used marijuana and more than 9 percent had taken amphetamines.

“As drunken driving has declined, drugged driving has increased dramatically, and many of today’s impaired drivers are combining two or more substances,” said Ralph S. Blackman, president of the foundation, a nonprofit founded and funded by a group of distillers.

The report is narrowly focused on fatal crashes. It shows that among fatally injured drivers with known test results, 2015 was the first time that drug use was more prevalent than alcohol use...


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Seems I am something of a mystery to Astronomers :D. Wonder what I will turn out to be?


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Brilliant Light Power Going To Market - Free Energy Generator Part 2

Mod Info This is a continuation of this thread.. As usual the split point is arbitrary an participants may freely quote from the previous iteration.
Posted By:Agatha


Originally Posted by michaelsuede (Post 11813602)
If I take a huge parabolic mirror or use a lens to concentrate incident solar radiation 1000 times on to the surface of a pv cell, the incident radiation per meter on the surface of that cell is no longer 1.4kW/m. So why are you arguing as if this is still the case? These cells are built to deal with megawatts of power per meter.

Oh dear, it appears michaelsude (and very possibly Mills too) is under the impression that a concentrator solar array is something like a solar panel that you can blast with already concentrated solar radiation (like, by sticking it in the middle of one of those multi-acre arrays of solar tracking mirrors) to convert lots of power without damage. Oops!

My question for Mills is: What kinds of control and actuator mechanisms are used to keep the streams of molten silver precisely aligned with one another when the cell is operating in a vehicle that can accelerate, brake, and turn? Please describe the development path and anticipated schedule of this subsystem.

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Near death experiences

Near death experiences take my fear of death away. They show that there is more to life. Life continues on. It's nothing but love on the other side.

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Remember when Republicans pretended to care about budget deficits?

Mnuchin promises 'biggest tax cut' in history


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Wednesday promised "the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country," as the Trump administration gets ready to publicly release its tax plan.

“We’re going to get the whole thing,” Mnuchin said during an event hosted by The Hill, when pressed if the administration might instead settle for cuts without paying for them. “We like hard challenges.”

Still, Mnuchin reiterated his stance that the administration's plan "would pay for itself" through economic growth. So far the administration has committed to lowering the corporate rate to 15 percent — 5 percent more than the blueprint for tax reform proposed by the House GOP — but offered little in the way of detail in terms of how to prevent that from increasing the deficit.
They are dishonest to the core.

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mardi 25 avril 2017

Criminal Gang takes on International Security Company


Dozens of attackers used explosives to blast their way into the vault of an armoured car company in a volatile Paraguayan border town, with the aim of escaping with nearly $US50 million in cash.

The audacious raid sparked a gunfight which left a street littered with burning vehicles, three suspects dead, 10 more in custody, and the security company, Prosegur, counting its losses.

Juan Cocci, Prosegur's president for Latin America, said the multi-stage attack began when gunmen with assault rifles attacked a police station in the contraband hub of Ciudad del Este at 2:00am on Monday, killing one officer and wounding four people.

The gang also torched about 16 vehicles and set off grenades in three locations near the company's headquarters, before attacking the building and blasting into the vault, he said.

Mr Cocci said about $US8 million ($11 million) was missing from the vault, which he said held $US49 million before the assault.
Impressive. Prosegur is not a small company.

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Is there a captive number of breeding black rhinos?

Is there an attempt to keep black rhinos from going extinct by keeping a captive breeding population?

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We live in a infinite universe

We live in a infinite universe. So our souls are eternal. Our universe just keeps getting better and better because it has no limits. The thing that makes everything have so much order is love. Love is the strongest force in the universe. So there is a God. God did a great job making this universe.

Things like love, sex, fiction, and technology happen because we live in a infinite universe. We get better technology with time, the universe gets better overall with time. The universe came from nothing. Nothingness is infinite. So that's how the universe is able to evolved to be better with time. Basically time condensed nothingness to become physical. The force of God takes all this randomness and puts it all in perfect order. Our lives are in perfect order for eternity.

