dimanche 11 juin 2017

'The Red Pill' movie controversy

So, who has seen the movie? Has kept up with the controversy and cancelled and banned screenings?

Is the movie honest? Reasonable? Misleading propaganda?

This interview provoked me into starting a thread on the topic since I hadn't seen one yet and it has been a few months of controversy by now. Feel free to share whatever clips you want for discussion. What do these interviews accomplish? Do you think they are inadvertently "red pilling" the public by being so incompetent and obviously pushing an agenda or do you think most lay people eat it up?


I personally haven't seen it, yet, but I hear it's on Amazon Prime now so I'll likely watch it soon.

I heard this talk by her the other day and it brought me to tears. It's hard to describe it but I was moved by how she recognized the cognitive issues she was having and overcame them. Something very few of us accomplish in our lives, I think


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