lundi 12 juin 2017

Pakistani Alwan brothers' spy ring in Congress

Google your own source material please, I so abhor the discussion-wrecking left-right false dichotomy. I do not belong to a political party and am interested in the meta-discussion or questions about information security in our government. As opposed to whether any particular source is out to get democrats or out to get republicans.

The Pakistani Awan brothers have fled the country back to Pakistan. Some sources say they are being treated like political royalty or top military brass. They are wanted in the US for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in congressmen's computer equipment but the security breach is far larger.

They were working as IT staffers with Top Secret clearance to material and communications of at least 80 congressmen. A number of these were specifically targeted for their key committee positions like House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs. By wikileaks sourcing, they had passwords for top people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then Chair of the DNC.

If you've been following the various researchers chasing the subject, the most alarming thing from a security standpoint is the syncing of congressional blackberries and laptops. With syncing, you can vacuum up all the texts, emails, attachments, etc. from all these Congressmen. If you're Anthony Weiner, you're sending nude pics to 15 year olds so that's outstanding blackmail espionage. With others, it's going to be little boys instead of little girls, corruption and graft, along with forward intelligence on our covert military and CIA operations.

Speaking of whom, there's indications Weiner was the Awan's handler, his "trusted staff" supplying "secure" blackberries as per wikileaks. The fact they've been implicated in a number of other criminal enterprises ought to really bring some heat on this security breach. Same with the questions surrounding how they got entry visas in the first place. How they escaped. Why you would hire them in the first place.

There's been near silence from the mainstream media, at least insofar as a meta-discussion on "Foreign criminals in charge of Congressional Intelligence Committee Members' IT" Paid $160K each, but still plenty of time to run a lot of other businesses that like to declare bankruptcy to avoid million-dollar debt obligations.

Nobody's asked, media-wise, what kind of background check or citizenship requirements we have for top secret access to Congressional Intelligence Committee files, whether they were followed, and what we should do as we move forward with multiple wars across the planet. I mean why not roll in some Saudi nationals or perhaps North Koreans to run our IT? Put some ISIS people on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, perhaps? Celebrate diversity?

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