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The week Obama took down Birthers, Truthers and Donald Trump

It was the week of April 25-May 1,2011
Potential candidate Donald Trump was leading the GOP polls and runner up Mitt Romney by nearly 26%. He had been pushing his birther theories for the past month. On Monday in an interview on CNN he was made to look like a fool when he said he had "a team of investigators" in Hawaii who had made some very interesting discoveries regarding (contd)
...Barack Obama's birth, and then when he was pressed by several different reporters about whether he really had sent a team of investigators to Hawaii, it became immediately clear that he had lied about the whole thing. He also said that his (non-existent) investigators discovered that Barack Obama's birth certificate was missing. Then on Wednesday the White House finally released Obama's long-form original birth certificate, which even further proved that Donald Trump was lying. So, how did Donald Trump react? In case you didn't see it, he held a press conferance saying that HE owned Barack Obama by making him release his birth certificate and that HE was successful in putting the whole birther thing to bed.

In the days that followed Trump continued to attract media attention by cursing live on national television, and he said he would make a presidential announcement in the following month. Yet everything changed after May 1st. First the night before he was ridiculed and made fun of at the white house correspondents dinner. The following night during his airing of The Celebrity Apprentice the news interrupted his program to announce that Obama had just killed Osama Bin Laden. It is known that Bin Laden’s safehouse was being monitored since August 2010. Why didn’t Obama take him out closer to the election in an October surprise to boost his popularity? We may know why now. A few days after that Trump surprised everyone by suddenly saying that he wouldn’t ruin for president that year.

However the death of OBL had an even more devastating effect on the 9/11 Truth movement. Shortly after Obama announced that US troops would be leaving Afghanistan. Prior to this the topic of 9/11 was often a top thread on each political blog and message board on the web. The politics forum on Amazon, for example, had an epic thread that was over 10,000 comments, several times more than the 2nd biggest thread. But today, only 9/11-specific sites continue to talk about it. Go to the politics forum of a bodybuilding site, or a marijuana site, and there hasn’t been a new or bumped thread about 9/11 in years. The general population isn’t talking about it anymore. When did 9/11 truth dry up? Around the 10th anniversary. And I remember this episode just like it was yesterday. On every 9/11 video on Youtube 9 out of every 10 comments was conspiracy related, regardless if the video about 9/11 was conspiracy related at all. And most of the related videos for even a simple tribute to 9/11 had some conspiracy videos next to it. This was in early 2011. So any person who wanted to learn facts about 9/11 would have a hard time not finding something twoofer related and be sucked into believing it. The trend after May 2011 started to reverse and now 9/11 conspiracy videos are only found in a certain corner of the internet.

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The unending claim of "secondary explosions"

This is probably THE SINGLE GREATEST EXAMPLE of 9/11 truthers taking things out of context. And when they're not taking quotes out of context, they're just showing video of random explosions going off in the debris pile AFTER the buildings had collapsed (from damaged gas lines, gas tanks, etc), and making it seem like those explosions were bombs inside the towers which was part of a demolition and often times it's not necessarily taking quotes out of context, just leaving the FACTS out of context. Many witnesses talk about secondary explosions, referring to ones AFTER the towers were down. Well, right away you should be telling yourself that if random explosions are going off AFTER the buildings had collapsed, then obviously it's something OTHER THAN a controlled demolition taking place. I mean... duh. What these secondary explosions were caused by was gas lines, deisel tanks, stored chemicals, oxygen tanks, police officers firing their pistols to gain access to locked buildings, electrical explosions, etc. etc. etc. Also, stuff was exploding inside the building as well, like transformers and chemicals and elevators plummeting and bodies hitting the ground, etc.

There is also a video of Rick Sanchez talking about police officers being wary of a suspicious device near the intersection of W. Broadway, Hudson, and Chambers (which is 5 blocks north of the northern edge of the WTC site... 4 if you include WTC7). There were many false alarms and fears of suspicious devices being bombs, which turned out to be nothing. There was one at Stuyvescant High School, just a few blocks away.

Next, it shows Sanchez talking about how firefighters have reason to suspect that maybe one of the explosions at the WTC was caused by a bomb. He even stresses MAY have been. To truthers, "may have been" means "definitely was". There was a lot of confusion in the immediate aftermath. A lot of firefighters who were at the scene until the sun went down, never knew that either tower collapsed!!!! As unbelievable as that might sound. A lot never knew a second plane hit.

It's also interesting that on the afternoon of 9/11, Rodriguez was on CNN saying that the explosion in the basement happened AFTER the plane hit and was caused by jet fuel shooting down the elevator shafts, then told the exact same story to the 9/11 Commission, and only completely changed his story in 2005, when he started making a living off of his story (through presentations and DVD sales).

