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Puerto Rico to vote on statehood Sunday

Normally this would be big news but I guess it's getting buried by the shitshow in Washington.

Puerto Rico goes to the polls for statehood


Puerto Rico’s government is banking on a push for statehood to solve the structural issues that led to its financial crisis.

Puerto Ricans will vote Sunday to decide the territory’s status.

If statehood wins, as expected, the island will enact what’s known as the Tennessee Plan, an avenue to accession by which U.S. territories send a congressional delegation to demand to be seated in Washington.

Puerto Rico will send two senators and five representatives, chosen by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló (D), later this year, once the plan is put into action.

Statehood remains a long shot as many Republicans are wary of adding a 51st state that could add two Democratic senators and seven Democratic electors to the Electoral College.

Still, the plan faces legal challenges and opposition on the island — despite the fact that Puerto Ricans in 2012 voted by a wide margin to become a state.

Then-Gov. Alejandro García Padilla (D), a member of the anti-statehood Partido Popular Democrático (PPD), opposed statehood. His party and the small pro-independence party have vowed to boycott Sunday’s vote.

Following the 2012 plebiscite, opponents of statehood argued that participation had not been high enough to reflect the true will of the people.
As far as I can tell, only one opinion survey has been published:


The results of The Poll widely favor Statehood, with a 52%. Followed, in parity, by the actual territorial status, with 17%, and the commonwealth or independence, with 15%.
Among people who say they intend to vote, however, 66% say they favor statehood.

The 2012 referendum was confusing, and I think its results were somewhat ambiguous. It asked two questions, and many of the votes cast were invalid (indicating that many people were confused). This one is simpler, one question, three choices: statehood, current status, or independence.

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