jeudi 8 juin 2017

Photography today , whats wrong with it, my struggles

So after a long absence (back when there wasn't even digital photography) I got back into the hobby. Buying a mid range camera and eventually a few lenses. (I specifically will not reveal brand names or model numbers - more on that below).
I got really heavy into it, then kinda burned out. I'm tentatively trying to get back into it, but with a different mindset.

Here are the things that kind of spoiled the joy (for me)
1. hanging out in photography forums -particularly the gearhead types like dpreview
Way too much my gear is better than yours, or I'm better than you because I am so critical that I buy 5 or 6 copies of the same lens and keep only the best one. or I spend $6k on a 50mm fixed lens because when I shoot wide open and then pixel peep on the corners at 75X magnification I notice that the $5k lens is a tiny bit blurry.

2. post processing with cookie cutter settings that make photos look synthetic and frankly all the same.

3. Cliche shots, there are so many of them and it is just so hard not to find yourself copying other cliche shots, because that's what looks good..I guess?

4. Taking zillions of photos, because you can, because digital doesn't cost you more per shot. So I fall into a trap of not really planning shots, or thinking about shots, or having something creative to say.

5. Looking at zillions of photos, because of the internet you can, and too much of a good thing just exhausts your appetite.

So, I wanna start taking pictures again, and maybe talk about photography, maybe here, without talking about 'gear', or 'buying gear', or 'what gear is better', or 'how do I set up photoshop to make my pictures really 'sell'.

I guess I wanna try more to just focus on the art, or finding a personal vision, or what the point is of taking pics, why do we do it, what for.

Anyone want to discuss?

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