But truthers also claim that elevators did not go from top to bottom. However the blueprints of the tower settle this once and for all. The local elevator shafts did not extend top to bottom, but many others did. Cars 6 and 7 went top to bottom (in both towers), plus there were several freight elevators that went top to bottom. Also, Flight 175 struck the South Tower just low enough (the Sky Lobby) that much of the fuel was able to dump into the express elevator shafts, which DID go all the way to the lobby. So... it just depends on the particular shaft. Some did go top to bottom, some didn't.

They’re also wrong about it not being possible for the jet fuel to reach all the way down to the lobby and basement. A huge section of the NIST report titled "Jet Fuel Dispersion" calculated how much jet fuel was burned up in the initial explosion as soon as the plane hit (only about 30%), and calculated where and how much of the jet fuel was dispersed elsewhere. There was plenty remaining to send fireballs down certain elevator shafts. The following quotes are arguments I’ve heard made by truthers which I will address.


"""1) Most of the fuel burned off at impact, which nist already admits to.""""
Wrong, this is another popular straw-man argument made by people who haven't even read the official report, right there with people who think NIST claims the fires melted the steel. NIST calculated, based on the amount of oxygen available, that only 30% of the jet fuel burned off in the initial explosions.


"""2) Fuel is already burning, it was not concentrated and unburned and then ignited in the lobby. burning fuel should have been burned up by the time it even got there."""""
This is them basically keep saying that it doesn't seem to you like there was enough jet fuel to create a fireball that would reach all the way down to the lobby. Give me CALCULATIONS, not assumptions. NIST does.


"""3) None of the floors between the impact zone and the lobby were "exploded" due to this fuel."""
Again, wrong, there were about 17 floors in between, on which fireballs exploded into the floors.

The documentary is called "9/11" by Jules and Gideon Naudet. They were embedded with the Engine 7 firehouse. They were responding to a gas leak when a plane flies overhead and crashes into the North Tower (this is the only video - basically - which captured the first crash), they hop in the firetruck and set up a command post in the lobby of the tower about 2 mins later. A little over an hour later, the South Tower collapses and the North Tower lobby is heavily damaged. Chief Pfeifer orders the evacuation of the North Tower. Outside, they have no idea that the South Tower has collapsed. They walk north and the North Tower collapses. To anyone who watches the documentary, it's obvious that the event which caused the "collapse" of the lobby in the North Tower was the South Tower collapsing, not an explosion (even though a lot of firefighters initially assumed that. They were indoors, so they could not see the South Tower collapse).

Neither one of us has to speculate about this at all. There exists a video tape showing EXACTLY what happened at the staging area inside the North Tower lobby. Nowhere in the video tape does the lobby just spotaneously collapse on them, EXCEPT when the South Tower collapses. This did indeed cause massive damage inside the North Tower lobby (Father Mychael Judge, the Chaplain of the FDNY, was standing right there in the staging area and was killed when this occured). It also covered everyone in dust, and you can see from the video that the men are covered in dust. It also seems obvious that when he says "the whole building just collapsed on us inside the lobby", that he meant he was inside the NT lobby when the ST fell, since he would have been killed if he was in the ST lobby at that point.

In that video, it's hard to know which lobby (which tower) they're talking about, but because he says he was at the staging area, it seems to me that he was talking about the North Tower. The only video tape footage from inside either tower was shot by Jules Naudet, who was at the staging area in the North Tower. The only significant event which could be interpreted as the lobby collapsing, is when the South Tower collapses and dust and debris shoots into the North Tower lobby. Most people in the North Tower lobby thought it was a secondary explosion. Almost no one knew the South Tower collapsed. Even when Jules and Chief Pfeifer walk outside, they still think the South Tower is just behind the other building and they aren't sure what it was that caused such devastation in the lobby. This is probably what the firefighters in the video are referring to. At no other point in the Naudet video does the lobby "collapse".

In sum, they were probably either talking about 1.) seeing the aftermath of the explosions from the jet fuel shooting down the elevator shafts when the planes hit, 2.) were talking about hearing noises which sounded like explosions and bombs going off while they were in the lobby which they later found out were bodies hitting the ground outside, (contd)

or 3.) they were talking about what happened in the North Tower lobby when the South Tower collapsed. Also, you should know that almost every second of the events in the North Tower lobby were captured on video by Jules Naudet, who was WITH the firefighters AT the command post, and nowhere in the video is there any explosion that gets their attention (EXCEPT when bodies hit the ground and EXCEPT when the South Tower collapses).

Case Closed

PS, if you are going to argue that a bomb went off in the lobby and caused the lobby to collapse... despite the video camera IN the lobby (and the countless others that were right outside) not detecting such an explosion, WHAT WOULD BE THE PURPOSE??? The collapse in both buildings started near the top. It didn't start at the lobby.

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Science week on Twitch, incl. streaming the original COSMOS

from 24th-28th April. Yesterday twitch started streaming the original Cosmos series with Carl Sagan http://ift.tt/2ouoORU

The rest of the week they are having live interviews and Q & A with scientists, tomorrow (26th) there is a roundtable which includes Phil Plait.

Full schedule (times are PDT):
  • Tue, 4/25, 1:00pm: Scott Manley (Astronomer and Kerbal Space Program gaming personality “Szyzyg”)
  • Wed, 4/26, 1:00pm roundtable: Phil Plait (Astronomer and founder of Syfy Wire’s ‘Bad Astronomy’ blog)
  • Wed, 4/26, 1:00pm roundtable: Pamela Gay (Astronomer and Principal Investigator of CosmoQuest)
  • Wed, 4/26, 1:00pm roundtable: Kishore Hari (Director of Bay Area Science Festival, organizers for global March for Science)
  • Thu, 4/27, 1:00pm roundtable: Matthew Buffington (Director of Public Affairs at NASA’s Ames Research Center)
  • Thu, 4/27, 1:00pm roundtable: Ariane Cornell (Head of Astronaut Strategy and Sales at Blue Origin)
  • Thu, 4/27, 1:00pm roundtable: EJ_SA (Kerbal Space Academy gaming personality “EJ_SA”)
  • Thu, 4/27, 1:00pm roundtable: Fraser Cain (Publisher of Universe Today and the co-host of Astronomy Cast.)
  • Fri, 4/28, 2:00pm: Ann Druyan (Co-creator of COSMOS)

to be streamed on http://ift.tt/1XMGbZs

The above was taken from http://ift.tt/2osIVUr

I don't think that you need a Twitch account to watch the streams.

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US/Canada Trade War ?

Headline from the BBC:


Has the US started a lumber trade war with Canada?
Bettridge's law of headlines would say that the correct response is "No"


Is this a case of having failed to strongarm China, North Korea or even the House, Trump is turning his attention to his polite northern neighbour ?


US President Donald Trump has been sending Canada mixed messages on trade, initially offering assurances that Nafta will only need "tweaks" but recently singling out Canada's softwood lumber and dairy industries for criticism.
In truth it looks like the latest in a long line of NAFTA related minor squabbles but I'm sure Trump will portray it as him starting to fix the "terrible deals" the US has...:rolleyes:

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Ron Miscavige on JRE (scientology)

Ron Miscavige, father of David Miscavige, who is currently the top guy in the Church Of Scientology, was on Joe Rogan's podcast this week. I didn't know anything about him before, but I guess at the age of 76 Ron Miscavige left Scientology. He seems to have a pretty interesting story to tell, but the real issue here is that Joe Rogan blows the interview.

For some reason he is a total jerk to the guy. When Ron is talking about the possibility of being held and interrogated Joe just cracks jokes as though there were nothing serious being discussed. When he talks about his experience escaping from the scientology compound ("Flag") Joe acts like it's no big deal. When he talks about working 12-16 hours a day for $50/week Joe again just cracks jokes. Worst all all (so far, I'm only about an hour and 10 minutes in) is when he tells Ron that he should take responsibility for the poor relationship he has with his son.

Oh, and then he accuses him of writing a book about his experiences in order to make money. "Why did you write this book? Did you write it for money?" "No, I wanted people to know about-" "That's the only reason I'd write a book." etc.


In spite of Joe's jerkishness the podcast is still worth watching or listening to as Ron Miscavige's story is interesting.

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lundi 24 avril 2017

Refuting Johanna Michaelsen and Pachita- a New age fraud that spawned a Christian one

In case you guys don't know Johanna Michaelsen is a Christian fundamentalist who claimed to have worked with a psychic surgeon and after in Satanic Ritual Abuse. She had been mentioned several times on this forum and I wish to refute and clear up this mess she created once and for all so that people know they are dealing with a faker.

I had gone out of my way to research Johanna and the psychic she she realized it was "satanic" became a Christian fundamentalist who believed supposedly worked with.

Here is what I found

1) Stanley Krippner, who was mentioned in her book said his friend Montague Ullman had visited the same psychic and tested the blood and guts from the surgery and they were from animals. This was from a personal email I had with him. As well a Mexican skeptic, Mauricio-José Schwarz I talked with claimed even during her Hayday Pachita was accused of using animal parts

2)Also the musician *Charles Mingus had visited the same psychic johanna had worked with for a cure for ALS. There was no evidence that the surgery had taken place, no marks no scratches, not one drop of blood. Also the psychic kept on prescribing quack diets and Mingus died a few months after seeing the psychic. Page 107, Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus, 2016, Krin Gabbard

3)Also the origin story the psychic told Johanna and the director Alejandro Add to dictionary contracts each other. Page 122 of Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen vs The Dance of Reality: A Psychomagical Autobiography (Magic Masters Shamans) Alejandro Jodorowsky

4)Johanna claimed that there was a magic light on page 92 of her that allowed her to see all surgeries super clearly but other visitors claimed it was so dark they couldn't see anything at all. Even quacks like Alberto Villido as well as people who accompanied Andrjia Puharich claimed it was too dark to really see anything and that all sorts of fraud could have taken place.

5) Her own testimony that she gives as presentations sometimes contradicts her book.

6) This one is a little silly but I found someone online who asked Hal Lindsey who wrote the forward to her book and asked Hal about Johanna's story and Hal was apparently very vague about it. sustainedreactiondotyukudot/topic/5840/The-Death-of-Charles-Mingus?page=1

7) Her (step?) children seem to promote not only Yoga (she rallies against Yoga all the time) but appear to support progressive websites like Daily Kos (Social justice is of the devil!), suggesting that those with behind the scene knowledge aren't convinced of her truth

8) Another lunatic "scientist" Jacobo Grinberg claimed that Pachita the psychic Johanna Michalesen worked with can spawn organs for transplant OUT OF NOTHING. While Johanna claimed Pachita needed to buy them from the local morgue. Is it a power that Pachita needs to save up mana to use?

9) There is another lunatic Scientist in Memories of a Maverick, the biography of Puharich that claimed Pachita the psychic did a BRAIN TRANSPLANT. Which basically means she brought a dead guy back to life, so what was so special about Jesus coming back from the dead then huh?

10) She STLL promotes SRA 20 years after its been debunked, and as well claims to be an "expert" on the occult despite pushing lies like on the origins of Halloween, Rammerstein causing the columbine massacre etc....

I am making this list because Michaelsen's story had bothered me for years and I need to a place to refute it once and for all, also because I hear she is trying to republish her work so that a new generation of children will be terrorized and this could be a place they find to refute.

If anyone here was a former fundie or who knew Michaelsen or even her psychic friend well please feel free to add what you know! I would add links too but I am only a novice on this forum

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Turkey hunter shoots guys disguised as turkeys

A turkey hunter shot his brother and a friend because they were hiding behind a turkey tail feather fan meant to lure in turkeys and also conceal the hunters. The shooter was also behind a fan.


Originally Posted by Kansas City Star
“Right after he shot, he thought he saw a turkey flopping on the ground, but when he hurried up there, he saw two guys rolling on the ground. He’d shot (both) in the face,” said Jim Bussone, a Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism game warden who investigated the April 12 incident in Crawford County.

"The shooter swore he’d seen strutting toms and some other turkeys right up until then.”

But in reality, he’d been looking at a gobbler’s preserved tail fan, behind which Gary Dienst and Justin Wiles had been hiding and sneaking. The shooter was behind another fan. Bussone said the hunters ended up hunting each other...


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Trumps summons all 100 Senators to Whitehouse


Just Trumps ego? "You are lowly Senators, I am PRESIDENT and you must come crawling to ME to hear what I am going to say!"

Or will it also be an announcement of a USA pre-emptive attack on North Korea?

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NIST insider awoke

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Wansink and data anomalies?

Holy **** snacks! Is Wansink in danger of going down?


I actually wouldn't have a problem with that original post if it were meant to describe a means to hunt for hypotheses. That is, look for outlier data points and then do proper testing later with actual, well designed experiments. It doesn't sound like that's what was going on, though.

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Wax moth larvae eats plastic


The larvae of wax moths are sold as delicious snacks for chub, carp and catfish, but in the wild the worms live on beeswax, making them the scourge of beekeepers across Europe.
Tiny plastic pellets found on 73% of UK beaches
Read more

But in a chance discovery, a scientist and amateur beekeeper has found that waxworms have a taste for more than wax. When Federica Bertocchini removed an infestation from one of her hives and put them in a plastic bag, the worms simply ate their way out.


The breakout led Bertocchini, a researcher at the Spanish National Research Council, and scientists at Cambridge University, to investigate the feeding habits of the centimetre-long Galleria mellonella grubs. In lab tests, they discovered that 100 worms can devour 92 milligrams of polyethylene in as little as 12 hours.

With such a voracious appetite for plastic, the worms could be put to good use, the scientists reasoned. Each year, the average person uses more than 200 plastic bags which can take between 100 and 400 years to degrade in landfill sites.

The grubs appear to breakdown polyethylene with the same enzymes they use for eating beeswax. To confirm that the worms were not simply chewing the plastic into smaller pieces, the scientists mashed some of them up and smeared the grub paste on plastic bags. Again, according to the study in Current Biology, holes appeared.

That definitely sounds interesting.

BTW, why can't we use some of those supercomputers and do it like this:
Feed it with the basics (particle physics, how atoms are formed, how molecules are formed, enzymes etc.) and then ask what stuff is needed to breakdown polyethylene.

I mean this more like a general question about how to figuring out what stuff is needed to do X.

All the basics are known, there are no hidden particles anymore with regards to our everyday-life.

I know that question might be silly, but I really do not know why powerfull computers can't figure out something like this? What are the obstacles? Are there are too much possibilities/lack of computing power or are there still barriers in terms of understanding how stuff works when it comes to more than a few atoms?

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dimanche 23 avril 2017

Where is Ben Gates when you need him?


The burning question?

Is there an invisible map to the Templar Treasure on the back?

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Carnivorous plants catch and eat animals including sheep?

http://ift.tt/2oiTeuk The man in this video seems to think that these are carnivorous plants evolved to trap and consume the rotting corpses of dead animals it catches.

Any science to this?

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Skeptics in the Pub: Trivia Night! (Syracuse, NY)

Skeptics in the Pub: Trivia Night!

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 from 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Distillery

3112 Erie Blvd E, Syracuse, New York 13214 USA

Join CNY Skeptics for a Skeptics in the Pub: Trivia Night event for June 21st! This month, we will be at The Distillery on Erie Boulevard in Dewitt, NY, courtesy of the Syracuse Trivia Company! Come and test your trivia knowledge! No cover charge, but you must pay for your own drinks and food.

Please contact 1-315-636-6533 or email info@cnyskeptics.org for more information.

Central New York Skeptics (CNY Skeptics) is a community organization dedicated to the promotion of science and reason, the investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims, and the improvement of standards for science education and critical-thinking skills.

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“Wikipediatrician” Susan Gerbic to Give Presentation at CNY Skeptics May Meeting

“Wikipediatrician” Susan Gerbic to Give Presentation at CNY Skeptics May Meeting

Sponsored by CNY Skeptics

Time: Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 7:00 PM

Where: Manlius Library, 1 Arkie Albanese Ave, Manlius, NY 13104

Event is Free and Open to the Public

CNY Skeptics will be celebrating its 15th birthday at this meeting and will be providing pizza and birthday cake.

Please contact 1-315-636-6533 or email info@cnyskeptics.org for more information

Presentation Summary:

Affectionately called the Wikipediatrician, Susan Gerbic, founder of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW), will come from Salinas, California, to give a presentation on the work done by her team of skeptical activists. At this presentation you will find out how anyone with access to a computer can improve Wikipedia articles. The Guerrilla Skepticism editing team enhances the skeptical content of Wikipedia by improving pages of skeptic spokespeople, providing noteworthy citations, and removing the unsourced claims from paranormal and pseudoscientific pages.

Presenter Bio:

Gerbic is the co-founder of Monterey County Skeptics and is also known for her activism against psychics, who she refers to as “grief vampires.” See more on Gerbic’s Wikipedia page: http://ift.tt/1cmVqa0

Central New York Skeptics (CNY Skeptics) is a community organization dedicated to the promotion of science and reason, the investigation of paranormal and fringe-science claims, and the improvement of standards for science education and critical-thinking skills.

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Inverted Comma Tactic?

A conspiracy nut on YouTube has made a couple of references to "inverted commas", even calling them a "well known tactic". I was wondering if this was referring to a bit of conspiracy theorist mythology that I hadn't known about, or if it's just his own private gibberish.

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March for Science 2017

The only "protest" event I've ever been to and participated in. Probably more signs and clever slogans than any other event. And not one misspelling in the lot.

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Ivanka gets tax-payer funded staff


"Ivanka Trump is quietly staffing up, and she’s filling out her team in the West Wing with former officials from President George W. Bush’s administration.

In addition to her close adviser Dina Powell, who served as assistant to the president for personnel in the Bush White House, the first daughter — who now serves as a special assistant to the president — has hired a chief of staff who worked under Bush’s education secretary, Margaret Spellings."

Looks like Trump isn't even trying to hide the nepotism. How is this even legal? I believe the only reason Trump is allowed to be above the law is Republican compliance.

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samedi 22 avril 2017

Trump Just Can't Help Himself.....

First there was the "Greatest number of people at an inauguration" and now he is resorting to the alternative fact that "No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days."

With just 28 bills signed, half of which are reveals of Obama legislation and most of the rest being “minor or housekeeping bills” the Trump Administration has in fact got no major Legislation through. There only one attempt has failed three times to make it to the vote. His Tax plan in is tatters and he's having to piggy back his wall on GWB's legislation. On top of that he has more vacant positions without nominees that just about any previous administration at this stage.

He has issued 24 executive orders, 22 presidential memorandums and 20 proclamations. Though this is not the most of any President, it is more that recent ones, you know the ones that Conservative were all over about their "abuse and expansion of Executive Powers" with excessive issuing of executive orders, memorandums, and proclamations.

By any measure the DJT Whitehouse does not measure above previous Administrations, but according to experts they are slow and well behind where they should be.

Even by his own scale, DJT has failed to take any action on over half of the 60 promised issues he said he would address in his first 100 days, and in fact has renegaded on 5 of them already. Of the 60, he has managed to keep just 5!

WP Fact check Rating to his statement....

Four out of Four Pinocchio

Cue the Trump apologists to explain how he really has the best Administration ever in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

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Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conferenc

Here we go again.



Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University.

Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.
The claims made in the conference have drawn criticism from some in the psychiatric establishment, who say they violate the American Psychiatric Association’s “Goldwater rule,” which states psychiatrists are not to give professional opinions on people they have not personally examined.
Responding to the criticism, Dr Gartner said: “This notion that you need to personally interview someone to form a diagnosis actually doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. For one thing, research shows that the psychiatric interview is the least statistical reliable way to make a diagnosis.”

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Pence Down Under

Mike Pence has been in Australia to reassure the government that the Australia-US refugee deal would still go ahead in spite of Trump's reservations.

Malcolm "Trumble" was embarrassed earlier this year when Donald Trump tweeted that the deal was "dumb" and hung up on Turnbull 40 minutes early in a telephone conversation.

Pence made the commitment -- subject to the refugees passing stringent US vetting procedures -- at a joint news conference in Sydney with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, with whom Trump reportedly had a testy first call because of the refugee issue.

"Let me make it clear that the United States intends to honor the agreement, subject to the result of the vetting process that has now applied to all refugees considered for admission to the United States of America," said Pence, who is in Australia as part of a 10-day Asia-Pacific tour.

"President Trump has made it clear that we'll honor the agreement, but it doesn't mean we admire the agreement," he added.

I'm not sure that this visit will do much for Australia-US relations. When you have to deal with the VP instead of the POTUS then you know that you have slipped a long way down the totem pole.

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Russia - a great immigration opportunity for Trumpkins

And Trump too, when he has to flee to avoid prosecution for treason.

Putin would be the perfect Leader for the Trumpkins. He's got the Russians feeling great about themselves. Nevermind the fact that Russia is a rogue state, it's economy is smaller than California's, and most of that is being systematically stolen. Russians feel great about the (alternate) fact that Putin is leading them back to greatness. Over the West's dead body, if necessary. And Russians are ecstatic about the fact that Russia is meddling in Western countries' elections and hacking into their computers.

And Russia is losing population. Russians are dying and leaving faster than they're being born.

And Russia is a very right-wing, authoritarian country these days.

And there is always room at the bottom.

Well, Trumpkins? Hey, it's better than moving to Michigan so you can vote for Trump in a battleground state.

Believe me. You'll love Russia. They're all white, too, you know. And there is no immigrant problem in Russia. Well, not yet. But hey. It's better to be a problem than it is to have a problem.

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